2017 ESX to Take Place in Nashville


The Electronic Security Expo is a place where security vendors can meet and experience educational programming, and this year’s 10th-anniversary event is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Will your firm be among those attending? Here’s what you need to know.

The event will be taking place at the Music City Center on 5th Avenue in downtown Nashville. This year, the 5-day event will span Monday through Friday. The dates are June 12-16, 2017.

You’ll want to pay special attention to the educational track scheduled for Wednesday morning from 10 – 11:15 am entitled “Maximize Your Monitoring Center.” The fact is that monitoring services are rapidly expanding and technology is constantly changing. It is virtually impossible for most security vendors to keep up. But third party monitoring services are 100% focused on this specific aspect of security. That makes this a key place to outsource. The event promises to discuss outsourcing considerations, the effect on your customers, and how to choose the right partner.

NMC—The Third-Party Monitoring Service You Can Trust

At NMC, security monitoring is all we do. From residential monitoring to commercial security, fire, and environmental monitoring and everything in between, our customer service representatives are trained to be an elite group of responders for your customers.

We’re sure the 2017 ESX is going to be a great event, but you shouldn’t wait until June to think about the benefits of outsourcing monitoring services. Talk to our sales team by calling 877-353-3031 today, and find out what partnering up with NMC can do to build your company and provide your customers with the best service in the business.

Two State-of-the-Art Command Centers Provide Reliability You Can Count On

Security Command Centers

When it comes to security monitoring services, your clients expect to be protected at all times, and you expect that from the monitoring service you work with. Why is NMC the right choice for security companies that want to offer the most reliable services? Here are some of the features that make our command centers the top of the line in reliability.

Redundancy, Redundancy, and Even More Redundancy

Redundancy is the key to ensuring that our monitoring services are available at all times. Our efforts begin by providing two state-of-the-art command centers. Both buildings are filled with well-trained custom service representatives and are able to handle any level of emergency. We are also outfitted to be UL 2050 compliant at both facilities. Generators are in place to ensure that neither facility fails to provide service even during a power outage.

It is also important to note that our facilities are located in California and Texas. The distance between these facilities helps to ensure that even if something occurs at one facility that interrupts service, the other is still online. Both facilities are equipped to become the sole headquarters in case of an emergency when one facility needs to be shut down. Cutting edge technology and a professionally trained workforce that is constantly educated on the latest protocols ensures your clients receive the best service every second of every day.

Prepared for Any Occasion

Whether one facility meets up with extreme levels of alarm activity or there is an emergency situation at the facility itself, NMC is always here when you need us. That’s what makes us one of the fastest growing security monitoring services in the country.

Getting Involved in Higher Security

Monitoring for High Security Client

You also need to pair with NMC because we are one of only a handful of monitoring services in the country that are UL 2050 listed. That means we’re the perfect monitoring service to team up with if you want to get into the government sector.

What Is UL 2050?

Stripping the term down to the basics, it means that a company is trained to follow a specific set of protocols as far as providing security services is concerned. While government agencies may not be the only ones that require a security service to be up to date on UL 2050, this is certainly the primary example of the type of security market that is looking for this form of training in a security company.

Take Security to the Next Level

Some organizations won’t even consider a security company unless they are listed in the online certification directory. At NMC, we make sure that our customer service representatives (CSRs) are always being trained and mentored to respond to sensitive situations that may occur when a higher security client is involved.

With headquarters in both California and Texas, we are uniquely equipped to handle high-security needs over a wide area. Generators provide backup redundancy to ensure that monitoring services are always up and running. Zero downtime means 100% availability if an emergency arises, and that’s a must in the high-security market.