Complexities of Offering PERS Options

    PERS Security Monitoring

    Personal Emergency Response Systems and mPERS (Mobile PERS) can mean an increased level of security for your end users. However, offering PERS and mPERS systems come with a variety of complexities that you need to know in order to address any consumer questions or concerns.


    For the adult children of elderly, the idea of a PERS system can be very comforting. Regardless of how far the children live from the parent, knowing the elderly person can call for help on a moment’s notice can mean significant ease of mind. Except when the elderly adult doesn’t want to use it or forgets to wear it. Although your clients in the mid-50’s might be comfortable with wearable technology, older adults may still be reluctant to admit the need for supervision. They also might resent the lack of privacy. Or they may simply mis-use the monitor causing frequent false alarms.


    Statistically, end users only subscribe to a PERS service for three years or less. Generally, after three years, circumstances change for the customers. They elderly adult may move into a nursing home or may pass away. Although long-term contracts are the most profitable, arming your sales team with the relatively short-term nature of PERS contracts could become a powerful sales approach. Customer may fear another long-term contract cost, so knowing that the average user only subscribes to PERS for three years might make those end users more willing to try the service.


    PERS services can also be emotionally distressing for a monitoring team. National Monitoring Center (NMC) staff members are well-trained in the complexities of medical emergency calls. Don’t take those in-coming PERS calls unless your team is prepared to be part of someone’s passing. If you want to offer PERS services to your customers, you can rely on the highly trained staff at NMC to remain calm during any call. Keep in mind, PERS calls can also lead to some on-site dispatch. Those mobile security teams will still need to be ready to address medical problems and distressed customers.


    Technology is pushing all industries to become more personal. The security sector is no different. The demand for personalized services will continue to help push your company’s growth and profits. But with PERS comes difficult and unusual situations for your staff. Use NMC to help you gain access to this growing demand, and rely on our expertise to make this service a profitable add on.