Proper Video Surveillance to Meet Courtroom Needs

nmc courtroom security monitoring

Courthouses are in need of proper security measures. These government buildings, if not properly protected, can be subject to all sorts of crimes ranging from vandalism to violent acts by those who are unhappy with the justice system. How can courthouses protect themselves?

Courthouse Security Needs

Consider the following benefits of monitored surveillance in a courthouse:

  • A deterrent to criminal activity on the property
  • Maximizes speed of response in an emergency
  • Provides visual evidence to prosecute criminals who commit offenses on courthouse property

Along with video surveillance, other security measures that restrict access to the building and certain locations therein are also highly recommended.

Regulations That Apply to Courtroom Security

State and federal law along with other more specific circumstances will dictate where cameras can be placed and what proceedings may not be able to be recorded or monitored. Video cameras, for example, cannot be located in private areas like bathrooms or rooms designated for confidential conversations between clients and attorneys.

Best Courthouse Security Practices

Be sure to place cameras where the entire courtroom will be visible. Often this is at the back of the courtroom. Equipment should be professionally installed, and footage should be adequately protected to prevent hackers from gaining access to the recordings. Monitoring services should be handled by highly trained customer service representatives who are equipped for handling high-pressure situations.

Higher security market clients, such as government agencies, especially need this kind of protection in our modern age of violence and terrorism.

3 Security Measures that Hospitals Need

hospital security monitoring

Hospitals have more to think about than many other facilities when it comes to security. Patients and employees need to be kept safe. Medications and equipment need to be protected from theft. Even personal information needs to be safeguarded in order to meet governmental regulations. Here are 3 security measures every hospital needs.

Properly Placed Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance can go a long way toward protecting people and preventing theft. Here are a few places cameras should be focused:

  • Building entrances and exits
  • Elevators and stairwells
  • Hallways
  • Storage closets/rooms, especially those that house medical equipment or medications
  • Doorways to restricted areas

Authorized Access Control

Hospitals definitely have areas that need to be off-limits to everyone except those who are working there. There are a number of ways to restrict access to certain parts of the building or access to the entrance of the hospital itself.

  • Entryway turnstiles or metal detectors
  • Access cards
  • Biologic identification (fingerprint ID, for example)
  • Facial recognition

These measures can keep out those who are in the system as pill addicts as well as blocking access to storage rooms.

Environmental Monitoring Services

Hospitals often have a large amount of medications on hand that need to be kept under very specific conditions. An environmental sensor can alert the right people to a problem before an expensive batch of medication is lost due to a thermostat issue.

Providing Your Hospital Clients with Much Needed Monitoring

NMC can provide your medical facility clients with the necessary video surveillance monitoring and environmental monitoring that they want in order to protect against loss and provide safety for those in the facility. Call 877-353-3031 to partner up with NMC today.

Commercial Security Services Help Maintain a Green Business

Green Business and Security Monitoring

Security and automation systems can help a business to reach goals in connection with environmentally-friendly practices. This can save money and be a public relations booster for the company. Here are a few ways that security services and monitoring can help to create a green environment in the workplace.

Automation Saves Energy and Reduces Utility Costs

Automating things such as lighting (both inside and outside the business) can significantly reduce utility bills. Being able to control lights, heat and air, and other services remotely can help a business to have less of an environmental footprint—something that is vital in a world where consumers expect businesses to be environmentally conscious but don’t want the bill passed along in product/service costs.

How Environmental Monitoring Can Help Maintain a Green Environment

Environmental monitoring can also help to maintain green practices by alerting a company to problems quickly. For example, if a leak takes place on Friday night after everyone has gone home, flood monitoring can alert the right personnel to fix the problem rather than having everyone show up Monday morning to find several inches of water on site.

Environmental monitoring also reduces waste when it comes to products that need to be maintained at a particular temperature. Any significant fluctuations will result in an alert in time to fix the problem and save the delicate materials. This is especially important for medical and food processing facilities.

NMC is happy to offer the environmental monitoring services that help businesses operate in an eco-friendly manner.

Safety Tips Involving Carbon Monoxide Monitoring


Fire alarms are a common part of home alarm systems, especially those that are monitored to provide a faster response by emergency services. However, the dangers of carbon monoxide to a residence cannot be understated. Over 2,000 people per year are hospitalized due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and there are approximately 430 deaths annually. Here are a few important factors in carbon monoxide monitoring.

Detection Is Vital for All Alarm Systems

The fact that carbon monoxide is invisible makes it extremely deadly. Even a video surveillance system cannot confirm a problem because there is no visible smoke as in the case of a fire. Carbon monoxide monitors need to keep track of levels in the home at all times regardless of whether residents are awake, asleep, or out of the home so that issues can be addressed immediately.

Why Monitoring Is a Necessity

When carbon monoxide sensors are linked to monitoring service, help can be sent quickly. This is important because an alarm may not be able to wake a person when carbon monoxide levels rise rapidly. It is especially important when it comes to elderly ones, children, and others who may be particularly susceptible and unable to escape even after hearing an alarm.

A monitoring service can provide a rapid response by trying to reach the household. If there is no answer, the authorities can be alerted and arrive within minutes to assist those who are trapped inside. It is recommended that households have a carbon monoxide detector in every bedroom of the home.

NMC is proud to offer monitoring services that allow for two-way communication, thereby reducing response times even more and allowing our CSRs to determine the degree of emergency with accuracy and in the timely manner that life-and-death situations require.

Features Home Buyers Are Looking for in a Security System


Whether a first-time home buyer or someone who has recently made a move, the security system is one of the things that gets scrutinized as a part of the purchase. Here are a few things that home buyers are looking for. This makes these items a selling point for new homeowners and those selling a home.

Strategically Located Video Surveillance

While most people don’t want to be in front of a camera every minute of the day, well-placed CCTVs are an essential part of what homeowners are looking for. In particular, they want entryways (including garage doors), windows, and staircases monitored for activity. In the case of new parents, a camera in the baby’s room may provide additional peace of mind.

A Monitored Alarm System

When an alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day by a monitoring service (especially a well-establish service like NMC), homeowners feel more secure. They know that a trained customer service representative is ready to respond to any emergencies that may arise. Monitoring services protect a household against break-in attempts, fire, triggered motion sensors, and certain environmental hazards.

Monitoring of Environmental Hazards

When no one is at home, it is important to be able to get an emergency response to various environmental hazards that threaten to damage property. Hazard monitoring examples would include fire detection, water leak sensors, and temperature sensors. These services can limit damage in case of a fire, water leak, or HVAC unit failure.

NMC is happy to offer monitoring for alarm systems and video surveillance systems as well as some environmental hazards. These services may make a home more appealing to new owners or potential buyers.

The Growing Need for Flood Monitoring Services

Flood Monitoring Services

When it comes to flood monitoring, the primary client isn’t someone who lives in a flood plain. We’re talking about emergency flooding problems that occur inside a home with no warning. For example, a leaky roof may lead to unexpected flooding during a bad storm. If a water heater fails, residential flooding can occur quickly. Plumbing problems or issues with appliances like a clothes or dish washing unit are also major home flooding risks.

The result of an unexpected flood in a home can be a great deal of property damage. The first thing to be damaged is the floor. However, as water levels rise, the walls can begin to be affected and so can many furniture items, even those that have legs lifting them an inch or two off the ground.

How to Minimize Flood Damage Costs for Clients

The more damage caused by a flood, the more inconvenience to the homeowner. It’s not even just about loss. It’s about replacing damaged items and waiting while water damage crews repair the floor, walls, etc. How can flood monitoring help?

Water sensors are generally placed near problem appliances such as a hot water heater. These sensors detect water overflow and send out an alert. The homeowner is contacted so that an immediate response is possible. Therefore, the damage is limited to the extent possible.

Rather than coming home to a few inches of standing water, learning of the issue in real-time can allow a homeowner to respond hours sooner. Contact NMC to discuss the types of environmental monitoring that we offer.


Providing High-Level Protection for Medical Facilities

environmental monitoring for medical facilities

Medical facilities have a lot of valuable equipment that needs to be protected from things such as theft, misuse, and environmental issues. These factors also hold true when it comes to medications that are on hand at such facilities.

This calls for the right kind of security and monitoring to ensure that equipment and medications are protected from every type of danger that they are subject to in the workplace. Various dangers and legal ramifications abound if these security measures are not in place.

Equipment and Medication Need the Right Protection

What are some of the necessary elements of a security system for a medical facility? Here are a few things that can defend against everything from theft to environmental hazards.

  • Motion sensors – These can help protect against theft, especially when image sensors are used to reduce false alarms. This makes it more likely for security measures to remain turned on.
  • Fire prevention – Again, image sensors are a great way to provide protection that results in real-time knowledge of whether a fire has occurred so that responders can be notified immediately.
  • Temperature sensors – Some equipment or medications need to be kept at the right temperatures in order to remain viable. Temperature sensors can allow for an immediate response if readings get into the danger zone. This can preserve assets during what may otherwise become an extremely costly climate control malfunction.

NMC is happy to provide monitoring for all of a medical facility’s needs—from environmental monitoring (including fire and temperature control) to anti-theft monitoring services.

Environmental Monitoring Is What Your Commercial Clients Need


When it comes to selling security and automation to commercial clients, one of the factors that needs to be considered is environmental monitoring. This is a pretty hot topic right now in the business world, and for good reason. When it comes to research and development, pharmaceuticals, food processing companies, and many other industries, environmental monitoring can save a company millions of dollars by preventing loss of product or the production of a product that causes illness.

Why Environmental Monitoring Is Vital to Agriculture

When it comes to food, the temperature at which foods are stored or processed can be the difference between a successful product and a scandal involving sickness. The problem is that a company may not be able to have someone watching the temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rather than going through the humiliation of recalls, environmental monitoring is a way for a company to ensure that the proper conditions are being met at all times.

NMC Environmental Monitoring Services

At NMC, we specialize in monitoring environments such as cooling freezers and other vital environmental settings. When it comes to matters that affect an entire organization’s ability to stay in business, you want to be partnered with a company you can trust to respond quickly to dangerous environmental changes that a business needs to be alerted to right away.

Whether you need temperature monitoring or other commercial environmental factors, NMC is happy to offer our detailed knowledge, reliable services, and live operators who excel at providing the best customer support.

The Importance of Environment Monitoring

security monitoring

Environment monitoring is an aspect of production business that is often overlooked or completely left unconsidered. However, it has tremendous importance in product conservation and cost elimination, especially for businesses that are required to maintain a climate controlled environment. At National Monitoring Center (NMC), we offer reliable and effective environment monitoring systems that will save your clients money and significantly reduce the risk of production failure.


Our applications will monitor spaces as confined as cooling freezers to as open and sensitive as greenhouses. For these types of clients, their main concern is keeping their environments at a controlled climate, including temperature, humidity, and pressure, in order for their products to be preserved or optimized for sale.


Appliances such as freezers or humidifiers are costly investments for the client and are expected to be reliable 100 percent of the time. Unfortunately, they do not always function 100 percent of the time. Events such as power outages, changes in weather, or even human error may cause malfunction of these essential appliances. When these appliances fail, the client’s end product is compromised and often times, entire batches must be scrapped and reproduced to meet certain industry standards. This is undoubtedly a monumental cost to the client as well as a hassle to straighten everything out before production can resume.


Your client should not go without environment monitoring services. With these services, they are immediately alerted of any change or variation in the pre-determined climate settings. Being aware of and acting on malfunctions or errors right when they occur in a climate-controlled setting can eliminate the risk of production failure and greatly reduce the potential end-cost of correcting the malfunction.


An added bonus to having an effective environment monitoring system is utility cost reduction. Your client’s appliances may not be able to detect a leak in the system and will expend more energy trying to keep the environment at the pre-set settings. With a monitoring system, they can be alerted in a timely manner so no energy is wasted trying to bring the system back to the ideal climate. A well-monitored production system from NMC will increase product yield and profitability for your clients.