University and College Security Necessities

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Data collected from 2010 to 2012 indicates that more than 11,000 robberies take place in dorms and other college residences each year. That decries a serious need for increased security in order to protect students and their possessions. Here are a few security services that should be offered to any university or college with students living onsite.

Monitored Surveillance Cameras

The number one deterrent to theft has to be video surveillance that can not only catch a burglar in the act but that can also record the feed to provide proof of the criminal activity. Having the service monitored allows for faster response from emergency services. And, of course, this would apply to far more serious emergencies such as alerting authorities to a gunman on the premises.

Limiting Building Access

Something else that can keep students safer is limiting access to residence buildings by using access cards to enter buildings. Whether the system involves the use of photo ID or biometrics to ensure that only the right people are entering the buildings, intercom systems with video can also allow students to provide entry to the building for guests while being able to see who is being buzzed in.

Theft and Fire Alarm Monitoring

Video surveillance that is connected to motion sensors, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and other security features allows students to enjoy increased protection while giving the authorities the benefit of fewer false alarms. That means emergency services can race to the scene with confidence that they are not being drawn away unnecessarily.

NMC is proud to provide this type of security monitoring for universities and colleges who are your clients. Hopefully, the information noted above can be of use to you in encouraging these residence halls to upgrade to the proper security features for the protection of students.