Incident Management

Security Incident Management

Frequently, in the days following a problem, clients let their guard down, assuming a second incident would be impossible. Unfortunately, that’s not true. At NMC, we doubledown on our efforts to ensure your clients are not victimized twice.


With criminal acts, a small incident can be a part of a larger plan. For example, a simple act of breaking a window disrupts the daily routines and patterns for your client. Insurance claim adjusters, contractors, and regional management professionals show up on the scene to inspect the damage and assess the problem. With so many strangers coming and going, the staff on site quickly become accustomed to unusual circumstances — therefore leaving a window of opportunity for an even greater security breach.


Some criminals are quick to respond during natural disasters or other random events. Businesses that have broken windows due to hail, wind, or an out-of-control vehicle are susceptible to looting by a observant criminal. Once the status-quo is broken and repairs are incomplete, response times are often slower because everyone assumes the problem is a false alarm. With an effective monitoring company like NMC, unfortunate problems don’t lead to criminal acts.


Your clients deserve a monitoring company that will remain vigilant during the uncertain aftermath of a security breach. Plus, they need a monitoring service that can work seamlessly with your staff, local authorities, and the business professionals to make your services seem all the more valuable and relevant.

Why Cellular Retransmission Matters to Your Clients



Cellular retransmission is about redundancy. Generally, your new or potential clients will have heard about the value of redundancy in data warehousing and computer downtime. Because they are already familiar with the value of redundancy in their IT solutions, you can leverage that knowledge to promote your own capabilities.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides your clients with cellular retransmission to avoid any security downtime. In short, you can say, “Your system is connected by encrypted land lines and backed up by encrypted cell phone connections.”


If anyone cuts their phone lines, we’ll know to investigate. Because of the on-going polling process, our systems know if there is a gap between the data transmitted via the phone line and the data transmitted via the cell phone towers. Within a few seconds, we know if someone is tampering with your client’s phone lines and we will initiate security protocols to protect your client’s assets.


Communicating the technological advances in the security field can be a difficult challenge. However, your clients are familiar with cell phone technology and are likely familiar with the concepts of redundancy. Leverage the client’s own knowledge explain the advanced features of your services.