Emergency Response Training

    Emergency Response Monitoring Service

    National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides its customer service representatives with unparalleled training to ensure they can effectively handle the most serious of emergency calls. Your customers can rely on NMC’s call center representatives to act as a trusting, authoritative voice in times of crisis.


    Just one emergency call can determine whether your clients become raving fans or critical voices. With hundreds of reasons why customers contact our security center, NMC’s call center representatives are ready for any circumstance — from a broken sensor to an active burglary.


    Experience is the best training for any call center representative. Everyone at NMC starts out with a comprehensive training program, but only the most experienced agents take the calls that come in as critical.


    National Monitoring Center makes every effort to hire, train, and retain the best employees, we ensure that our team can remain composed under the most strenuous situations. Because we treat our employees with the utmost respect, we know our call center employees will pass that respect onto your customers.


    Everyday, technology creates new and innovative solutions for home and business security. However, there is no technology that can duplicate the human factor. With critical listening skills and rapid, level-headed responses, National Monitoring Center representatives are the most experienced and well-trained employees in the security sector.