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 Competing with the National Brands

competitive advantage

Most clients don’t understand the security industry. They don’t understand how national brands, local companies, and third-party monitoring systems compete or compliment each other. When you add in digital security, most clients simply don’t want to know. They want to secure their homes and/or businesses without trying to understand the ins-and-outs of our business.


However, you know that as a smaller security firm, you can provide a higher quality of personalized service as compared to the large corporations made up of faceless, back-end personnel. National Monitoring Service (NMC) can provide you and your sales team with a list of proven talking points to help convince your clients that a local company is just as effective as the national brands.


NMC has all the power and experience as any nationally-known security firm. We invest in our staff with the kind of cross-training to ensure that any and all security threats are thwarted at the earliest possible moment. We have an open, multi-functional workplace that cultivates the most experienced professionals in the security field. Comparatively, many of the national brands function on minimally-trained staff who work with a limited scope of understanding for the entirety of a client’s security needs.


In fact, NMC operates on a national level, allowing you to sell both the local and the national advantages. While you provide the friendly face of a representative familiar with each client, NMC provides the clout that comes with a large, corporate security service.


Take advantage of the work they do to promote a national monitoring service by comparing it to the quality of service that comes with using NMC. Then use your own local focus to close the sale.


Competing with the National Brands
Article Name
Competing with the National Brands
In today’s competitive market for security services, the national brands are using their brand power to sell more security services.