CES 2017 Shows Off Emerging Security Technologies

NMC Monitoring CES Trade Show Security Technologies

The technology involved in security, and especially in security monitoring, is truly exciting. This year’s CES really highlight the leaps and bounds by which the tech is expanding. Smart homes are the biggest trend in security, and the number of new gadgets and gizmos revealed at CES show that manufacturers of security products know it.

The Smart Home of the Future

Is the smart home of the future going to be run by a personal digital assistant? It will if Vivint Sky, a home automation artificial intelligence service has anything to say about it. Several partnerships were already announced with brands such as Airbnb that show the immediate demand for such a service.

Announcements involving new services from ADT revealed something else that is on the mind of the average consumer, and that’s security monitoring. Your residential clients are going to expect comparable monitoring services. Are you equipped to offer them?

Outsourcing of Security Monitoring Services—Another 2017 Trend

At NMC, we are confident that the outsourcing of security monitoring will continue as a trend in the industry for 2017. The fact is that third-party services like NMC are in the best position to be up-to-date with technology and training.

We take that responsibility very seriously at NMC. Not only are our CSRs provided with rigorous training when hired, but they also receive regular training updates. We really meant it when we say our CSRs are the best in the business. We think your residential and commercial clients will agree if they ever experience an emergency. Call 877-353-3031 and join forces with NMC today!

Will AT&T’s End of 2G Cell Network Support Affect Your Customers?

ATT 2G Support Affects Security Monitoring.

AT&T announced back in 2014 that they would no longer be supporting their 2G network. In part, this is because their 2G towers are being repurposed into 4G towers to provide better service for their cellular customers. However, this changeover could be affecting your customers.

The fact is that AT&T’s support for the 2G network won’t completely be over until the end of the year, but since the process is gradual, some areas may be affected already. If your customer is using an older system that utilizes the old AT&T cellular network for monitoring purposes, the deadline is fast approaching to update the system.

As more and more of the network switches over, AT&T is actually switching off the network incrementally. Therefore, you don’t want your customers waiting until the last second to have their services updated.

State-of-the-Art Monitoring

Of course, modern equipment uses modern networks, so you may not have any concerns if you’ve been updating your customers all along. This is primarily a concern for longtime residential customers who have never updated their original system.

NMC is proud to supply state-of-the-art monitoring services for your residential customers. We want to ensure that all of our clients are also keeping up to date so that our services can work together seamlessly to save lives and reduce the risk of property loss or damage.

Communication companies play a vital role in keeping our customer service reps linked to your customers. We’re happy to offer support to our clients who need help keeping up with the ever-changing services available to make that communication possible.

The Smartphone: A Security Tool at Your Fingertips

security smartphone

These days smart phones are no longer marketed as a luxury, they are sold as a necessity. Millions of Americans engage in the fervor that is the release of the latest smart phone from the top competing companies, some even lining up for hours just to drop hundreds of dollars on the newest piece of technology. This means one thing for your potential security clients: they are already holding a powerful tool for their most basic security and monitoring needs.


Clients who already have home security or who are considering a system can further benefit with the added ease of monitoring their home with their smartphone. Aside from the standard notification to their smartphone of any alarm triggers, your clients can also monitor and remotely control appliances in their home with a smart home system.


Just as consumers who consistently update their smartphone for the latest features, your security clients will want to know what benefits they reap when they buy into your monitoring product. Your sales force should focus on selling the convenience of using a tool your clients are already toting around with them. They can actively engage in the security and monitoring of their home with their smartphone wherever they may be.


The beauty of having a mobile phone with Wi-Fi capabilities is the ability to send commands at any distance. Your clients will find excitement in being able to turn their thermostat on so their home is sufficiently at a comfortable temperature for their arrival. They can continue their day with peace of mind by being able to confirm they have closed their garage door and securely locked their doors.



Defining Cybersecurity for Clients

Cyber security

For existing clients, you are frequently their primary source of information regarding anything related to security — including in-house data and cloud based information. If you need assistance in creating a cybersecurity solution within your business, contact National Monitoring Center (NMC). We can give you the guidance and resources necessary to create a plan to meet your clients’ needs.


Cyber threats are frequently more frightening than a physical breach. For companies that store vast amounts of proprietary information or financial data at an off-site location, a physical breach may be of nearly no concern. When they turn to you for help, giving them no answer can often lead to the end of your professional relationship with the client.


Some companies may have no idea that cybersecurity is a potential problem. Small businesses that have operated for decades have done so without much concern of a data breach. Go through your client files and generate a call list. Offering a cybersecurity assessment is a great way to revisit your clients and build a trusted relationship. Plus, by visiting the client you have the chance to cross-sell additional security services for their home and office.


You don’t have to have an in-house team to provide a cybersecurity solution. From national brands to small, one-man companies, you can integrate cybersecurity into your suite of services. As a small business, you are likely to work better with other small businesses. Look for a local company providing data security and create a partnership. Frequently, small businesses that are looking for professional help with cybersecurity may also need a physical security system to complement the data security plan.


For small security firms, cybersecurity might appear to be an overwhelming obstacle. However, by leveraging the expertise of NMC along with your own local contacts, you can create tremendous business opportunities thanks to the progression of technology.


Incident Management

Security Incident Management

Frequently, in the days following a problem, clients let their guard down, assuming a second incident would be impossible. Unfortunately, that’s not true. At NMC, we doubledown on our efforts to ensure your clients are not victimized twice.


With criminal acts, a small incident can be a part of a larger plan. For example, a simple act of breaking a window disrupts the daily routines and patterns for your client. Insurance claim adjusters, contractors, and regional management professionals show up on the scene to inspect the damage and assess the problem. With so many strangers coming and going, the staff on site quickly become accustomed to unusual circumstances — therefore leaving a window of opportunity for an even greater security breach.


Some criminals are quick to respond during natural disasters or other random events. Businesses that have broken windows due to hail, wind, or an out-of-control vehicle are susceptible to looting by a observant criminal. Once the status-quo is broken and repairs are incomplete, response times are often slower because everyone assumes the problem is a false alarm. With an effective monitoring company like NMC, unfortunate problems don’t lead to criminal acts.


Your clients deserve a monitoring company that will remain vigilant during the uncertain aftermath of a security breach. Plus, they need a monitoring service that can work seamlessly with your staff, local authorities, and the business professionals to make your services seem all the more valuable and relevant.

Perimeters – The Trend for 2016

personal perimeter security

For several years, the concept of perimeter security (over building-only security) has gained tremendous traction with commercial clients. In 2016, you are likely to see more personal account holders asking about perimeter security in addition to the front-door security they currently enjoy.


As commercial clients bought into perimeter security features such as camera surveillance and motion detection, the employees at those businesses were hearing about the preventative benefits that come with stopping a crime before it happens. Now those employees are returning home and finding that their home security seems to be lacking.


In addition, smarthome features are making perimeter security more accessible to the do-it-yourself homeowner. Consumers are now acutely aware that they can to see who is ringing their doorbells through a smartphone app. And not only can they see the visitors, but they can talk to them as well. And as with most DIY features, consumers will quickly grow tired of the technological barriers and lack of interconnectivity with their other security features. And when they want a professional to install an interactive doorbell, you and your sales team need to be ready to offer them quick answers and excellent service.


The growing interest in perimeter security also harkens back to a home security marketing staple — the neighborhood watch. As consumers realize that a secure home is significantly safer in a neighborhood of watchful residents, neighborhood watch programs will grow in popularity again. Perimeter security can extend from the property line and include the entire block or cul-de-sac. Neighborhood programs are currently using email, text, and social media to send out alerts; you want your company to be a part of that conversation and growing bubble of security.


Personal accounts are primed for an up-sale in perimeter security. For your high budget clients, offer them a free motion detection light to initiate the conversation. For your low budget clients simply start the conversation they want to have. Your current clients are your best resource for growth.


Why Cellular Retransmission Matters to Your Clients



Cellular retransmission is about redundancy. Generally, your new or potential clients will have heard about the value of redundancy in data warehousing and computer downtime. Because they are already familiar with the value of redundancy in their IT solutions, you can leverage that knowledge to promote your own capabilities.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides your clients with cellular retransmission to avoid any security downtime. In short, you can say, “Your system is connected by encrypted land lines and backed up by encrypted cell phone connections.”


If anyone cuts their phone lines, we’ll know to investigate. Because of the on-going polling process, our systems know if there is a gap between the data transmitted via the phone line and the data transmitted via the cell phone towers. Within a few seconds, we know if someone is tampering with your client’s phone lines and we will initiate security protocols to protect your client’s assets.


Communicating the technological advances in the security field can be a difficult challenge. However, your clients are familiar with cell phone technology and are likely familiar with the concepts of redundancy. Leverage the client’s own knowledge explain the advanced features of your services.