Emergency Plans and Kits

    security emergency planning kit

    For both commercial and personal accounts, consider putting together a basic emergency kit that your sales team can use as a tool for engaging new clients and upgrading current ones. Given the extreme weather conditions that can affect most parts of the US throughout the year, every household and business should have an emergency plan. National Monitoring Center (NMC) can help you put together a template that your sales team can use to offer help to all your clientele.


    Emergency kits are a natural choice for you to give out to your clients during the holiday season. You are in the business of extreme situations, so your clients will appreciate the help when you offer them a kit with tools such as flares, flashlights, and a radio. Generally, you can buy these kits as promotional items; for an additional fee you can have your company’s logo printed on the outside. Frequently these kits will also include a sleeve where the client can keep pertinent information such as security firm contact information.


    Many insurance companies require their commercial clients to maintain an emergency plan. As this often falls low on a list of priorities, the commercial accounts will appreciate your help in becoming compliant with an insurance requirement.


    Families who don’t have an emergency plan, or have an out-of-date plan, will appreciate the help with coordinating a family’s technological assets with an emergency plan. Is there a central meeting location? Does everyone have the necessary cell phone numbers in their phones? Does everyone have a printed list of phone numbers in case there is no way to charge a cell phone?


    Emergency kits are a helpful and appropriate way for you to remain in contact with your clients. The holiday season is the perfect time to warn them about extreme weather and provide them with a helpful solution. At some point this winter, more than likely, hundreds of businesses will need emergency kits; will one of them be your client?