Use your manufacturers images and videos to convert more leads!


    Use your manufacturers images and videos to convert more leads!

    Having dedicated our marketing agency to the security industry for over 6 years we’ve helped over 170 dealers, integrators and manufacturers nationwide with their marketing efforts.

    We’ve driven more than one million targeted visitors to our client’s websites and have generated thousands of leads.

    One of the key reasons for our success in generating leads has been attributed to keeping web visitors on our client’s site as long as possible. If you succeed in keeping a web visitor on your site for more than 2-3 minutes, chances are your conversion rate for leads will improve.

    So how do you keep web visitors on your site longer? The first thing you’d want to look at is where you’re taking your traffic? If you’re doing a pay-per-click campaign and bidding on “home security” keywords, you should take them directly to the home security page of your site, NOT THE HOME PAGE! If you are directing your traffic to your homepage chances are you can bet that at least 35-50% of your traffic will leave and go to another site without engaging. It’s important to take the web visitor directly to what they were searching for to begin with, don’t make them work more than they have to.

    The second thing we’ve found that will keep your web visitors longer on your site is using images manufacturers already provide for you for free. A good rule of thumb is to create top horizontal banner with a captivating headline such as “If someone just broke into your home would you even know about it?” Along with a captivating headline use the entire background with a picture of a family to create an emotional connection with your potential customer. Finally, let your web visitor know what security is, show them images of what a panel looks like along with door/window sensors and most importantly cameras! People right now are in a frenzy for cameras, so make sure to add plenty of pictures of wireless cameras in your banner or throughout your website’s content.

    But the secret weapon to keeping your web visitors longer on your site is by using the provided videos your manufacturers provide, again for free! We’ve been able to improve some of our landing pages by up to 80%, simply by taking the manufacturers videos that are typically on YouTube and embedding them within the appropriate page relative to the product being talked about. For all of our clients we’ll typically make all videos auto play which increases the curiosity of the web visitor and what we like to call “selltain” them into investing more time into your security company and more than likely filling out that call to action for or calling in for more information.

    We hope this article shined a little light as to why you should be using the images manufacturers provide and hope more importantly it will help to generate you more leads.

    Until next time!

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