Community Improvements Improve Sales

    community watch security monitoring

    As a community-based security broker, getting involved in neighborhood concerns is one major avenue toward finding referrals and building sales. While many security firms find community involvement through neighborhood watch programs, you might find additional success in joining neighborhood improvement groups. National Monitoring Center (NMC) can help you connect with community programs thanks to our relationships with police forces around the country.


    Local police forces know that neighborhoods undergoing gentrification need additional support. As young couples move into affordable neighborhoods, they often become the target for burglars. These new homeowners know that the more-affordable neighborhoods may not be as safe as upscale locations. Often they will work with the local police to coordinate neighborhood improvements in an effort to deter crime.


    To start, these groups will need help fixing city facilities such as streetlights and road conditions. As a local business, you have greater pull with city politicians and municipal services. Overgrown shrubs, hanging tree branches, and excessive litter can all be solved through public services. Join forces with a group of residents to help change the baseline appearance.


    You can also reach out to other business owners to find donations to improve curb appeal. Studies show that when curb appeal increases, crime decreases. Burglars want to avoid detection, and in well-kept areas they stand out. Find a locally-owned hardware store (or franchise) that wants to discount or donate supplies such as mulch, fencing, and saplings. These business owners also become ideal candidates for commercial security sales.


    Some of the most needy residents may be the elderly. Contact a non-profit focused on helping the elderly maintain an excellent quality of life. Once you’ve involved the police, other business owners, and local non-profits, you’ve become a true sponsor of a neighborhood clean-up effort.


    Every neighborhood deserves to be safe and secure. Although basic homeowner security packages might not be your targeted sale, customers in emerging areas are ideal for new salespeople looking to build a list of young clientele.