The Advantage of Cloud Video Storage for Businesses


Many business clients will want to have surveillance cameras, and video footage should both be monitored for security purposes and stored in case it needs to be reviewed. What are the benefits of storing that security footage in the cloud?

  • Secure – Of course, this requires that proper encryption is used and that password strength is strong. However, this is a far more secure way of storing data than on a DVR that can easily be destroyed or stolen.
  • Cost-efficient – While the initial cost of a cloud setup can more expensive than a DVR system, having space on a local hard drive eventually becomes far more expensive than storing data in the cloud.
  • Scalability – Again, going back to issues with local storage amounts, if a company doesn’t want to have to rewrite over footage every few days, using online storage is a far more reasonable solution.
  • Easy Access – You can view stored footage from anywhere rather than having to be in the presence of the DVR physically. That means a business owner can monitor security footage from home (or a homeowner can check on his house from the beach, for that matter).

Monitoring Services and Cloud Storage – A Security One-Two Punch

It’s nice to be able to check on one’s business from home or on vacations, but it is even better to know a trained professional can see what is going on if a fire alarm sounds or a motion sensor goes off when no one should be in the building. NMC would be proud to provide your business clients with additional peace of mind. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to learn more.

Vendor Preparations for Security Consultations

NMC Security Monitoring Vendor Meeting with Potential Security Client

Your business customers will be preparing ahead for their security consultation. That means your company needs to be prepared to ask the right questions and to answer a potential client’s questions in a way that will close the deal. What are a few things you should know?

  • What is the customer’s budget? – This information allows you to provide an acceptable quote while also providing the maximum number of services. Closing a deal is often a matter of determining how to fit the right services into a package deal at the right price.
  • What are the client’s needs? – What features are considered necessities by the customer? Depending on the business type, you may have a list of features to upsell that your client may not even know they need yet.
  • What can you offer? – Does your company even offer all of the services that your client needs? For example, many businesses need environmental monitoring. Also, monitored surveillance and alarms (motion sensors, fire alarms, etc.) may be major factors for a company.

Have the Security Monitoring Experts in Your Corner

NMC is the reliable monitoring service you can trust to provide your commercial clients with up to the moment services that smart businesses want. Call 877-353-3031 to have the premier 3rd party monitoring company backing you up.

Providing Proper Security Measures for Public Parks

public park security monitoring

Small towns and cities with public park areas are a great place to go to find clients who may not have any security measures in place yet. The fact is that safety in public parks is a big topic in small towns, especially the first time an incident occurs. Here are a few offerings parks should be happy to have.

Smart Lighting Options

Lights are an important part of park safety, especially if the park is not gated and closed after dark. Even if it is, lights can discourage perpetrators from entering the property illegally at night to conduct shady business dealings. Lights should focus on parking areas, walkways, and areas near pedestrian traffic where someone could lie in wait, such as large shrubs or any buildings on the property. Smart lighting allows lights to turn on at night and off in the morning without the need for a staff member on hand.

Restricted Access

Certain parts of any park are going to be off-limits at times, even if the park itself is open 24 hours. Using keycards to access storage areas, pools, bathroom, or gated areas that are closed to the public at certain times can help to limit unauthorized access.

Monitored Surveillance Cameras

This is the most needed park security measure that most public parks are lacking. Video surveillance can provide additional safety in parking lots, on walking trails, and during the evening hours. Having the footage monitored allows for a faster response in case an emergency arises.

The National Monitoring Service Your Clients Need

NMC is happy to provide all of the monitoring services your residential and business clients need. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to get started.

Protecting a Retail Store Against Theft During the Holidays

retail store shoplifter security monitoring

Retail stores are never busier than between Thanksgiving and Christmas. How are you helping your retail clients protect themselves from theft during the holidays? Here are a few tips to help retail clients implement the best security features.

Protecting Retailers from Shoplifters

  • Surveillance Cameras – Cameras should not only watch entryways and registers. Directing cameras toward high-value items that are common targets for theft can be both a deterrent and a way to catch shoplifters in the act.
  • Video Monitoring –  A monitoring service doesn’t need to pay attention to actual customers and so won’t be distracted by someone asking a question while another person in the store is slipping merchandise into his or her pocket.
  • Restrict Product Access – Expensive items that can be easily stolen should be locked up or protected with a tamperproof security tag.

Eliminating Shrinkage

  • Background Checks – Stores often hire on a number of extra workers during the holidays. These employees should be properly vetted.
  • Security Monitoring – While employees may be reluctant to rat one another out, a monitoring service’s only job is to protect the client. As a result, employee theft doesn’t go unnoticed or unreported.

NMC Security Monitoring Protects Your Clients

If you have retail clients but do not yet offer monitoring services, NMC will be happy to help you enter a new and vital part of the security market. Cal our sales department at 877-353-3031 to learn more about how teaming up with our security monitoring services can help to grow your business.

3 Ways Outdated Security Puts a Business at Risk

outdated business security system

When it comes to selling security services in the commercial sector, you may find that many businesses claim to be “happy with the system we already have.” There’s just one problem. If that system is more than a few years old, it is probably sorely in need of updating and putting the business at risk. Here are 3 issues with outdated business security systems.

1. The Security System Is Not Supported

Manufacturers will only provide support for security systems they still produce or at least recently produced. As a result, the business will not be able to get replacement parts as easily and will have no technical support available if an issue arises.

2. Outdated Security Doesn’t Meet Present Needs

The needs of the business may have advanced beyond what the security system can offer. For example, some older surveillance systems may not allow for security monitoring. Instead, tapes need to reviewed after the fact. Also, a system may be equipped with surveillance but not offer any kind of limited building access that is now a necessary safety feature for many businesses that want to restrict who can enter the building or even certain rooms therein.

3. Older Systems Don’t Perform as Well

The longer a security system has been in place, the more likely it is not to perform when it is needed the most. For example, while modern digitally backed up footage has a high success rate, there’s no way to know if magnetic tape is even still good until someone sticks the tape in a player to watch back a surveillance video.

Keeping Commercial Clients Ahead of Criminals

NMC’s security monitoring services can help your business clients to stay ahead of criminals. Encourage commercial customers to upgrade to modern systems that provide rapid response to emergency situations during both business hours and off hours.

Commercial Security Services Help Maintain a Green Business

Green Business and Security Monitoring

Security and automation systems can help a business to reach goals in connection with environmentally-friendly practices. This can save money and be a public relations booster for the company. Here are a few ways that security services and monitoring can help to create a green environment in the workplace.

Automation Saves Energy and Reduces Utility Costs

Automating things such as lighting (both inside and outside the business) can significantly reduce utility bills. Being able to control lights, heat and air, and other services remotely can help a business to have less of an environmental footprint—something that is vital in a world where consumers expect businesses to be environmentally conscious but don’t want the bill passed along in product/service costs.

How Environmental Monitoring Can Help Maintain a Green Environment

Environmental monitoring can also help to maintain green practices by alerting a company to problems quickly. For example, if a leak takes place on Friday night after everyone has gone home, flood monitoring can alert the right personnel to fix the problem rather than having everyone show up Monday morning to find several inches of water on site.

Environmental monitoring also reduces waste when it comes to products that need to be maintained at a particular temperature. Any significant fluctuations will result in an alert in time to fix the problem and save the delicate materials. This is especially important for medical and food processing facilities.

NMC is happy to offer the environmental monitoring services that help businesses operate in an eco-friendly manner.

Why You Should Outsource Your Security Monitoring

third party security monitoring nmc

You may have noticed the trend for vendors who provide security to outsource security monitoring services to third party companies like NMC. How can your security company benefit from making such a move? Here are two ways.

Offer New Services

The fact is that your security company may not be set up to offer all of the monitoring services that a third-party does. Since monitoring is the entire focus of NMC, we offer everything from video surveillance monitoring to two-way voice options and environmental monitoring. If your company was not offering these services before, you suddenly open your business up to a whole new realm of potential clients who want the services you couldn’t offer before.

Focus on New Technology

Once you have outsourced security monitoring, it frees up your company to focus on what you do best—innovate security services. Whether it is focusing on providing mobile options for clients or adding biometric functions, you can stay up-to-date with the latest technology knowing that you don’t have to spend limited resources on providing monitoring services for existing customers. It can allow your business to expand beyond what you had previous thought possible.

NMC Provides Monitoring Services to Help Your Security Firm Grow

Whether you want to expand the services you offer to clients or switch your focus back to the rapidly expanding technology of security, NMC is happy to help our clients take their business to the next level. When you are ready to expand your security firm’s reach, contact NMC to learn more about our top-quality monitoring services.

Key Reasons a Commercial Security System Should Be Professionally Installed

professionally installed security nmc

Small business owners can get the idea that installing a security system is easy. They may slap an IP camera pointing at the door, another at the register, and download an app to monitor everything. Now they think the store is completely secure. Here are a few talking points when it comes to helping small businesses see the importance of a professionally installed security system.

Professionally Selected Equipment

A vendor is in a much better position than a small business owner to evaluate security needs and select the appropriate equipment so that those needs are met fully. Sometimes a business owner may not even really understand how to use the features of a camera that was purchased online or what the app that runs camera does. As a result, the system may not do everything that is needed. Your company is in a better position to provide all of the right tech to keep a small business secure.

Positioning of Equipment

When it comes to sensors and cameras, the technology is only as good as its placement. Otherwise, an observant criminal can skirt around the security measures with ease and make off with a big score. Security professionals know what works and what doesn’t. That means cameras point where they need to point, and sensors get placed where they will detect illegal activities. It helps to minimize how much equipment a company needs to be well protected and also boosts the benefits of that equipment.

Installation, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Incorrectly installed equipment can easily fail when a business needs it most. And professionally maintained equipment is sure to be tested on the right schedule. Plus, monitored security means the boss doesn’t have to be glued to a grainy image on a smartphone 24/7.

How Proper Lighting Enhances Evening Business Security

Lighting and Monitored Surveillance

If a business wants to keep away late-night loiterers and cut back on the risk of vandalism or break-in, lighting is one of the best weapons in a security company’s arsenal. The fact is that criminals like to act under cover of darkness. That makes properly placed lighting an important counterpart to a commercial security system.

Types of Outdoor Lighting for Businesses

There are many ways to illuminate dark parts of a company’s property. Of course, local laws may regulate the brightness of lights or even how they are directed. Here are a few types of lighting companies need to be aware of:

  • Step lights – Individual lights for each step are also a protection against personal injury suits.
  • Lampposts – The perfect lighting tool for parking lots and walkways.
  • Outdoor wall and ceiling lights – Lighting attached to the sides of a building or the ceiling in a covered lot help keep the building itself well lit.
  • Flood lights – These are great for covering a large area, but they can upset neighbors if a business is in a tight area and they are not directed properly.

Location of Lights Is Vital

The placement of lights will accomplish specific security goals. For example,

  • Lights in dark corners of a parking lot – These will limit after hours activities
  • Entrances and ground floor windows – This helps to protect against break-in and theft
  • Walkways – This protects workers leaving after dark (or customers if the business is open late)
  • Near potential hiding places – For example, lights should cover bushes or tall grass where someone may otherwise be able to lie in wait.

Lighting and Monitored Surveillance Go Hand in Hand

When the outside of a business is well lit, surveillance cameras can get a better view of what is happening. This allows a monitoring service to respond quickly and accurately in an emergency.

NMC’s customer service representatives appreciate when well-lit commercial properties provide the opportunity to tell the difference between a shady character hanging around the property and an employee who came to the office late to get a little extra work done.

2 Vital Factors in Maintaining Security at a Retail Business

retail business security

Each year, about 27 million people shoplift in the US. That’s a pretty staggering figure and it has led to greater security in the retail sector. We’re about to consider two factors that can greatly increase security for a retail company and limit shrinkage either due to employee stealing or customer theft.

Threat Analysis to Identify Weak Points in Security

This is something that most retail businesses must do on their own. However, assisting a business to recognize weak points in security can lead to a bigger sales opportunity for a security vendor. Here are a few things you can point out to a prospective commercial client:

  • Neighborhood demographics – If theft per capita is high in the city where a retail store is set up, it becomes more financially responsible to spend a little extra on security.
  • Entry points – This may involve both the front entrance to a store as well as a separate employee entrance if internal theft is supposed.
  • Value of cash/inventory on hand – The more there is to steal, the more likely target a retail business becomes.
  • Store setup – Sometimes the layout of a store makes it tough for staff to observe customers. A few small adjustments may make it more difficult for a thief to get away with it.

Monitored Video Security Services

Video surveillance, especially if employees and customers know they are on camera, can be a major theft deterrent. That alone often makes a surveillance system worth the cost to a retail store. It is important for video security to focus on entry points and exits as well as cash registers and any area where high-value items are located.

Video surveillance can prove instrumental in reducing theft as well as in obtaining a quick response to an emergency. For example, a monitoring service can quickly respond to a distress call when video surveillance shows a theft or hold up in progress. This reduces the risk of false alarms and ensures a faster response from local emergency services.

NMC provides video monitoring that can help put your retail store clients at ease, knowing that a trained CSR is there to help in case of an emergency.