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NMC held its annual networking event in Las Vegas on Wednesday April 5th, 2017. With over 400 industry professionals, NMC’s Hyde Lounge networking event was one of the largest networking events in Las Vegas. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for NMC’s annual Hyde Lounge event on April 11th, 2018 and Experience the Difference with NMC!

Proper Video Surveillance to Meet Courtroom Needs

nmc courtroom security monitoring

Courthouses are in need of proper security measures. These government buildings, if not properly protected, can be subject to all sorts of crimes ranging from vandalism to violent acts by those who are unhappy with the justice system. How can courthouses protect themselves?

Courthouse Security Needs

Consider the following benefits of monitored surveillance in a courthouse:

  • A deterrent to criminal activity on the property
  • Maximizes speed of response in an emergency
  • Provides visual evidence to prosecute criminals who commit offenses on courthouse property

Along with video surveillance, other security measures that restrict access to the building and certain locations therein are also highly recommended.

Regulations That Apply to Courtroom Security

State and federal law along with other more specific circumstances will dictate where cameras can be placed and what proceedings may not be able to be recorded or monitored. Video cameras, for example, cannot be located in private areas like bathrooms or rooms designated for confidential conversations between clients and attorneys.

Best Courthouse Security Practices

Be sure to place cameras where the entire courtroom will be visible. Often this is at the back of the courtroom. Equipment should be professionally installed, and footage should be adequately protected to prevent hackers from gaining access to the recordings. Monitoring services should be handled by highly trained customer service representatives who are equipped for handling high-pressure situations.

Higher security market clients, such as government agencies, especially need this kind of protection in our modern age of violence and terrorism.

Why Remotely Monitored Security Systems Are Optimal for Businesses

remote security monitoring features nmc monitoring

Businesses need to be concerned about security on a number of different fronts. For example, theft, corporate espionage, and sabotage need to be considered. Also, employee safety becomes a larger concern as the number of mass shootings in the US continue to rise. Plus, environmental hazards seem to pose more of a threat than ever before. Here are some ways that remote monitoring defends a business against every type of loss.

Burglars and Other Unwanted Visitors

Whether it is the parking lot, the building, or both, access needs to be restricted when it comes to modern businesses. However, surveillance adds an additional element to mix by allowing a remote monitoring service to immediately view the cause of an alarm set off by something like a damaged parking gate or a security badge swipe with improper clearance. This can result in a faster response by emergency services to help stop a break-in while the crime is still in progress.

Protecting Employees

Whether it is in the parking lot or the building, employees need to feel safe in the workplace. Restricting access and proper lighting are important steps. Video surveillance that is monitored and silent alarms that can alert a customer service representative to assess a situation go a long way to ensuring police arrive on the scene quickly if someone intends to do harm.

Environmental Monitoring

Whether products that need to be maintained at a specific temperature are in danger due to an HVAC problem or an office building is flooding due to a burst pipe, fast response is important to protect assets. A fire sensor can also be quickly evaluated to send responders fast or avoid a false alarm.

NMC is proud to offer businesses the remote monitoring services they need most. Give your commercial clients greater peace of mind by teaming up with NMC today. Call 877-353-3031 to get started.

Home Automation and Monitoring Can Make a Nursery Safer

Nursery Monitoring

Parents spend hundreds of dollars babyproofing a nursery as well as the rest of the home, and many still feel like they need to do more. This is the perfect opportunity to present the idea of nursery monitoring as part of a home security package. Here are a few ideas you can share with new or expectant parents.

Surveillance Cameras as a Baby Monitor

Being able to hear what is going on in a nursery is one thing, but to have video and audio should give parents real peace of mind. A parent may choose to have a baby monitor. Then if the baby makes a sound or starts crying, the parent can check the live feed to determine if there is a need to go and attend to the baby. Or the system can be set up to detect movement and then alert parents to check the monitor.

Motion and Door Sensors Provide Added Protection

What if the baby gets out of the crib somehow? Sensors on the crib and/or in the room can send an immediate alert to a parent before the child has a chance to go anywhere dangerous. The parents may also benefit from having the sensor automatically turn on cameras so that parents can see what is going on before even making it to the room.

Automated Lights Keep Nighttime Disruptions to a Minimum

Parents also know all too well the struggle of wandering around the house at 2 am to find everything the baby needs in order to get back to sleep. Automated lights can help a parent to make less of a ruckus when getting a bottle or while returning to the bedroom after the baby is asleep again.

These are just a few ways that you can encourage a new or expecting parent to see the value of a home monitoring system.

What is the Internet of Things and How Does it Compromise Security

Future Security

Your car can call for an ambulance; your refrigerator can remind you to buy milk, and you watch can keep track of when you sleep. The technology that connects all of these physical devices is known as the Internet of Things (IOT). And while your clients are excited about connecting their watch to their home security system, you and your sales team need to be aware of how the IOT can compromise security. At National Monitoring Center (NMC) we know that technology frequently outpaces everyday knowledge. We can help you and your sales team stay ahead of the problems that arise when your clients starting using technology that can undermine your work to keep them safe.


Memory chips and processing boards are getting smaller and smaller. There is more computing power on an iPhone than in the first space shuttle. And as technology gets smaller and smaller, more and more devices can carry computing power. Unfortunately, as everyday object gain complex technology, they are become susceptible to hackers.


The basic garage door opener is a classic example of how personal safety is often at the mercy of technology. You already know that the modern garage door opener needs to have revolving frequencies to avoid thieves from copying the signal to gain access to the house. The same rules now apply to any item on the Internet of Things. Because a user can open the front door to his or her house with a smartwatch, the watch needs to be secure or you will find yourself answering phone after a burglary.


Physical security and technological security are now inexorably linked. And the dependency they share will become the selling point for the future of security. Contact NMC today to learn how we can help you and your clients gain from the Internet of Things.

How Pets Affect Security Services

Pet security

For many pet-owners, pets are a part of the family. And when the pet-owners go away, they want their pets to remain safe and comfortable at home. Of course, this means the additional cost of pet sitters coming and going on a regular basis while no one is at home. As a security service, not only can you offer additional security services to keep the home safe, you can also offer the comfort of knowing that the animal is visible through a monitoring service like National Monitoring Center (NMC).


In lieu of sending the cat or dog to a caged kennel, many pet-owners hire pet sitters to stop by the house on a regular basis to feed and walk the animals. And while the pet-sitter might be a trusted friend or family member, it’s just as likely that the pet-sitter is a stranger hired through a service or through a referral. Encourage your clients to stress the home’s security measures to the pet sitter; offering a unique code and pointing out the cameras is a great way to deter the stranger from sneaking a look in the closets or snagging anything off the shelves.


Some pet-owners want a visual confirmation that their pets are alive and well. For anyone without a live feed, you can use the pet as a way of convincing the client to upgrade to an on-going monitoring service. Thanks to mobile technology, pet-owners with a live feed service can use their phones and take comfort in knowing the pet at home is safely sleeping on the couch.


Dogs have always been a critical part of security services. And with a sound-sensitive monitoring service, your client’s dog can still be helpful in alerting the monitoring team to a problem. Extra barking and excessive movement is a great way to alert our team to a problem in or around the home. Home security systems have to be set to account for animal activity anyway, so we can use those setting to your advantage in offering a secure home.


Find new clients by teaming with a local shelter to connect with new pet-owners. For existing clients, you can use the pet as a way to start a conversation about additional products and services.

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Runaway Alert! We’ll Keep You Posted.



With Runaway Alert auto-message notification, NMC will let you know via email or text message when any account has received 75 or more signals within 24 hours.


Detecting a runaway panel can be essential in managing toll-free or cellular transmission costs. And, discovering an alarm panel problem at the early stage can help prevent a lack of security at the subscriber location in addition to preventing large phone bills – allowing you to maintain security for your customers while keeping costs down.


NMC’s data-driven research has shown that containing a runaway panel before it gets out of control can save you hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars.


Stop Runaways before they can cause problems to your customers or your business. For more information or to add this free service to your NMC account, contact Dealer Support Service at 800.662.1711.


It’s free and it can save you money. What are you waiting for?

Keep Your IP. The Flexibility of Secure Forwarding


Internet-based alarm systems are changing the industry, and it is critical that alarm
companies maintain portability when moving to internet-based alarm systems. NMC is
once again leading the way with a program that allows you complete portability combined
with the convenience of working with NMC.


Alarm companies must have the ability to control IP communications to central
monitoring stations for internet-based alarm systems. Keep Your IP allows you to control the destination of your customers’ IP accounts. With your own secure IPv4 address, you can redirect or reroute to alternate IP destinations if accounts are sold, in disaster recovery situations or to change to another Central Station.


NMC will assist with the setup and implementation of Keep Your IP, allowing you the security and flexibility to direct (or reroute) your company’s growth