Don’t Get Too Close to the Businesses

    security monitoring customer service

    As you likely know, National Monitoring Center (NMC) is a contract monitoring service. You do the sales and installation, and we provide you with the monitoring systems. You’re the dealer. We’re the third party monitoring company.


    Although this system may be obvious to you, to your potential clients, it’s not. They do not know the difference between how you serve your clients and how the big names, like ADT, serve their clients. (Potential clients might not even understand that there are companies, like casinos and banks, that invest in an in-house staff.)


    Teaching your sales team how to explain these differences will boost sales. Sales teams often get, “too close to the business.” They don’t realize that a potential client doesn’t have a working knowledge of the security industry. And while you might be sending out down-to-earth, no-pressure salespeople, They can still appear to be pushy when they don’t take the necessary time to explain security fim differences. No one likes to admit to feeling confused during a sales pitch; so if the potential client is lost, so is the sale.


    As a dealer, your biggest competitor is likely to be one of the big firms. They have the brand recognition necessary to land accounts with name-recognition alone. In order to compete with that kind of brand marketing, you have to explain to clients how and why a contract monitoring center, like NMC, is better.


    NMC provides your clients with a focused team of security professionals continually undergoing training. We are not a mass employer putting bodies in the monitoring seats to simply fulfill contractual obligations.


    Encourage your sales teams to acknowledge the size of the big names in security. Liken those services to other big brands in other industries. And then ask who is more likely to care about the individual client. More often than not, clients will come around thanks to the personalized services you provide.