Discontinuance of AlarmNet-A Networks

    IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 30, 2014

    AlarmNet has been providing products and services through its own AlarmNet-A networks for over 25 years. As new technologies have advanced, the demand for the older AlarmNet-A technology has declined. Therefore, AlarmNet will be initiating the shutdown of its AlarmNet-A networks beginning August 1, 2015. This shutdown will occur one network at a time in an orderly fashion to allow for adequate planning of user installation resources.  It is anticipated that the entire AlarmNet-A network will be shut down by the end of 2016.


    There are many new products available that are faster, more reliable, and easier to install and maintain. These products are superior replacements to your AlarmNet-A radios, and offer additional features and benefits to you and your customers, such as remote programming of the communicator and the alarm control, and remote control of your customer’s security system.


    Please note that the AlarmNet GSM, iGSM, and AlarmNet-I products will NOT be impacted by this shutdown. This notice is strictly limited to the original “AlarmNet-A” network and associated products.


    By December 1, 2014, AlarmNet will send another communication to all affected companies that will describe the specific termination dates for each AlarmNet-A network.For specific regions, please refer to the “AlarmNet-A Network” listing at: http://services.alarmnet.com/coverage/CoverageMain.aspx


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AlarmNet customer support staff at 800-222-6525 option 1, then 8, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.