National Monitoring Center Appoints Grant Graham as VP of Dealer Relations

National Monitoring Center appoints Grant Graham as VP of Dealer Relations, supporting the company’s growth and mission of empowering and strengthening dealer success.


Lake Forest, CA—Aug 14, 2018—  National Monitoring Center, NMC, part of the Netwatch Group, is pleased to welcome Grant Graham back to the team as Vice President of Dealer Relations. Graham will be responsible for the leadership of dealers and dedicated to their success.


Graham is already a recognized leader in the company, having served as NMC Operations Manager from 2001-2016. As operations manager, he skillfully and successfully oversaw all daily aspects of NMC’s multifaceted, nationwide operation.


Most recently, Graham served at Brinks Home Security as Senior Director of Monitoring Operations where he oversaw many elements of the company’s operations, was responsible for reducing costs, and increased Service Level for alarm response by over 10% and inbound calls by 24%, among many other achievements.


“NMC has a long history of dedication to ahead-of-industry technological solutions and valuable partnerships which lead to the formation of Netwatch Group, and we apply that same dedication in our efforts to build a powerful, synergistic team at NMC. This is why we are thrilled to have Grant Graham on the team. Grant has a proven record of building long-term business relationships and has been instrumental in facilitating growth on numerous levels. His knowledge, drive, and winning attitude are assets that will complement and enhance NMC’s ability to meet the needs of our dealers as we continue to provide more attractive services,” said Woodie Andrawos, President NMC.   


His combined experience and understanding of NMC culture and mission make this role an exciting fit for Graham.


“I am excited to be taking on this new role as VP of Dealer Relations at NMC. It is wonderful to partner with a company focused on organizational growth and constant improvement. I look forward to having an impact on dealer success and helping them successfully navigate the market, acquire new agreements, deliver new products offerings, and leverage the wealth of dealer support available at NMC,” said Graham.

2017 ESX to Take Place in Nashville


The Electronic Security Expo is a place where security vendors can meet and experience educational programming, and this year’s 10th-anniversary event is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Will your firm be among those attending? Here’s what you need to know.

The event will be taking place at the Music City Center on 5th Avenue in downtown Nashville. This year, the 5-day event will span Monday through Friday. The dates are June 12-16, 2017.

You’ll want to pay special attention to the educational track scheduled for Wednesday morning from 10 – 11:15 am entitled “Maximize Your Monitoring Center.” The fact is that monitoring services are rapidly expanding and technology is constantly changing. It is virtually impossible for most security vendors to keep up. But third party monitoring services are 100% focused on this specific aspect of security. That makes this a key place to outsource. The event promises to discuss outsourcing considerations, the effect on your customers, and how to choose the right partner.

NMC—The Third-Party Monitoring Service You Can Trust

At NMC, security monitoring is all we do. From residential monitoring to commercial security, fire, and environmental monitoring and everything in between, our customer service representatives are trained to be an elite group of responders for your customers.

We’re sure the 2017 ESX is going to be a great event, but you shouldn’t wait until June to think about the benefits of outsourcing monitoring services. Talk to our sales team by calling 877-353-3031 today, and find out what partnering up with NMC can do to build your company and provide your customers with the best service in the business.

CES 2017 Shows Off Emerging Security Technologies

NMC Monitoring CES Trade Show Security Technologies

The technology involved in security, and especially in security monitoring, is truly exciting. This year’s CES really highlight the leaps and bounds by which the tech is expanding. Smart homes are the biggest trend in security, and the number of new gadgets and gizmos revealed at CES show that manufacturers of security products know it.

The Smart Home of the Future

Is the smart home of the future going to be run by a personal digital assistant? It will if Vivint Sky, a home automation artificial intelligence service has anything to say about it. Several partnerships were already announced with brands such as Airbnb that show the immediate demand for such a service.

Announcements involving new services from ADT revealed something else that is on the mind of the average consumer, and that’s security monitoring. Your residential clients are going to expect comparable monitoring services. Are you equipped to offer them?

Outsourcing of Security Monitoring Services—Another 2017 Trend

At NMC, we are confident that the outsourcing of security monitoring will continue as a trend in the industry for 2017. The fact is that third-party services like NMC are in the best position to be up-to-date with technology and training.

We take that responsibility very seriously at NMC. Not only are our CSRs provided with rigorous training when hired, but they also receive regular training updates. We really meant it when we say our CSRs are the best in the business. We think your residential and commercial clients will agree if they ever experience an emergency. Call 877-353-3031 and join forces with NMC today!

The Rapidly Growing Residential Security Market

growing residential security market

Last week a report was released by Technavio projecting the growth of the security market in North America. Estimates are that the $12.5 billion residential market will surge to more than $15 billion by 2020. The United States already makes up nearly half of the global residential security market.

Why Residential Security Is on the Rise

One factor that is driving growth is the desire for greater security in residential buildings. This includes security for the building as a whole as well as individual systems for each apartment. One feature in particular that is sought after by residential buildings is cameras that can be viewed from individual apartments allowing residents to observe patrolling guards. Seeing the security staff at work provides peace of mind for many residents.

Primary Concerns with Residential Security

The main issue being faced by the residential security industry, according to the report, is the ability of hackers to hijack a smart home. As a result, some vendors are encouraging monthly password changes for clients. However, home security systems have many measures in place to help prevent this type of scenario, and this has set many clients at ease.

Choose NMC as the Security Monitoring Service for Your Residential Clients

We hope you get your share of the growing residential market. NMC can help you to secure clients by providing the monitoring service that gives you an edge over your competition. Call 877-353-3031 today to learn more about the services we provide such as two-way voice options and text notifications.

ESX 2016

the 2016 Electronic Security Expo (ESX)

the 2016 Electronic Security Expo (ESX)

National Monitoring Center (NMC) is pleased to be participating in at the Fort Worth Convention Center from June 6-8. ESX is a trade show event for electronic security and life safety dealers, integrators, and monitoring companies. At this expo, NMC will be showcasing our products and services, learning from business leaders, discovering emerging trends and technologies, as well as networking with other industry professionals.


We will be engaging in relevant peer-to-peer education in which ideas and strategies will be delivered for implementation. NMC’s standard of practice will be further enhanced by new practical solutions and concepts sure to be presented at ESX. In today’s competitive landscape, it is critical for security professionals to enhance our industry knowledge and hone our business skills. The educational sessions provide insights and inspiration to help us achieve operational and financial excellence, and gain valuable business intelligence on trends, technology, threats and opportunities. This information is passed on to you as our clients so you can achieve the success you are entitled to have in this industry and with our services.


On top of discussing the relevant security updates and business strategies, we will have a chance to discover next-generation monitoring technologies as well as services and management techniques that deliver meaningful services and expectations for ourselves and our clients, and for their end-users.
ESX reinforces our broad perspective of the challenges that lie ahead and how to remain nimble to take advantage of fast-paced business changing opportunities.


NMC understands the importance of remaining relevant and successful for the benefit of our valued clients. As we invest our time in events such as ESX, we continue to be the leader with the newest industry developments. Together we will continue to go forward and embrace the ever changing landscape of our business.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) Announces Key Executive Hire


Lake Forest, CA – April 4, 2016

In another key move to solidify its position as industry leader in the alarm monitoring industry, National Monitoring Center (NMC) announced the hiring of Kathleen Schraufnagel to join its executive team as Central Station Manager for NMC’s Texas facility.

Schraufnagel brings an impressive resume to the NMC Team.  She began her career in the security industry with Brink’s Home Security in 1991.  During her 20 years with Brink’s, she held a number of positions and eventually became their Industry Relations Liaison.  She then joined Monitronics in 2011 where a great deal of her time was spent educating her Dealers on IQ and working on the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) ASAP to PSAP program. She is co-chair of the ASAP to PSAP Outreach Committee as well.

For over 20 years, Schraufnagel has been active in many local, state and national security industry associations and has held numerous committee and board positions in each.  She is currently the Vice President of the North Texas Alarm Association (NTAA) and Secretary for the National Electronic Security Alliance (NESA) as well as a member of the IQ Board of Directors.  Additionally, she sits on the Government Relations, Legislative Coalition, and National Companies Committees for the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and is a member of the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC). She has been a member of the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) since 1998 and has served the organization in a variety of positions and committees, including the Board of Directors as the Electronic Security Associate Director. She is also an Essentials of False Alarm Reduction Certified Instructor.

Her proudest achievement was her appointment to a multi-association “Think Tank” formed in the late 1990’s that spent four years researching and implementing new false alarm reduction measures nationwide, including what is now known as Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) along with many elements included in the ANSI SIA CP-01 control panel standard and the CSAA CS-V-01 central station standard. The “Think Tank” eventually evolved into the present-day Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC).

Kathleen has a long history of working closely with law enforcement and other government agencies in regard to creating and revising ordinances and helping to craft security industry licensing and alarm management legislation. She has taught Understanding Alarms classes for police academies and training centers, as well as helping to conduct alarm user schools in conjunction with different law enforcement agencies and the Texas Crime Prevention Association.

About NMC

Founded by Michael Schubert and Woodie Andrawos in 2001, NMC has risen to become the premier 3rd party monitoring company in the nation.  The company operates two redundant monitoring centers in Lake Forest, California and Irving, Texas.  For further information, please call 800.353.3031 or email at

Lic # CA ACO 5633    TX B13486

Creating a secure environment for hotel guests

CCTV Camera Operating inside dormitory or apartment

Video monitoring has become a prominent component of running a business and the hospitality world is no exception. No hotel can operate without a security system. However, the effectiveness of any security systems is limited by its responsiveness. At National Monitoring Center (NMC), we provide your hotel clients with speedy, reliable, and professional monitoring services. This is crucial for the safety of their guests and employees and for the operation of their hotel business.


Hotel security should be two-fold, especially if it is a large business in a busy area. It consists of having a physical team of trained personnel present on campus and watching at all hours. Hospitality monitoring should also include 24/7 video surveillance with multi-day storage capabilities. In a hotel, digital storage of surveillance footage should be for at least seven days. Storage can be variable and is based on the type of activity and frequency of activity at each business. Having a team of live security guards and cameras in strategically-placed locations will provide hotel guests with peace of mind and deter others from any thoughts of criminal or obstructive behavior.


Monitoring is a tool used to protect hotel guests as well as the hotels themselves. Oftentimes crime is facilitated by someone with inside knowledge of the business. Internal fraud and theft can occur at the front desk by those trained to run reception. Reviewing activity in common areas (lobby, parking, pools, and recreation rooms) can improve security and operational efficiency if used properly.


With NMC, your hospitality clients benefit with the assurance of consistent monitoring and prompt response times. On top of this, clients can cut down on operation costs by eliminating staff hired to monitor video onsite. Guests will confidently return to hotels where they feel safe and provided for, resulting in a successful business for your hospitality clients.


Major Business Trend Affects the Security Industry

Business Security Trend

A decade ago, companies were expanding into new territories. Insurance companies began to offer banking services. Starbucks produced a movie. Coke was creating a line of clothing. Today, however, most businesses have retreated back into their core competencies, and they are outsourcing anything that fall outside of the comfort zone. Security is such a specialized service that companies are no longer trying to build an internal security team. And if they have done so, the results were likely less than ideal.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) can provide you with the guidelines you need to generate additional sales in the commercial sector. To start, we can direct you towards the kinds of companies that are seeking external security. We serve as the monitoring agency for thousands of businesses across the US. We know which businesses want which services the most.


Use your own core competencies as well. If you have even just one restaurant or coffee shop as a client, then market yourself as an expert in that niche. Look for local associations where you can speak. Offer some simple steps towards increasing security within that sector.


Some small businesses will want to add security as the responsibility for an existing staff member. As you know, this often leads to data loss, financial loss, and physical breaches. Reach out to the local small business associations and create a presentation about the best ways that a small business can easily improve security; sometimes the best way to sell your services is to offer a bite of what the companies need.


Like human resources, security is a specialized skill that can no longer be fulfilled from within. Cash handling, data security, and perimeter surveillance are necessary for businesses of every size. Show them a bit of what’s at risk and you will gain their trust for security services.

Emergency Plans and Kits

security emergency planning kit

For both commercial and personal accounts, consider putting together a basic emergency kit that your sales team can use as a tool for engaging new clients and upgrading current ones. Given the extreme weather conditions that can affect most parts of the US throughout the year, every household and business should have an emergency plan. National Monitoring Center (NMC) can help you put together a template that your sales team can use to offer help to all your clientele.


Emergency kits are a natural choice for you to give out to your clients during the holiday season. You are in the business of extreme situations, so your clients will appreciate the help when you offer them a kit with tools such as flares, flashlights, and a radio. Generally, you can buy these kits as promotional items; for an additional fee you can have your company’s logo printed on the outside. Frequently these kits will also include a sleeve where the client can keep pertinent information such as security firm contact information.


Many insurance companies require their commercial clients to maintain an emergency plan. As this often falls low on a list of priorities, the commercial accounts will appreciate your help in becoming compliant with an insurance requirement.


Families who don’t have an emergency plan, or have an out-of-date plan, will appreciate the help with coordinating a family’s technological assets with an emergency plan. Is there a central meeting location? Does everyone have the necessary cell phone numbers in their phones? Does everyone have a printed list of phone numbers in case there is no way to charge a cell phone?


Emergency kits are a helpful and appropriate way for you to remain in contact with your clients. The holiday season is the perfect time to warn them about extreme weather and provide them with a helpful solution. At some point this winter, more than likely, hundreds of businesses will need emergency kits; will one of them be your client?

Video Verification for Commercial Clients

face reognition video

Now that video verification is a standard part of most advanced security systems, your sales team can use the feature as a primary selling point for acquiring new commercial clients. National Monitoring Center (NMC) is at the forefront of video verification systems and we can guide you through the best ways to promote this service with your new and existing commercial clients.


Many commercial clients might be aware of the previous iterations of video surveillance. While remote video investigations were an important step towards the integration of video verification, video “investigations” may have soured some commercial clients to the benefits of an expensive video system. Today, however, with video verification, the service become significantly more valuable thanks to the association with the actual alarm event.


Moreover, video verification ensures that law enforcement response triage the event as a priority one issue instead of the historic, level three priority. For clients with significant cash or merchandise on hand, the difference between priority three and priority one can mean retaining significant business assets.


Finally, video verification suffers from an out-dated reputation of doing nothing more than resolving false alarms. For commercial clients, avoiding false alarms is not a selling point. From the client’s perspective, your system should already avoid false alarms, so trying to sell on that point simply exposes your own weaknesses as a security firm.


Take the time to train your sales team on the proper selling points for video verification. Commercial clients don’t want to sift through all of the jargon about upgraded video systems. Communicating the value of new technology is an essential skill for your sales team, and it will pave the way for your future business acquisitions.