Vendor Preparations for Security Consultations

NMC Security Monitoring Vendor Meeting with Potential Security Client

Your business customers will be preparing ahead for their security consultation. That means your company needs to be prepared to ask the right questions and to answer a potential client’s questions in a way that will close the deal. What are a few things you should know?

  • What is the customer’s budget? – This information allows you to provide an acceptable quote while also providing the maximum number of services. Closing a deal is often a matter of determining how to fit the right services into a package deal at the right price.
  • What are the client’s needs? – What features are considered necessities by the customer? Depending on the business type, you may have a list of features to upsell that your client may not even know they need yet.
  • What can you offer? – Does your company even offer all of the services that your client needs? For example, many businesses need environmental monitoring. Also, monitored surveillance and alarms (motion sensors, fire alarms, etc.) may be major factors for a company.

Have the Security Monitoring Experts in Your Corner

NMC is the reliable monitoring service you can trust to provide your commercial clients with up to the moment services that smart businesses want. Call 877-353-3031 to have the premier 3rd party monitoring company backing you up.

3 Ways Outdated Security Puts a Business at Risk

outdated business security system

When it comes to selling security services in the commercial sector, you may find that many businesses claim to be “happy with the system we already have.” There’s just one problem. If that system is more than a few years old, it is probably sorely in need of updating and putting the business at risk. Here are 3 issues with outdated business security systems.

1. The Security System Is Not Supported

Manufacturers will only provide support for security systems they still produce or at least recently produced. As a result, the business will not be able to get replacement parts as easily and will have no technical support available if an issue arises.

2. Outdated Security Doesn’t Meet Present Needs

The needs of the business may have advanced beyond what the security system can offer. For example, some older surveillance systems may not allow for security monitoring. Instead, tapes need to reviewed after the fact. Also, a system may be equipped with surveillance but not offer any kind of limited building access that is now a necessary safety feature for many businesses that want to restrict who can enter the building or even certain rooms therein.

3. Older Systems Don’t Perform as Well

The longer a security system has been in place, the more likely it is not to perform when it is needed the most. For example, while modern digitally backed up footage has a high success rate, there’s no way to know if magnetic tape is even still good until someone sticks the tape in a player to watch back a surveillance video.

Keeping Commercial Clients Ahead of Criminals

NMC’s security monitoring services can help your business clients to stay ahead of criminals. Encourage commercial customers to upgrade to modern systems that provide rapid response to emergency situations during both business hours and off hours.

The Rapidly Growing Residential Security Market

growing residential security market

Last week a report was released by Technavio projecting the growth of the security market in North America. Estimates are that the $12.5 billion residential market will surge to more than $15 billion by 2020. The United States already makes up nearly half of the global residential security market.

Why Residential Security Is on the Rise

One factor that is driving growth is the desire for greater security in residential buildings. This includes security for the building as a whole as well as individual systems for each apartment. One feature in particular that is sought after by residential buildings is cameras that can be viewed from individual apartments allowing residents to observe patrolling guards. Seeing the security staff at work provides peace of mind for many residents.

Primary Concerns with Residential Security

The main issue being faced by the residential security industry, according to the report, is the ability of hackers to hijack a smart home. As a result, some vendors are encouraging monthly password changes for clients. However, home security systems have many measures in place to help prevent this type of scenario, and this has set many clients at ease.

Choose NMC as the Security Monitoring Service for Your Residential Clients

We hope you get your share of the growing residential market. NMC can help you to secure clients by providing the monitoring service that gives you an edge over your competition. Call 877-353-3031 today to learn more about the services we provide such as two-way voice options and text notifications.

Help Business Startups Assess Risks and Develop a Security Strategy

startup risk assessment

Startups generally start small, maybe even just one person working from a home office. But security is still important in many ways. Don’t let the size of a company stop you from picking up a new commercial client. Startups can grow quickly and become a major client in the years ahead. Start by developing a scalable security solution and building trust.

Assessing the Security Needs of a Startup

For a small business, security is all about recognizing potential threats. Here are a few things to consider:

  • What kind of risks can a company handle? If a break-in results in a stolen laptop, is that the end of the business? The easier it would be for criminal activity to disrupt a business, the more important security becomes.
  • What are the company’s most important assets? Would it be something physical in an office or perhaps data stored in the cloud? This helps to determine whether the focus should be primarily on an alarm/surveillance system or in cybersecurity. Most businesses need a mix of the two.
  • From what source are the greatest threats to digital security? If the primary threat is from hackers, the focus should be on employee training and digital security. If the greatest threat is from an unauthorized person accessing files in the office, the focus needs to be on restricting physical access to computers or mobile devices that contain the sensitive data.
  • Do company assets require a particular environment such as the right temperature range? This would involve environmental monitoring services.

Meeting the Security Needs of a Startup

NMC offers a wide range of residential, commercial, and environmental monitoring services so that your clients can develop a security strategy that meets their startup’s needs.

Marketing Security Monitoring Services to Your Client

Marketing Security Monitoring Services

Marketing Security Monitoring Services

One question that our clients often ask at the beginning is the best way to market the service that we provide, and that makes sense. After all, no one knows our product as well as we do. For this very reason, NMC is happy to support our clients as you strive to explain the benefits of our vital services to your customers.

Marketing Materials Available to You

NMC can provide you with flyers and brochures to distribute to your clients. These marketing materials are customizable to ensure that your end user receives the exact information they need to make the right choice and go with your services.

Also, because we know our services the best, we also know how to sell them to your clients. To that end, we offer onsite support and training so that your team knows our product well enough to explain it as a part of your home or commercial security offerings.

Seeing Is Believing

Of course, it is one thing to tell your clients that your company uses the most state-of-the-art monitoring centers. It’s is another thing for your client to see that monitoring center in person. For that reason, we are happy to set up a tour of one of our centers in California or Texas for your client. It is our pleasure to help you close the deal in any way we can.

Selling the Smarthome

Smarthome Secutity

The line between a home security feature and a smarthome feature has become barely distinguishable. The wifi thermostat, for example, offers benefits both as a home security monitor (rapid increase in temperature) and as a smarthome feature (turning on the heater while driving home from work).


For some clients, your sales team should focus on the exciting bells and whistles that come with owning a smarthome system. For those clients, home security is not as important as the cache of having lights they can turn on and off with their cell phone. Convenience takes presidence over security.


Other clients will want to understand how these features will make them more secure. These clients may not immediately understand that turning on lights at random times will reduce the likelihood of burglary. Clients that are focused on the logical reasons behind a security system might not be able to see inside the criminal mind without the help of your sales team.


So how do you tell these two kinds of clients apart? Good, consultative sales.


Your sales team needs to be ready and willing to make a change in their sales approach based on the answers that the clients give. With open-ended questions and a willingness to listen, your sales team will be able to deliver an effective, customized presentation to every potential client.


Incident Management

Security Incident Management

Frequently, in the days following a problem, clients let their guard down, assuming a second incident would be impossible. Unfortunately, that’s not true. At NMC, we doubledown on our efforts to ensure your clients are not victimized twice.


With criminal acts, a small incident can be a part of a larger plan. For example, a simple act of breaking a window disrupts the daily routines and patterns for your client. Insurance claim adjusters, contractors, and regional management professionals show up on the scene to inspect the damage and assess the problem. With so many strangers coming and going, the staff on site quickly become accustomed to unusual circumstances — therefore leaving a window of opportunity for an even greater security breach.


Some criminals are quick to respond during natural disasters or other random events. Businesses that have broken windows due to hail, wind, or an out-of-control vehicle are susceptible to looting by a observant criminal. Once the status-quo is broken and repairs are incomplete, response times are often slower because everyone assumes the problem is a false alarm. With an effective monitoring company like NMC, unfortunate problems don’t lead to criminal acts.


Your clients deserve a monitoring company that will remain vigilant during the uncertain aftermath of a security breach. Plus, they need a monitoring service that can work seamlessly with your staff, local authorities, and the business professionals to make your services seem all the more valuable and relevant.

Vacant and Vacation Home Security

Vacation Home Security

If your clients have more than one home, they are likely facing the uncertainty that comes with having a vacant home or a vacation home. National Monitoring Center (NMC) can provide your sales team with some effective selling tools that will allow you to penetrate this lucrative add-on for new and existing customers.


Vacant and vacation homes are susceptible to vandals and squatters. And homes that sat quietly in a wooded area a decade ago are now sitting on land that is being encroached upon by a growing population. Keeping these homes secure has historically been difficult. However, thanks to ever-advancing technology, security firms can add security features that will greatly diminish the chances of a break in.


While many summer homes don’t maintain running water in the winter, many are able to keep the electricity and phone lines active. So for the minimal cost of an active plug and an active phone line, these homes can maintain many of the same features that a city home enjoys. The major drawback, of course, is the lack of available personnel to make a visit in the far reaches of the woods in the case of a security breach.


Luckily, many basic security features don’t require your clients to have anything more than power. Of course motion detection can initiate several lights on the outside of the home. But those same motion detectors can also turn on video surveillance that streams live to a TV facing outward. Therefore, anyone who approaches the house knows that their actions are being recorded. With a phone line, the system can automatically send photos or short video clips. And when NMC works in conjunction with the local police, the summer-home owners become significantly less likely to become victims.


One important note – if the owners frequently rent out the summer home, they need to let anyone renting the home know about any video feeds for activities inside the house. Violating privacy is a serious offense that can come about through simple negligence.


The best part about securing a second home is the natural referral business that arises. Most people who own a second home will know others who also own second homes. In addition, if the summer home is within your territory, then you can leverage one homeowner to find summer home neighbors with the same security concerns.

Major Business Trend Affects the Security Industry

Business Security Trend

A decade ago, companies were expanding into new territories. Insurance companies began to offer banking services. Starbucks produced a movie. Coke was creating a line of clothing. Today, however, most businesses have retreated back into their core competencies, and they are outsourcing anything that fall outside of the comfort zone. Security is such a specialized service that companies are no longer trying to build an internal security team. And if they have done so, the results were likely less than ideal.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) can provide you with the guidelines you need to generate additional sales in the commercial sector. To start, we can direct you towards the kinds of companies that are seeking external security. We serve as the monitoring agency for thousands of businesses across the US. We know which businesses want which services the most.


Use your own core competencies as well. If you have even just one restaurant or coffee shop as a client, then market yourself as an expert in that niche. Look for local associations where you can speak. Offer some simple steps towards increasing security within that sector.


Some small businesses will want to add security as the responsibility for an existing staff member. As you know, this often leads to data loss, financial loss, and physical breaches. Reach out to the local small business associations and create a presentation about the best ways that a small business can easily improve security; sometimes the best way to sell your services is to offer a bite of what the companies need.


Like human resources, security is a specialized skill that can no longer be fulfilled from within. Cash handling, data security, and perimeter surveillance are necessary for businesses of every size. Show them a bit of what’s at risk and you will gain their trust for security services.

Commercial Clients at Risk

Data Security

Health care fraud has always been a huge problem. A security breach can mean stolen data – data that is then translated into fraudulent claims. And now that more Americans have health insurance than ever before, avoiding security breaches should be a top priority for every health care provider. If your sales team is looking for an opportunity in the commercial sector, look no further than the doctors’ offices around you. Contact National Monitoring Center (NMC) for additional information about the key selling points that will help drive sales in one of the most promising niches for 2016.


Small medical practices have been, until now, at a lower risk for being the target of a hack. Generally, there wasn’t a huge amount of usable data. However, as the large medical providers have built more secure systems, the smaller, more vulnerable practices have moved into the center of the target.


Simultaneously, more and more patients are gaining access to affordable health insurance. Claims are increasing, so access to personal information can have a huge value on the data black market. Insurers are swamped with claims and patients are reviewing the medical summaries that come in the mail. The circumstance is ripe for fraud.


The small, medical practice is likely to be far more concerned about breaches in HIPAA rules than data breaches by hackers. To you benefit, HIPAA has trained those professional to think about security; your sales team can skip the basics with these security-minded, medical professionals. In short, awareness becomes a key selling point — how many medical offices are hacked on a regular basis and what liability does the practice carry?


If you aren’t experts in data security, team up with a cyber-security firm to get and give business referrals. Medical practices need physical and virtual security. Ask NMC to help you gain access to that market.