Protecting a Residential Client’s Wi-Fi


Security vendors face a major concern when it comes to residential customers. Here’s the issue. Most of the home’s security system is linked to a wi-fi network. This includes everything from surveillance cameras to smart devices.

On the one hand, it’s a huge step forward. Gone are the days of a criminal cutting a phone line and stopping an alarm signal from going out. On the other hand, hackers can gain control over a home by finding the weakest point. That weak point is often the homeowner’s wi-fi password.

Alerting Clients to the Dangers

The most important thing here is education. When a homeowner understands the importance of a stronger password than 123456 or password (and the many other varieties of easy to guess passwords), hackers have to work a little harder.

The other side of things is alerting homeowners to the signs that a network has been hacked. For example, when unknown devices are connected to a router or the network is running abnormally sluggish, it could mean the problem is an intruder. That means it is time for a new password.

Modern Monitoring and the Wi-Fi Network

When a home security system is monitored, it becomes far more difficult for criminals to get away with anything, even if they have the technical knowledge to hack a network. This makes security monitoring an important part in modern residential security.

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Overcoming Home Security Concerns with Monitored Services

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It’s the start of a new year, and many homeowners are assessing expenses and seeing what can be cut out. While most homeowners want some type of home security, you may need to do some convincing to keep them from switching to a less expensive plan. Here are some tips for encouraging homeowners to stick with monitored services to deal with concerns that most residential clients face.

Why Homeowners Needed Monitored Security Services

Fewer False Alarms – One of the biggest complaints homeowners have is how often a false alarm may occur with either a sensor or a smoke alarm. Monitored services help to overcome these issues. If a fire alarm goes off, a customer service rep can look at the live feed and see if there is an actual fire or just someone cooking in the kitchen. If a motion sensor goes off, a representative can tell the difference between a home intruder and a kid who set the alarm system to away instead of stay after getting off the bus.

Faster Response Time – Fewer false alarms also mean faster response. When a representative sees a burglar, fire, or another disturbance, emergency services can be sent immediately with full knowledge of the present situation going on at the home. This also means that first responders are ready to react to the actual situation without the need for time on the scene to assess what is going on.

Wishing Your Residential Customers a Safe and Happy 2017

We hope your customers don’t have any major life disturbances during the calendar year. But if an emergency does arise, NMC is proud to be the monitoring service providing fast and capable responses. Call 877-353-3031 to partner up with NMC today.

4 Things Consumers Want in Home Security

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It is becoming a must for homes to have some form of security system. For reluctant residential clients, the following 4 selling points are among the most important.

  • Cheaper Homeowners Insurance – Most insurance companies will provide a discount to homeowners with security measures in place. When a homeowner realizes some of the monthly security costs will come back in insurance savings, a new client becomes more likely.
  • Protection Against Break-Ins – One of the primary reasons a homeowner wants a security system is for protection from burglars. A monitored system can improve response times and helps to ensure that the bad guys don’t get away with any valuables.
  • Fire Monitoring – When fire/smoke detectors include video monitoring, the difference between an alarm that goes off while dinner is being prepared versus there being an actual fire becomes clear. This cuts down on false alarms and improves emergency response.
  • Remote Video Surveillance – Homeowners don’t just want to get a text saying the alarm has gone off while no one is home. They also want to be able to check security cameras from a mobile device to see what is going on.

NMC Helps Keep Your Security Company Ahead of the Curve

Outsourcing security monitoring to NMC provides greater peace of mind for your residential clients as you can offer additional monitoring services that were not part of your previous security packages. If you want to know more about how NMC can help build your security brand, contact our sales department at .

Daytime Break-Ins More Common and More Costly

daytime break-in home security monitoring

According to recent reports by the FBI, during 2015 the great majority of home break-ins took place during the day. These were also the most costly robberies for homeowners with bad guys getting away with an average of $400 more when striking during daylight. In fact, residential robberies result in higher losses than any other robbery category outside of banks with the average value of stolen items totaling over $1,500. Here are a few ways for residential customers to protect themselves.

Know What Robbers Want to Steal

If you know what will be the target of a daytime home invasion, these items can be better protected. What are the top items stolen?

  • Electronic devices – These are usually high-value items that are easy to grab (tablets, smartphones, etc.).
  • Cash – Often left in dresser or nightstand drawers, this is an easy to find and grab item.
  • Firearms – Weapons have high resale value and are easy to take if not properly stored in a locked gun safe
  • Jewelry – Easy to find in the bedroom and easy to take.

When a homeowner knows what items need to be protected, these items can be made inaccessible during the daytime hours when no one is home by use of a safe or even simply keeping the items in an unexpected location in the house. Surveillance can provide additional protection.

The Importance of Monitored Surveillance

Another shocking figure from the FBI study is that more than 40% of home invaders bring a gun. This makes response time by the authorities vital, especially if someone is home during the robbery attempt. NMC is proud to provide surveillance monitoring. Our customer service representatives are always kept up to date with the latest emergency response training to ensure that consumers have a calm and rapid response during such times of emergency.

Security Selling Points for Customers Who Love to Travel

home security for travelers

Today’s world is filled with people who work online and love to use the freedom to travel as much as possible. This has created a new type of client for the security industry. There are a growing number of residential clients who only use a home, condo, or apartment as a base of operations for global travel. So how do you keep a home secure when it is empty half the time? Here are a few selling points for consumers who are away more than they are home.

How Security Monitoring Protects a Home During Travel

The advantage of a monitored security system is the peace of mind of being contacted immediately should an emergency occur back home. This can allow a homeowner to start on any necessary paperwork or calls before even returning from a trip.

Sensors paired with video surveillance allow a monitoring service to see the nature of an emergency before emergency response teams arrive at the scene. This prevents false alarms and ensures a quick response to everything from a fire to a break-in.

Additional Security Suggestions

Don’t forget to encourage clients to reduce the likelihood of a break-in by taking the following precautions:

  • Avoid Social Media Posting – Don’t share vacation pics until back at home so there is no evidence that the home is empty.
  • Have Mail Held – Piling up mail and newspapers send a clear message to would-be burglars that the house is empty.
  • Lock Everything – An alarm system is great for emergency response, but locking all doors and windows constitutes the first line of defense.

How NMC Can Help Protect Your Clients

By providing security monitoring for break-ins and environmental monitoring for floods, fire, and more, NMC helps to maintain your client’s peace of mind while on the road. Call our sales department at 877.353.3031 to learn more about the services we offer.

The Rapidly Growing Residential Security Market

growing residential security market

Last week a report was released by Technavio projecting the growth of the security market in North America. Estimates are that the $12.5 billion residential market will surge to more than $15 billion by 2020. The United States already makes up nearly half of the global residential security market.

Why Residential Security Is on the Rise

One factor that is driving growth is the desire for greater security in residential buildings. This includes security for the building as a whole as well as individual systems for each apartment. One feature in particular that is sought after by residential buildings is cameras that can be viewed from individual apartments allowing residents to observe patrolling guards. Seeing the security staff at work provides peace of mind for many residents.

Primary Concerns with Residential Security

The main issue being faced by the residential security industry, according to the report, is the ability of hackers to hijack a smart home. As a result, some vendors are encouraging monthly password changes for clients. However, home security systems have many measures in place to help prevent this type of scenario, and this has set many clients at ease.

Choose NMC as the Security Monitoring Service for Your Residential Clients

We hope you get your share of the growing residential market. NMC can help you to secure clients by providing the monitoring service that gives you an edge over your competition. Call 877-353-3031 today to learn more about the services we provide such as two-way voice options and text notifications.

These Are the Parts of a Home That Should Be Secured

Home Security Monitoring

We’re going to debunk a few security myths by addressing some statistics involving home break-ins and theft. You may be able to use some of these points to help residential clients develop a home security system that does an even better job of protecting their personal belongings and valuables.

Where Do Burglars Search First?

Most thieves (about 75%) go straight to the bedroom. This makes sense because the most frequently stolen valuables are usually in this room. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, video surveillance is usually left out of rooms such as the master bedroom. One potential solution is to keep valuables in a safe and just have a camera point toward the safe.

What Items Are Targeted Most Often?

Cash and jewelry are one and two with more than 80% of residential thefts targeting either of these two easy to grab-and-go items. That makes it important to store any significant amount of cash or expensive jewelry either in a safe or at least in another room besides the bedroom where criminals are less likely to look.

Burglars Hate Alarm Systems

You can’t spend stolen cash or sell jewelry in jail, so most thieves who are looking for a big score will go after homes without a security system. A visible camera may be enough to send an invader packing empty handed. However, since visible cameras may be spotted and disabled, a sensor to detect if a safe has been opened is a good backup. This will allow a monitoring service to contact the owner if the safe is opened when no one is supposed to be home.

Benefits of Using Security Cameras Instead of a Peephole

video intercom benenfits

In times past, a peephole was the perfect form of security. If someone rang the bell or knocked on the door, a peephole allowed the person inside the home to see who was there before answering. In fact, this method is still in place in most hotels around the world. However, security cameras now give residential clients superior security. What are the advantages?

Why Video Intercom Systems Are Becoming Popular

First of all, a highly visible camera sends a clear message to would-be robbers—“This home is secure!” No one wants to be caught committing a crime on video. However, having a security camera at the front door does more than just allow the police to track down the bad guys if a package gets stolen off the porch. The homeowner can use the video feed to get a clear image of who is at the door. Often, this can be done from a mobile device so that the homeowner doesn’t even have to approach the door and can immediate signal for help in case of danger.

This feature works in tandem with a monitoring service that can handle the SOS should the homeowner be concerned about the person at the door (whether a shady-looking stranger or an ex with a history of violence). The video feed can provide peace of mind for someone alone in the house and reduce the number of false alarms that could be triggered.

This is also something that homeowners are looking for. Therefore, if a person wants to sell a home, a video intercom system for seeing the doorstep can be just one more selling point that works to enhance the home’s value.

NMC is proud to provide the monitoring services your clients can rely on for security and peace of mind. With NMC, an experienced and highly-trained customer service representative is always just a couple of rings away.

What Every Child Needs to Know About Home Security

child arming alarm system

A residential security system is only as effective as the user who knows the least about it. With that in mind, the children in a household need to understand certain things about how the system works. Here are a few examples of things that a residential alarm system owner needs to teach his or her kids.

Arming and Disarming the System

This is especially important when a child is old enough to be home alone, particularly if the child gets off the bus with no one home during the week. The child will have to understand how to disarm the alarm so that a monitoring company doesn’t get an alert every day that the alarm has gone off. Frequent false alarms can result in slower response times from local emergency services (think “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”). Also, the child should know how to reset the alarm after entering the house so that the perimeter is protected while the interior motion sensors are turned off.

Understanding that the Alarm System Doesn’t Replace the Locks

Children also need to understand that an alarm system is not a substitute for keeping windows and doors secure while at home. A kidnapping can happen quickly, and if doors are left open, such a tragic event could occur faster than local law enforcement can arrive at the scene.

Staying Calm During Times of Emergency

Many alarm systems have a way to trigger an SOS should an emergency occur while someone is home. A child should know what events are considered this sort of emergency and how to send the distress signal. Other things like having designated escape routes in case fire or a break-in and numbers to call when a safe location is reached are also important.

NMC is proud to provide monitoring services that protect the homes of families. Our experienced customer service representatives are ready to deal with even the most sensitive situations.

Why a Home Safe Should Be Monitored

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Whether a household has a fire-resistant home safe to protect important documents or to stash valuables or maybe even guns, a lot goes into the purchase. Decisions include what is being protected, how big of a safe is needed, what kind of safe is desired, and the type of locking mechanism. However, more needs to go into a home safe than just choosing the right one, and this should be an element of home security consideration.

Providing Additional Protection for a Safe

There are a number of additional ways to protect a safe even further. For example, a home surveillance system serves to have eyes on the safe. This can allow for a response to occur before the safe is even opened. If someone is trying to open the safe who should not be there (for example, a child playing with the lock on a gun safe), the owner can be immediately alerted or emergency services can be sent to check things out in person.

This also means having a security monitoring service like NMC available on the line if someone does try to enter the safe without authorization. Motion sensors and CCTVs can allow any activity around the safe to be monitored and thus responses can be much faster. If a home invasion occurs, a criminal will be less likely to have time to open the safe with a monitoring company sending emergency services in a timely manner.

If your home security clients require a protected safe, NMC monitoring can add the additional peace of mind they need and want.