The Advantage of Cloud Video Storage for Businesses


Many business clients will want to have surveillance cameras, and video footage should both be monitored for security purposes and stored in case it needs to be reviewed. What are the benefits of storing that security footage in the cloud?

  • Secure – Of course, this requires that proper encryption is used and that password strength is strong. However, this is a far more secure way of storing data than on a DVR that can easily be destroyed or stolen.
  • Cost-efficient – While the initial cost of a cloud setup can more expensive than a DVR system, having space on a local hard drive eventually becomes far more expensive than storing data in the cloud.
  • Scalability – Again, going back to issues with local storage amounts, if a company doesn’t want to have to rewrite over footage every few days, using online storage is a far more reasonable solution.
  • Easy Access – You can view stored footage from anywhere rather than having to be in the presence of the DVR physically. That means a business owner can monitor security footage from home (or a homeowner can check on his house from the beach, for that matter).

Monitoring Services and Cloud Storage – A Security One-Two Punch

It’s nice to be able to check on one’s business from home or on vacations, but it is even better to know a trained professional can see what is going on if a fire alarm sounds or a motion sensor goes off when no one should be in the building. NMC would be proud to provide your business clients with additional peace of mind. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to learn more.

Protecting a Residential Client’s Wi-Fi


Security vendors face a major concern when it comes to residential customers. Here’s the issue. Most of the home’s security system is linked to a wi-fi network. This includes everything from surveillance cameras to smart devices.

On the one hand, it’s a huge step forward. Gone are the days of a criminal cutting a phone line and stopping an alarm signal from going out. On the other hand, hackers can gain control over a home by finding the weakest point. That weak point is often the homeowner’s wi-fi password.

Alerting Clients to the Dangers

The most important thing here is education. When a homeowner understands the importance of a stronger password than 123456 or password (and the many other varieties of easy to guess passwords), hackers have to work a little harder.

The other side of things is alerting homeowners to the signs that a network has been hacked. For example, when unknown devices are connected to a router or the network is running abnormally sluggish, it could mean the problem is an intruder. That means it is time for a new password.

Modern Monitoring and the Wi-Fi Network

When a home security system is monitored, it becomes far more difficult for criminals to get away with anything, even if they have the technical knowledge to hack a network. This makes security monitoring an important part in modern residential security.

NMC wants to help you protect your clients by offering the most state-of-the-art monitoring services available. Call 877-353-3031 to get started.

2017 ESX to Take Place in Nashville


The Electronic Security Expo is a place where security vendors can meet and experience educational programming, and this year’s 10th-anniversary event is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Will your firm be among those attending? Here’s what you need to know.

The event will be taking place at the Music City Center on 5th Avenue in downtown Nashville. This year, the 5-day event will span Monday through Friday. The dates are June 12-16, 2017.

You’ll want to pay special attention to the educational track scheduled for Wednesday morning from 10 – 11:15 am entitled “Maximize Your Monitoring Center.” The fact is that monitoring services are rapidly expanding and technology is constantly changing. It is virtually impossible for most security vendors to keep up. But third party monitoring services are 100% focused on this specific aspect of security. That makes this a key place to outsource. The event promises to discuss outsourcing considerations, the effect on your customers, and how to choose the right partner.

NMC—The Third-Party Monitoring Service You Can Trust

At NMC, security monitoring is all we do. From residential monitoring to commercial security, fire, and environmental monitoring and everything in between, our customer service representatives are trained to be an elite group of responders for your customers.

We’re sure the 2017 ESX is going to be a great event, but you shouldn’t wait until June to think about the benefits of outsourcing monitoring services. Talk to our sales team by calling 877-353-3031 today, and find out what partnering up with NMC can do to build your company and provide your customers with the best service in the business.

The Importance of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) for Seniors

Personal Emergency Response Systems for Seniors PERS NMC Security Monitoring

Approximately 1 out of every 8 Americans is a senior over the age of 65. That number is predicted to climb to nearly 1 in 5 by the year 2030 as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. When you combine these facts with the statistic that 1 in 3 seniors over the age of 65 has a fall each year, the need for personal emergency response systems becomes clear.

A Growing Demographic—Independent Seniors

As the number of independent seniors continues to increase, pairing PERS with other home security measures will create a growing target audience. The children of this aging generation are raising kids of their own and often cannot afford to care for parents in-home. PERS gives a person in this situation a feeling of security, knowing that an aging parent can always call out to a monitoring service and receive immediate attention.

Why a Monitoring Service Is Vital

In the past, PERS meant pushing a button and then waiting for help. A CSR would call emergency contacts and then send EMS. Emergency responders would walk into a situation without knowing what was going on.

Today, medical monitoring should always include a two-voice voice solution. This allows a fallen senior to speak directly with the CSR, so that emergency contacts and EMS can be contacted quickly, false alarms are minimized, and the situation can be immediately evaluated.

NMC is proud to offer medical monitoring services that your home security clients need as they or their parents reach age 65 and beyond. For more information, call 877-353-3031.

Vendor Preparations for Security Consultations

NMC Security Monitoring Vendor Meeting with Potential Security Client

Your business customers will be preparing ahead for their security consultation. That means your company needs to be prepared to ask the right questions and to answer a potential client’s questions in a way that will close the deal. What are a few things you should know?

  • What is the customer’s budget? – This information allows you to provide an acceptable quote while also providing the maximum number of services. Closing a deal is often a matter of determining how to fit the right services into a package deal at the right price.
  • What are the client’s needs? – What features are considered necessities by the customer? Depending on the business type, you may have a list of features to upsell that your client may not even know they need yet.
  • What can you offer? – Does your company even offer all of the services that your client needs? For example, many businesses need environmental monitoring. Also, monitored surveillance and alarms (motion sensors, fire alarms, etc.) may be major factors for a company.

Have the Security Monitoring Experts in Your Corner

NMC is the reliable monitoring service you can trust to provide your commercial clients with up to the moment services that smart businesses want. Call 877-353-3031 to have the premier 3rd party monitoring company backing you up.

Proper Video Surveillance to Meet Courtroom Needs

nmc courtroom security monitoring

Courthouses are in need of proper security measures. These government buildings, if not properly protected, can be subject to all sorts of crimes ranging from vandalism to violent acts by those who are unhappy with the justice system. How can courthouses protect themselves?

Courthouse Security Needs

Consider the following benefits of monitored surveillance in a courthouse:

  • A deterrent to criminal activity on the property
  • Maximizes speed of response in an emergency
  • Provides visual evidence to prosecute criminals who commit offenses on courthouse property

Along with video surveillance, other security measures that restrict access to the building and certain locations therein are also highly recommended.

Regulations That Apply to Courtroom Security

State and federal law along with other more specific circumstances will dictate where cameras can be placed and what proceedings may not be able to be recorded or monitored. Video cameras, for example, cannot be located in private areas like bathrooms or rooms designated for confidential conversations between clients and attorneys.

Best Courthouse Security Practices

Be sure to place cameras where the entire courtroom will be visible. Often this is at the back of the courtroom. Equipment should be professionally installed, and footage should be adequately protected to prevent hackers from gaining access to the recordings. Monitoring services should be handled by highly trained customer service representatives who are equipped for handling high-pressure situations.

Higher security market clients, such as government agencies, especially need this kind of protection in our modern age of violence and terrorism.

Providing Security Services for Religious Buildings

religious facilities need security monitoring

Religious buildings are under continued attack and have been the target of shootings, theft, break-ins, and threats in recent years. Whether it is a church, a mosque, a temple, or another facility used for religious worship, leaders need to think about protecting parishioners as well as the house of worship itself. Here is a list of ways monitored security services can help.

How Monitored Security Provides Religious Buildings with Needed Assistance

Surveillance cameras that are monitored can be of assistance with everything from theft to vandalism. Consider the following applications:

  • Theft – Surveillance not only acts as a deterrent, but it can also allow a monitoring company to get in touch with local authorities should a sensor be tripped while no one is present. Having eyes inside the facility reduces the likelihood of a false alarm and speeds up response time.
  • Vandalism – One thing that religious facilities are subject to is vandalism from persecutors. While the facility may have insurance, that means deductibles and increased premiums. Catching the vandal in the act is an important part of the facility seeking an alternate means of compensation.
  • Fire – Should a fire occur, especially while no one is present, complete loss could result. Fire sensors with monitored video surveillance can eliminate the risk of false alarms while creating rapid response from the local fire department should a fire occur.
  • Safety – Should a violent person threaten the safety of those in a religious facility, a monitored surveillance system could result in authorities arriving in time to prevent anyone from experiencing harm.

Customer Service Reps Trained to Meet Client Needs

NMC is proud to have highly trained customer service representatives who can help you clients should any of the circumstances noted above arise. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to team up with NMC, the security monitoring service your clients can rely on when they need it the most.

Key Reasons a Commercial Security System Should Be Professionally Installed

professionally installed security nmc

Small business owners can get the idea that installing a security system is easy. They may slap an IP camera pointing at the door, another at the register, and download an app to monitor everything. Now they think the store is completely secure. Here are a few talking points when it comes to helping small businesses see the importance of a professionally installed security system.

Professionally Selected Equipment

A vendor is in a much better position than a small business owner to evaluate security needs and select the appropriate equipment so that those needs are met fully. Sometimes a business owner may not even really understand how to use the features of a camera that was purchased online or what the app that runs camera does. As a result, the system may not do everything that is needed. Your company is in a better position to provide all of the right tech to keep a small business secure.

Positioning of Equipment

When it comes to sensors and cameras, the technology is only as good as its placement. Otherwise, an observant criminal can skirt around the security measures with ease and make off with a big score. Security professionals know what works and what doesn’t. That means cameras point where they need to point, and sensors get placed where they will detect illegal activities. It helps to minimize how much equipment a company needs to be well protected and also boosts the benefits of that equipment.

Installation, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Incorrectly installed equipment can easily fail when a business needs it most. And professionally maintained equipment is sure to be tested on the right schedule. Plus, monitored security means the boss doesn’t have to be glued to a grainy image on a smartphone 24/7.

The Rapidly Growing Residential Security Market

growing residential security market

Last week a report was released by Technavio projecting the growth of the security market in North America. Estimates are that the $12.5 billion residential market will surge to more than $15 billion by 2020. The United States already makes up nearly half of the global residential security market.

Why Residential Security Is on the Rise

One factor that is driving growth is the desire for greater security in residential buildings. This includes security for the building as a whole as well as individual systems for each apartment. One feature in particular that is sought after by residential buildings is cameras that can be viewed from individual apartments allowing residents to observe patrolling guards. Seeing the security staff at work provides peace of mind for many residents.

Primary Concerns with Residential Security

The main issue being faced by the residential security industry, according to the report, is the ability of hackers to hijack a smart home. As a result, some vendors are encouraging monthly password changes for clients. However, home security systems have many measures in place to help prevent this type of scenario, and this has set many clients at ease.

Choose NMC as the Security Monitoring Service for Your Residential Clients

We hope you get your share of the growing residential market. NMC can help you to secure clients by providing the monitoring service that gives you an edge over your competition. Call 877-353-3031 today to learn more about the services we provide such as two-way voice options and text notifications.

2 Vital Factors in Maintaining Security at a Retail Business

retail business security

Each year, about 27 million people shoplift in the US. That’s a pretty staggering figure and it has led to greater security in the retail sector. We’re about to consider two factors that can greatly increase security for a retail company and limit shrinkage either due to employee stealing or customer theft.

Threat Analysis to Identify Weak Points in Security

This is something that most retail businesses must do on their own. However, assisting a business to recognize weak points in security can lead to a bigger sales opportunity for a security vendor. Here are a few things you can point out to a prospective commercial client:

  • Neighborhood demographics – If theft per capita is high in the city where a retail store is set up, it becomes more financially responsible to spend a little extra on security.
  • Entry points – This may involve both the front entrance to a store as well as a separate employee entrance if internal theft is supposed.
  • Value of cash/inventory on hand – The more there is to steal, the more likely target a retail business becomes.
  • Store setup – Sometimes the layout of a store makes it tough for staff to observe customers. A few small adjustments may make it more difficult for a thief to get away with it.

Monitored Video Security Services

Video surveillance, especially if employees and customers know they are on camera, can be a major theft deterrent. That alone often makes a surveillance system worth the cost to a retail store. It is important for video security to focus on entry points and exits as well as cash registers and any area where high-value items are located.

Video surveillance can prove instrumental in reducing theft as well as in obtaining a quick response to an emergency. For example, a monitoring service can quickly respond to a distress call when video surveillance shows a theft or hold up in progress. This reduces the risk of false alarms and ensures a faster response from local emergency services.

NMC provides video monitoring that can help put your retail store clients at ease, knowing that a trained CSR is there to help in case of an emergency.