Vendor Preparations for Security Consultations

NMC Security Monitoring Vendor Meeting with Potential Security Client

Your business customers will be preparing ahead for their security consultation. That means your company needs to be prepared to ask the right questions and to answer a potential client’s questions in a way that will close the deal. What are a few things you should know?

  • What is the customer’s budget? – This information allows you to provide an acceptable quote while also providing the maximum number of services. Closing a deal is often a matter of determining how to fit the right services into a package deal at the right price.
  • What are the client’s needs? – What features are considered necessities by the customer? Depending on the business type, you may have a list of features to upsell that your client may not even know they need yet.
  • What can you offer? – Does your company even offer all of the services that your client needs? For example, many businesses need environmental monitoring. Also, monitored surveillance and alarms (motion sensors, fire alarms, etc.) may be major factors for a company.

Have the Security Monitoring Experts in Your Corner

NMC is the reliable monitoring service you can trust to provide your commercial clients with up to the moment services that smart businesses want. Call 877-353-3031 to have the premier 3rd party monitoring company backing you up.

Providing Proper Security Measures for Public Parks

public park security monitoring

Small towns and cities with public park areas are a great place to go to find clients who may not have any security measures in place yet. The fact is that safety in public parks is a big topic in small towns, especially the first time an incident occurs. Here are a few offerings parks should be happy to have.

Smart Lighting Options

Lights are an important part of park safety, especially if the park is not gated and closed after dark. Even if it is, lights can discourage perpetrators from entering the property illegally at night to conduct shady business dealings. Lights should focus on parking areas, walkways, and areas near pedestrian traffic where someone could lie in wait, such as large shrubs or any buildings on the property. Smart lighting allows lights to turn on at night and off in the morning without the need for a staff member on hand.

Restricted Access

Certain parts of any park are going to be off-limits at times, even if the park itself is open 24 hours. Using keycards to access storage areas, pools, bathroom, or gated areas that are closed to the public at certain times can help to limit unauthorized access.

Monitored Surveillance Cameras

This is the most needed park security measure that most public parks are lacking. Video surveillance can provide additional safety in parking lots, on walking trails, and during the evening hours. Having the footage monitored allows for a faster response in case an emergency arises.

The National Monitoring Service Your Clients Need

NMC is happy to provide all of the monitoring services your residential and business clients need. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to get started.

The Rapidly Growing Residential Security Market

growing residential security market

Last week a report was released by Technavio projecting the growth of the security market in North America. Estimates are that the $12.5 billion residential market will surge to more than $15 billion by 2020. The United States already makes up nearly half of the global residential security market.

Why Residential Security Is on the Rise

One factor that is driving growth is the desire for greater security in residential buildings. This includes security for the building as a whole as well as individual systems for each apartment. One feature in particular that is sought after by residential buildings is cameras that can be viewed from individual apartments allowing residents to observe patrolling guards. Seeing the security staff at work provides peace of mind for many residents.

Primary Concerns with Residential Security

The main issue being faced by the residential security industry, according to the report, is the ability of hackers to hijack a smart home. As a result, some vendors are encouraging monthly password changes for clients. However, home security systems have many measures in place to help prevent this type of scenario, and this has set many clients at ease.

Choose NMC as the Security Monitoring Service for Your Residential Clients

We hope you get your share of the growing residential market. NMC can help you to secure clients by providing the monitoring service that gives you an edge over your competition. Call 877-353-3031 today to learn more about the services we provide such as two-way voice options and text notifications.

Help Business Startups Assess Risks and Develop a Security Strategy

startup risk assessment

Startups generally start small, maybe even just one person working from a home office. But security is still important in many ways. Don’t let the size of a company stop you from picking up a new commercial client. Startups can grow quickly and become a major client in the years ahead. Start by developing a scalable security solution and building trust.

Assessing the Security Needs of a Startup

For a small business, security is all about recognizing potential threats. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What kind of risks can a company handle? If a break-in results in a stolen laptop, is that the end of the business? The easier it would be for criminal activity to disrupt a business, the more important security becomes.
  • What are the company’s most important assets? Would it be something physical in an office or perhaps data stored in the cloud? This helps to determine whether the focus should be primarily on an alarm/surveillance system or in cybersecurity. Most businesses need a mix of the two.
  • From what source are the greatest threats to digital security? If the primary threat is from hackers, the focus should be on employee training and digital security. If the greatest threat is from an unauthorized person accessing files in the office, the focus needs to be on restricting physical access to computers or mobile devices that contain the sensitive data.
  • Do company assets require a particular environment such as the right temperature range? This would involve environmental monitoring services.

Meeting the Security Needs of a Startup

NMC offers a wide range of residential, commercial, and environmental monitoring services so that your clients can develop a security strategy that meets their startup’s needs.

Marketing Security Monitoring Services to Your Client

Marketing Security Monitoring Services

Marketing Security Monitoring Services

One question that our clients often ask at the beginning is the best way to market the service that we provide, and that makes sense. After all, no one knows our product as well as we do. For this very reason, NMC is happy to support our clients as you strive to explain the benefits of our vital services to your customers.

Marketing Materials Available to You

NMC can provide you with flyers and brochures to distribute to your clients. These marketing materials are customizable to ensure that your end user receives the exact information they need to make the right choice and go with your services.

Also, because we know our services the best, we also know how to sell them to your clients. To that end, we offer onsite support and training so that your team knows our product well enough to explain it as a part of your home or commercial security offerings.

Seeing Is Believing

Of course, it is one thing to tell your clients that your company uses the most state-of-the-art monitoring centers. It’s is another thing for your client to see that monitoring center in person. For that reason, we are happy to set up a tour of one of our centers in California or Texas for your client. It is our pleasure to help you close the deal in any way we can.

Pokémon Go—The Perfect Security Sales Tool

Pokemon Go Security Sales Tool

It’s a game that is sweeping the nation and making homes and businesses alike think about increasing security. After all, you never know what locations will be recognized as public as one homeowner in Massachusetts found out. His home used to be a church back in the 70s, but the game still recognizes it as a public place and made it a gym (a key location for players) resulting in day and night traffic on and around his property.

Selling to Commercial Properties

Commercial properties, in particular, may have concerns about people wandering around the building. Even if the players pose no threat, they make great cover for an intruder. Walk around looking through your smartphone, and everyone looks the other way as you wander into a secure facility. Surveillance, proximity sensors, and automatic call-outs when someone enters a restricted area are more vital than ever. Even if someone wanders into a place he is not supposed to be, if an injury occurs, you better believe the company who owns the property will be getting a call from a lawyer. Video of what happened and an immediate response before a trespasser can be injured are great ways to stay ahead of this new craze.

Selling to Residences

While most residences are off limits (unless they’ve been incorrectly marked as public), there are foreseeable issues with apartment buildings, condo complexes, and the like. Again, there is a mixing of trespassing (inadvertent or not) and the potential for personal injury. An automated security system may be the only way for home or building owners to protect themselves. Automated responses are important to ensure that someone gets an alert when their property is imposed upon.

Vulnerabilities of an Unprotected Home

Home Security Monitoring

Homeowners are often reluctant to get security monitoring for their home because they feel their front door lock is sufficient to keep intruders out. Unfortunately even the most complex locks can be picked and overrode by clever intruders. Promote home security with your clients by making them aware of the vulnerabilities of an unprotected home.


Criminals with intent will find a way to breach any home they recognize as being unsecured. Nothing will stop them from breaking a window to create a point of entry. Once in, the entire contents of the home will be at the disposal of the intruder. Anything they can carry out and use or sell for money will be at risk but this risk is not limited to just personal possessions. Bills and legal documents containing personal information are often found around the home. Identifying documents such as passports and memberships can be used as an identity theft tool and these documents are often kept in locations that facilitate ease of access for your client. Unfortunately, this means ease of access for the intruder as well. The compromise of this information leaves your client very vulnerable and creates a web of hassle they need to deal with immediately in order to mitigate marring of their credit and identity.


Homeowners who forego the protection of security monitoring for their home put themselves at risk for great losses, monetarily and emotionally. National Monitoring Center (NMC) monitoring can curtail all risks associated with home invasions. Sell to your clients the reliable monitoring that NMC ensures for you and reward them with the protection of their assets and identity.


Sell Savings with the Smart Home

smart home security

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. On top of that, homes without a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with a security system. With these stats in mind, your home security clients should be made aware of all the possible savings they can cash in on by having a home security monitoring system.


The National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides ways for your homeowner clients to save money while benefiting from peace of mind. Installing monitored safety and security devices in a home can save, on average, 20% of homeowner’s insurance cost for the consumer. Insurance companies understand that a professionally monitored security system provides an extra layer of protection to a home, reducing the number of potential claims of burglary, fire, or water damage. Insurance companies are able to pass these savings on to your clients with homes, further incentivizing them to protect themselves and their home.


Another selling point for homeowners who may be considering a home security system is having the peace of mind they deserve. The stress of experiencing catastrophic events such as home invasions, burglaries, or fires can be emotionally damaging, especially for young children. The outcome of such events can have long-term effects that may require medical or therapeutic attention, costing your clients more money. Encourage your clients to protect themselves, their families, and their property with a professionally monitored security system.


A reduced insurance premium and possible cost savings down the line will be incentive enough for your clients to install a home security monitoring system. Bundle that with the priceless value of having peace of mind that their home and loved ones are being looked after is the cherry on top of their security pie.


The Smartphone: A Security Tool at Your Fingertips

security smartphone

These days smart phones are no longer marketed as a luxury, they are sold as a necessity. Millions of Americans engage in the fervor that is the release of the latest smart phone from the top competing companies, some even lining up for hours just to drop hundreds of dollars on the newest piece of technology. This means one thing for your potential security clients: they are already holding a powerful tool for their most basic security and monitoring needs.


Clients who already have home security or who are considering a system can further benefit with the added ease of monitoring their home with their smartphone. Aside from the standard notification to their smartphone of any alarm triggers, your clients can also monitor and remotely control appliances in their home with a smart home system.


Just as consumers who consistently update their smartphone for the latest features, your security clients will want to know what benefits they reap when they buy into your monitoring product. Your sales force should focus on selling the convenience of using a tool your clients are already toting around with them. They can actively engage in the security and monitoring of their home with their smartphone wherever they may be.


The beauty of having a mobile phone with Wi-Fi capabilities is the ability to send commands at any distance. Your clients will find excitement in being able to turn their thermostat on so their home is sufficiently at a comfortable temperature for their arrival. They can continue their day with peace of mind by being able to confirm they have closed their garage door and securely locked their doors.



Upselling the Front Door

Front Door Home Security

As the primary point of entry to many homes, the front door is a great way for you to connect with new and existing clients to find the kinds of services that create long lasting relationships. From the convenience of an automated door to the safety of keyless entry, you will be able to provide both enticing features and real solutions to your clients.


For most people, juggling to get a house key while carrying groceries is an inconvenient nuisance. The most advanced door locks can now automatically unlock while the key holder approaches the door. This is the same kind of technology used in cars that allow for seamless entry and push button ignition.


Remote access is another great feature — especially for families with teens. With remote access, your client can use a smartphone to unlock the front door when one of the kids loses a key. With a few taps on a cell phone app, your clients can unlock the front door.


Programmable locks are another great feature for anyone juggling contractors or cleaning people. Your clients can offer them a unique code to unlock the door during specific hours. If you know that your clients are using their home or rental property for short term rentals (like on AirBnB), then providing them with a programmable lock solves the tremendous difficulty that comes with servicing travelers. Each new visitor gets a unique code that expires at the end of the stay.


Video feed and interactive com systems have been around for decades, but thanks to modern technology, your clients can have access to those tools from anywhere in the world.


Contact National Monitoring Center (NMC) to discuss the kinds of services that know will bring in new clients and provide value-added upsells to existing ones. Capitalize on the cache that comes with a well-connected front door, and create the long lasting relationships you will need to remain a relevant security service.