Defining Cybersecurity for Clients

Cyber security

For existing clients, you are frequently their primary source of information regarding anything related to security — including in-house data and cloud based information. If you need assistance in creating a cybersecurity solution within your business, contact National Monitoring Center (NMC). We can give you the guidance and resources necessary to create a plan to meet your clients’ needs.


Cyber threats are frequently more frightening than a physical breach. For companies that store vast amounts of proprietary information or financial data at an off-site location, a physical breach may be of nearly no concern. When they turn to you for help, giving them no answer can often lead to the end of your professional relationship with the client.


Some companies may have no idea that cybersecurity is a potential problem. Small businesses that have operated for decades have done so without much concern of a data breach. Go through your client files and generate a call list. Offering a cybersecurity assessment is a great way to revisit your clients and build a trusted relationship. Plus, by visiting the client you have the chance to cross-sell additional security services for their home and office.


You don’t have to have an in-house team to provide a cybersecurity solution. From national brands to small, one-man companies, you can integrate cybersecurity into your suite of services. As a small business, you are likely to work better with other small businesses. Look for a local company providing data security and create a partnership. Frequently, small businesses that are looking for professional help with cybersecurity may also need a physical security system to complement the data security plan.


For small security firms, cybersecurity might appear to be an overwhelming obstacle. However, by leveraging the expertise of NMC along with your own local contacts, you can create tremendous business opportunities thanks to the progression of technology.