Client Testimonials

“Hi. This is Bob Michel from Valley Alarm in Los Angeles. We’ve been an NMC customer for about a year. When I gathered our staff to get input for this message, no one had much to say and perhaps that’s the best testimonial of all. We simply don’t have any central station problems. Is everyone friendly? Yes. Is everyone professional? Yes. Any problems? No. NMC uses the latest technology and they provide excellent customer service. The central station is seamlessly integrated into our operations. I wish I could say that they provide prompt problem resolution, but we just haven’t had many problems to resolve. They do, however, respond quickly and reliably to any day-to-day issues or questions that arise. It is our pleasure to provide this testimonial. I would not hesitate to recommend NMC to anyone. Please feel free to call me directly if you’d like to discuss our experience in more detail.”

Valley Alarm 818-285-1500


“I’m Lawrence Walker owner of The Alarm Company in Los Gatos California, a small one thousand account dealer. NMC you take care of me in the most important way – my customers . . .”

“NMC tackled our demands head-on – bottom line they got the job done and they continue to do so on a daily basis. As a result of their efforts the management team at NMC and the people they employ to meet our needs have earned a tremendous amount of respect and trust from all of us at Guardian Systems . . .”

“This is Craig from SST. I wanted to give you a quick call and just let you know we really appreciate your company and wanted to let you know that your people are just great — great to work with and are giving us fantastic service.”