Commercial Security After Hours

    Afterhours Security

    Crime doesn’t operate on a 9 to 5 schedule. Crime happens during early morning hours, late at night, and over the weekend. During those critical hours, customers need to know if something unusual is happening at their businesses. National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides several options so your customers are aware of any unusual activity during off hours.


    Logged opening and closing services provides customers a detailed list of any non-critical activities documented by the security system. Customers can review alarm system use on a daily report, but they won’t receive live notifications (live calls) for those authorized uses. This kind of logged service is a lighter form of security that won’t immediately notify our call center. Logged service systems still provide emergency alerts.


    Supervised opening and closing services provides customers with a live call when the security system is accessed outside of pre-established times. If a customer wants to know when someone enters a closed office on the weekend, the supervised service can initiate a discreet call once the security system panel has been deactivated.


    For a higher levels of security, NMC can provide elevator use logs and streaming video directly to the business owner. NMC can also work seamlessly with on-site security officers and local police to ensure any business is monitored exactly as the customer sees fit.


    Of course, customers have evolving needs. Those end users might need to upgrade security on a moment’s notice if they detect an internal problem. And once the problem is resolved, the customer many want to reduce security back to a lighter mode. NMC can help you adapt your services to those end-user needs, ultimately creating better symmetry between you and your clients.