David Brandt Transitions into New Role

    IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

    NMC’s former Corporate Training Manager has now transitioned into the newly created role that will provide NMC’s Alarm Dealers with support for licensing and recurring alarm activity. David, an industry veteran with over 25 years of customer service experience in the Alarm Call Center industry, has been with NMC since 2005. In his previous role as NMC’s Corporate Training Manager, David was responsible for training all Customer Service agents at both our California and Texas monitoring centers. He was responsible for ensuring that all agents were proficient in their knowledge and skills to perform their duties at the highest level of customer service.


    In his new role, David will assist dealers in the areas of licensing, ordinances and excessive activity. Using his industry experience and expertise in data analysis to identify potential issues and consult with NMC’s Alarm dealers to solve problems quickly and effectively.


    In the area of Licensing and Ordinance Compliancy, David will work to ensure that all licenses are maintained and up to date in all of the geographical areas that NMC conducts business. He will also ensure compliance in state and local ordinances such as ECV, and assist in dealer awareness efforts. This will greatly benefit our dealers by preventing compliance and licensing bottlenecks as dealers expand into new markets.


    In the area of Recurring Alarm Activity, David will be analyzing alarm history, both current and historical, to identify problem accounts and work with dealers proactively to address these issues. Oftentimes accounts will send excessive signals due to a problem so David will help dealers identify potential problems at an early stage in an effort to reduce or eliminate increased costs associated with an alarm system that is sending an increased number of signals.


    Dealers will see immediate benefits –an increase in operational efficiencies through early detection and correction of potential problems, a decrease in wasted resources due to a problem account, and a reduction in customer attrition and lost revenue due to these avoidable occurrences.


    David Brandt can be reached at 800.662.1711 extension 3735 or dbrandt@NMCcentral.com.