The Importance of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) for Seniors

Personal Emergency Response Systems for Seniors PERS NMC Security Monitoring

Approximately 1 out of every 8 Americans is a senior over the age of 65. That number is predicted to climb to nearly 1 in 5 by the year 2030 as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. When you combine these facts with the statistic that 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 has a fall each year, the need for personal emergency response systems becomes clear.

A Growing Demographic—Independent Seniors

As the number of independent seniors continues to increase, pairing PERS with other home security measures will create a growing target audience. The children of this aging generation are raising kids of their own and often cannot afford to care for parents in-home. PERS gives a person in this situation a feeling of security, knowing that an aging parent can always call out to a monitoring service and receive immediate attention.

Why a Monitoring Service Is Vital

In the past, PERS meant pushing a button and then waiting for help. A CSR would call emergency contacts and then send EMS. Emergency responders would walk into a situation without knowing what was going on.

Today, medical monitoring should always include a two-voice voice solution. This allows a fallen senior to speak directly with the CSR, so that emergency contacts and EMS can be contacted quickly, false alarms are minimized, and the situation can be immediately evaluated.

NMC is proud to offer medical monitoring services that your home security clients need as they or their parents reach age 65 and beyond. For more information, call 877-353-3031.

Trends in the PERS Market

Personal Emergency Response System

The global market for Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is expected to reach $1.85 billion by 20171 and $4.4 billion by 20202, driven by the expanding base of the aging population and an increased preference for independent living. Surging alongside this trend is the increasing proliferation of Information Technology infrastructure to support the demands of this population. Included in this movement is the uptrend in monitoring service needs, best fulfilled by National Monitoring Center (NMC).


Technological advances have led to the development of novel portable PERS devices that promote functionality as well as mobility. This is a major selling point as technology is ever changing and your clients’ needs are changing along with it. Always offer your clients the most innovative devices and know that NMC has you covered with the most up-to-date monitoring techniques.


Monitoring in the PERS sector requires special care and training and associates at NMC are specially educated in handling medical emergencies. Responsiveness to triggered alarms is one thing but the ability to handle the sensitive nature behind a medical emergency call is another factor altogether. NCM representatives are selected for their care, compassion, and professionalism in order to provide the best comforting guidance to your clients during their emergency.


Integration of PERS in senior healthcare offers numerous benefits to family members and care providers, and enables the aging population to lead independent and healthier lives. Through our clients, NMC is proud to be a contributor to the security and well-being of this population.