Properly Securing Doors and Windows for a Business

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When it comes to residences, one of the primary issues with break-ins is the fact that people leave doors and windows unlocked. The same holds true for businesses. Here are a few tips to help your business clients keep their doors and windows secure.

Securing a Company’s Doors

The first thing here goes without saying—keep the door locked when the business is closed. An office building may keep the doors locked at all times to only allow access to employees and approved visitors. Keycards or other forms of smart locking systems are perfect for restricting access.

Motion sensors and video surveillance on doorways are a must. Visible video cameras discourage intruders. Hidden cameras allow for remote monitoring of who is entering or exiting the building. If someone comes through the doors during off hours, the alarm should alert a monitoring company immediately. Plus, the camera allows the monitoring service to see what the issue is in real-time if a crisis occurs during normal business hours.

Window Security Is a Must

For store fronts and office buildings alike, companies should use glass that is harder to break than traditional glass. Using one-way glass is a great way to protect valuables that may be sitting in offices on the perimeter of the building since thieves can’t see in. In a retail business, however, the storefront is an important part of bringing in customers, so while valuable goods will be visible, cameras and lighting can be used to create a deterrent to criminals.

Any windows that open should be locked from the inside when the building closes for the evening, weekends, or holidays. Especially on the ground floor, windows should be outfitted with break detection. This will alert the monitoring service to look at the video cameras, determine the cause of the break, and call the appropriate emergency services immediately.

Regardless of the type of business, NMC is happy to serve as the first line of defense against break-ins, theft, loss, and crisis situations. Call 877.353.3031 to find out how to put our monitoring services to work for your business and residential clients.

Offices Require Specialized Measures to Maintain Proper Security

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When it comes to the modern office, dangers to security abound. Break-ins, theft, vandalism, and even dangers to employees are real threats. What are some of the most important elements when it comes to protecting an office? Here are three necessities.

Control Lot and Building Access

From parking lot gates to keycard building entry, there are many ways to restrict access to an office building appropriately. This can easily weed out many threats by making it too difficult for the common criminal to plan a heist. Then certain areas inside the building that contain extremely sensitive information such as a research and development department can have an added layer of security and high-security floors may only allow top level executives.

A Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance provides a number of vital security options. For example, recordings can be used to identify misconduct. Real-time monitoring can catch a thief in the act or initiate a lockdown in the case of a more serious threat. This is a great way both to take care of security threats in the moment and to be able to review recordings to catch culprits after the fact.

Monitoring Services Provide Immediate Response

Having the alarm system monitored keeps the offices safe even when no one is there to alert the authorities. 24/7 monitoring can keep an eye out for threats from criminals as well as the elements such as fire. NMC is proud to offer the highest quality monitoring services for offices to ensure that threats are dealt with quickly and in the most efficient manner. This minimizes damage or loss and may even save lives.