CES 2017 Shows Off Emerging Security Technologies

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The technology involved in security, and especially in security monitoring, is truly exciting. This year’s CES really highlight the leaps and bounds by which the tech is expanding. Smart homes are the biggest trend in security, and the number of new gadgets and gizmos revealed at CES show that manufacturers of security products know it.

The Smart Home of the Future

Is the smart home of the future going to be run by a personal digital assistant? It will if Vivint Sky, a home automation artificial intelligence service has anything to say about it. Several partnerships were already announced with brands such as Airbnb that show the immediate demand for such a service.

Announcements involving new services from ADT revealed something else that is on the mind of the average consumer, and that’s security monitoring. Your residential clients are going to expect comparable monitoring services. Are you equipped to offer them?

Outsourcing of Security Monitoring Services—Another 2017 Trend

At NMC, we are confident that the outsourcing of security monitoring will continue as a trend in the industry for 2017. The fact is that third-party services like NMC are in the best position to be up-to-date with technology and training.

We take that responsibility very seriously at NMC. Not only are our CSRs provided with rigorous training when hired, but they also receive regular training updates. We really meant it when we say our CSRs are the best in the business. We think your residential and commercial clients will agree if they ever experience an emergency. Call 877-353-3031 and join forces with NMC today!

4 Things Consumers Want in Home Security

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It is becoming a must for homes to have some form of security system. For reluctant residential clients, the following 4 selling points are among the most important.

  • Cheaper Homeowners Insurance – Most insurance companies will provide a discount to homeowners with security measures in place. When a homeowner realizes some of the monthly security costs will come back in insurance savings, a new client becomes more likely.
  • Protection Against Break-Ins – One of the primary reasons a homeowner wants a security system is for protection from burglars. A monitored system can improve response times and helps to ensure that the bad guys don’t get away with any valuables.
  • Fire Monitoring – When fire/smoke detectors include video monitoring, the difference between an alarm that goes off while dinner is being prepared versus there being an actual fire becomes clear. This cuts down on false alarms and improves emergency response.
  • Remote Video Surveillance – Homeowners don’t just want to get a text saying the alarm has gone off while no one is home. They also want to be able to check security cameras from a mobile device to see what is going on.

NMC Helps Keep Your Security Company Ahead of the Curve

Outsourcing security monitoring to NMC provides greater peace of mind for your residential clients as you can offer additional monitoring services that were not part of your previous security packages. If you want to know more about how NMC can help build your security brand, contact our sales department at .

These Are the Parts of a Home That Should Be Secured

Home Security Monitoring

We’re going to debunk a few security myths by addressing some statistics involving home break-ins and theft. You may be able to use some of these points to help residential clients develop a home security system that does an even better job of protecting their personal belongings and valuables.

Where Do Burglars Search First?

Most thieves (about 75%) go straight to the bedroom. This makes sense because the most frequently stolen valuables are usually in this room. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, video surveillance is usually left out of rooms such as the master bedroom. One potential solution is to keep valuables in a safe and just have a camera point toward the safe.

What Items Are Targeted Most Often?

Cash and jewelry are one and two with more than 80% of residential thefts targeting either of these two easy to grab-and-go items. That makes it important to store any significant amount of cash or expensive jewelry either in a safe or at least in another room besides the bedroom where criminals are less likely to look.

Burglars Hate Alarm Systems

You can’t spend stolen cash or sell jewelry in jail, so most thieves who are looking for a big score will go after homes without a security system. A visible camera may be enough to send an invader packing empty handed. However, since visible cameras may be spotted and disabled, a sensor to detect if a safe has been opened is a good backup. This will allow a monitoring service to contact the owner if the safe is opened when no one is supposed to be home.

What Every Child Needs to Know About Home Security

child arming alarm system

A residential security system is only as effective as the user who knows the least about it. With that in mind, the children in a household need to understand certain things about how the system works. Here are a few examples of things that a residential alarm system owner needs to teach his or her kids.

Arming and Disarming the System

This is especially important when a child is old enough to be home alone, particularly if the child gets off the bus with no one home during the week. The child will have to understand how to disarm the alarm so that a monitoring company doesn’t get an alert every day that the alarm has gone off. Frequent false alarms can result in slower response times from local emergency services (think “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”). Also, the child should know how to reset the alarm after entering the house so that the perimeter is protected while the interior motion sensors are turned off.

Understanding that the Alarm System Doesn’t Replace the Locks

Children also need to understand that an alarm system is not a substitute for keeping windows and doors secure while at home. A kidnapping can happen quickly, and if doors are left open, such a tragic event could occur faster than local law enforcement can arrive at the scene.

Staying Calm During Times of Emergency

Many alarm systems have a way to trigger an SOS should an emergency occur while someone is home. A child should know what events are considered this sort of emergency and how to send the distress signal. Other things like having designated escape routes in case fire or a break-in and numbers to call when a safe location is reached are also important.

NMC is proud to provide monitoring services that protect the homes of families. Our experienced customer service representatives are ready to deal with even the most sensitive situations.