National Monitoring Center Appoints Grant Graham as VP of Dealer Relations

National Monitoring Center appoints Grant Graham as VP of Dealer Relations, supporting the company’s growth and mission of empowering and strengthening dealer success.


Lake Forest, CA—Aug 14, 2018—  National Monitoring Center, NMC, part of the Netwatch Group, is pleased to welcome Grant Graham back to the team as Vice President of Dealer Relations. Graham will be responsible for the leadership of dealers and dedicated to their success.


Graham is already a recognized leader in the company, having served as NMC Operations Manager from 2001-2016. As operations manager, he skillfully and successfully oversaw all daily aspects of NMC’s multifaceted, nationwide operation.


Most recently, Graham served at Brinks Home Security as Senior Director of Monitoring Operations where he oversaw many elements of the company’s operations, was responsible for reducing costs, and increased Service Level for alarm response by over 10% and inbound calls by 24%, among many other achievements.


“NMC has a long history of dedication to ahead-of-industry technological solutions and valuable partnerships which lead to the formation of Netwatch Group, and we apply that same dedication in our efforts to build a powerful, synergistic team at NMC. This is why we are thrilled to have Grant Graham on the team. Grant has a proven record of building long-term business relationships and has been instrumental in facilitating growth on numerous levels. His knowledge, drive, and winning attitude are assets that will complement and enhance NMC’s ability to meet the needs of our dealers as we continue to provide more attractive services,” said Woodie Andrawos, President NMC.   


His combined experience and understanding of NMC culture and mission make this role an exciting fit for Graham.


“I am excited to be taking on this new role as VP of Dealer Relations at NMC. It is wonderful to partner with a company focused on organizational growth and constant improvement. I look forward to having an impact on dealer success and helping them successfully navigate the market, acquire new agreements, deliver new products offerings, and leverage the wealth of dealer support available at NMC,” said Graham.

NMC Appoints New South Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Kurtis Erdman


NMC Appoints New South Eastern Regional Sales Manager, Kurtis Erdman


Kurtis Erdman Joins National Monitoring Center (NMC) as strategic new hire, further solidifying the company’s objective of accelerating market growth.


National Monitoring Center, NMC, a leader in the alarm monitoring industry, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Kurtis Erdman as South Eastern Regional Sales Manager. The appointment fortifies and expands the company’s reach, providing a greater platform to meet increasing industry demand for service.


Erdman, who broke into the industry while employed as a general staffing specialist, spent a decade at Sentrynet earning the title of National Sales Director. Following Sentrynet, he was hired as an Account Executive at COPS furthering his vast industry experience within the Southeast region of the country.  


Kurtis is an outstanding leader with a proven track record of building customer partnerships, developing high performing sales teams and creating a winning culture,” said Sharon Elder, Vice President of Sales. “His knowledge, strong analytical skill set, and natural ability to create lasting and positive relationships within the industry, make him a great fit for this role.”


The choice to join the team at NMC was a clear one, according to Erdman.


I’m happy to be joining such a well-respected organization, and to expand the company’s footprint into the South Eastern region,” he stated. “NMC is an industry-leading company with a long-standing reputation for serving the dealer with customizable options and adapting to customer needs, rather than making the customer fit rigid offerings.”


In addition to company size and nationwide capability, Erdman noted that NMC’s video monitoring capability was an additional draw to the company.  


NMC is the perfect fit for me, in size, offerings, philosophy of service, and willingness to position themselves as a leader in forward-thinking technological offerings. The company’s video monitoring capability, for example, is a real game changer that gives dealers a huge edge. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join a team known for putting dealers and subscribers first and look forward to supporting dealers throughout the eastern region.”

NMC Appoints New Technical Support Engineer, Acy Forsythe


NMC Appoints New Technical Support Engineer, Acy Forsythe

Acy Forsythe Joins National Monitoring Center (NMC) as strategic new hire, demonstrating its commitment to excellence in providing world-class customer support.


National Monitoring Center, NMC, a leader in the alarm monitoring industry, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Acy Forsythe as new Technical Support Engineer


Forsythe, who joined the team May 15, 2018,  will be responsible for working with all the technology used at NMC, including phone systems, alarm receivers, automation, SQL databases, and voice recording. He is also responsible for supporting dealers with any technical issues they may have.


We’re excited to build on our industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings with the addition of Acy Forsythe,” said Demian Valle, Director of Engineering. “He comes to us with an exceptionally well-rounded skill set, having over 17 years of experience in the security industry.


Forsythe, originally from Houston, Texas began his IT career in the oil and gas industry working for Shell Oil Company before ending up at ABM in Austin where he built a database migration engine for the company who specialized in dispatch automation software.


“Once in the security industry and with a passion for helping people, a knack for hunting solutions, and a love for telecommunications technologies, he quickly found himself at home behind the racks in the heart of a central station,” he continued.


The addition of Forsythe continues NMC’s commitment to the powerful combination of people, process, and technologies. This commitment has best positioned the company, year after year, to proactively support the subscriber and industry needs.


“We are structuring our engineering operations to support our current and future growth, and anticipate the future needs of the industry,” explained Woodie Andrawos, President of NMC.  “Acy Forsythe is the perfect addition to support this mission.”


In addition to NMC’s culture, Forsythe noted the company’s dedication to technology as one of the main draws to join the team.


“NMC has an unmatchable dedication to advancing the industry and for consistently adopting technological advances that increase capacity, and decrease risks for the subscriber base. The choice was easy to make,” he said. “I look forward to serving in this capacity.

NMC Wins the 2018 ESX Innovation Award Recognizing Outstanding Technological Offering

Left to Right:
Don Childers, Technical Training, Security Central
Woodie Andrawos, President, NMC
Steve Paley, President and CEO, Rapid Security Solutions


NMC Wins the 2018 ESX Innovation Award Recognizing Outstanding Technological Offering


ESX awards National Monitoring Center the 2018 Innovation Award, awarding NMC for

outstanding products and services that drive the electronic security and life safety industry forward.


National Monitoring Center, NMC, was recently recognized by the Electronic Security Association, winning the 2018 ESX Innovation Award in the category of Enhanced/Verified Monitoring, presented at ESX in Nashville, Tennessee.


“The ESX Innovation Awards recognize innovative technology and excellence in the industry — and identify next-gen products and services that offer significant opportunity for growth and relevance in servicing the marketplace,” says George De Marco, ESX Chairman.


The judges for the 2018 Innovation Awards were: Don Childers of Security Central, Michele Monheim of Eastern States Sentinel Alarm Services Inc., Mike Moritz of RFI, Steve Paley of Rapid Security Solutions LLC, and Mark Sepulveda of USA Alarm Systems.


Award criteria included the following areas: features and functions, innovation, end-user experience, ability to solve a problem, revenue growth potential, impact on company value and efficiencies, and compliance with regulations.


Judges selected winners from a pool of applications from manufacturers and service providers. NMC, the only central monitoring station to receive an award, was recognized for its technological contribution to the industry for its Proactive Video Monitoring.


“We are truly honored to be recognized in this way,” said Woodie Andrawos, President NMC. “It affirms our efforts as we endeavor to lead out in the industry offering innovative, ahead of trend technological offerings. As an organization, we strive to bring real solutions to market.”


For more information call NMC at 877-353-3031.

NMC Marvel Award

Left to right
Steve Butkovich, CTO, CPI Security Systems, Mark Mariotti, Vice President Business Development, Netwatch , Nicola Oakie, NMC, Director of National Sales, Sascha Kylau, Vice President, OneTel, Tatiana Abramek, Sales Manager, NMC, Kurtis Erdman, NMC, Southeastern Regional Sales Manager


NMC Wins Inaugural TMA/SSI Monitoring Technology Marvel Award

The Monitoring Association and Security Sales & Integration recognizes NMC with top honor of “best adoption of new technology to advance your business”.


NMC is extremely honored to announce that it has just been selected as the 2018 Marvel Award winner, co-sponsored by The Monitoring Association (formerly CSAA) and Security Sales & Integration.


Celebrating pioneers in monitoring technology and encouraging excellence, the Marvel Award is given annually to recognize outstanding technical accomplishment within the industry in such areas as cybersecurity, cloud migration, PERS monitoring, efficiency in monitoring, and video verification. The recipient of this award is chosen from among many central station applicants and is recognized as having contributed significantly to the advancement of one or more of these areas with specific demonstrations or applications.


The award is judged by a panel of industry experts using set and stringent metrics. NMC received the top overall award for best adoption of new technology to advance your security business” for its advancements in monitoring and technologies which tie video technology to tie video verification to an alarm, which in turn triggers a security camera to generate a clip in an intrusion/reaction model that records criminal activity.


“This kind of service is impressive and raises the bar for new video monitoring capabilities,” says Steve Butkovich, co-chair of the TMA Technology Committee. “This is where the industry is going next in our goal to protect life and property, and NMC is leading the way.”


NMC’s Nicola Oakie, Director of National Sales, Tatiana Abramek, Sales Manager and Kurtis Erdman, Southeastern Regional Sales Manager were on hand to accept the award during TMA’s general membership meeting, held June 19 as part of the Electronic Security Expo (ESX) in Nashville. NMC will be featured in SSI’s August publication, themed The Monitoring Issue.


Woodie Andrawos, President NMC, expressed his appreciation for the honor.


“We at NMC are grateful for this special recognition and deeply value its significance. It is an affirmation of our efforts to address some of the most significant challenges faced by the industry.”


For more information please call 877-353-3031.


Top Cyber Security Tips from RSA


Top Cyber Security Tips from RSA

Recently, we at NMC engaged RSA, the world leader in business security, to help us ensure our systems are as secure as possible. What we’ve learned about cybersecurity has been incredible and we’d like to pass along the valuable information to our customers.

Here are some important points to consider from RSA:

  1. Your business has information, and that information is sensitive.

  2. Having information makes your company a target for cyber attacks.

  3. The number of cyber attacks is not only growing, they are becoming more sophisticated, and more severe.

  4. Cyber attacks are not reserved for big corporations. Any business of any size is at risk.

  5. A new phishing attack occurs every 30 seconds, according to the RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center.

  6. Attackers do not usually target the company’s technology. They target well-meaning employees through well-designed phishing emails.

  7. Data security is a shared responsibility, and everyone in your company should be trained and take steps to ensure cybersecurity.

  8. Ensure your software is patched, data encrypted, and environment up-to-date with the latest protection.

  9. Evaluate your threat detection and response times. Do you have the right technologies in place to ensure a smaller security incident does not erupt into a large, debilitating disasters?

  10. Beware of what you click. Check the source before opening an email or clicking any links.

  11. Talk openly and frequently about safety practices with your employees.

  12. Unfortunately, only 53% of organizations have programs in place to educate employees about cybersecurity threats.

  13. The ROI on cyber security awareness programs is high with 50% of infosec professionals reporting the ability to quantify the reduction in phishing schemes.

  14. Once trained, conduct incident response drills so everyone knows what to do if an event should occur.

  15. Don’t put off addressing risk for future IT planning. The risk is now, and every business needs to be ready.

NMC now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services

NMC now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services


We are pleased to announce that National Monitoring Center now supports Bosch Video Monitoring Services to provide you opportunities to deploy camera-based security systems, turning IP cameras into important security prevention devices. In turn this enables you to generate new RMR streams to help grow your business!

Using Bosch IP cameras, this solution offers plug-and-play camera connectivity to the ops center, where operators can view video clips and live video to determine if further action is required. Bosch Cloud-based Services then enables some of these further actions – playing of recordings, turning relays on the cameras on or off (for light and gate control), and live audio intervention.

The services enabled via the Bosch solution include:

  • 24/7 Live Intervention (Voice Down or Two-Way Audio): Enables the operator to gain fast situational awareness of pre-filtered video alarms and perform immediate audio intervention to prevent incident escalation.
  • Video Verification of Intrusion Alarms: Enables the operator to verify the source of a burglar alarm and choose appropriate escalation path.
  • Smart Notification via Intelligent Video Analytics: Enables the end-customer to receive video alarms from their pre-configured cameras equipped with on-board analytics.
  • Virtual Guard Tours: Enables the operator to efficiently perform remote checks of all key areas at the customer’s premises.
  • Virtual Assistant: Enables the operator to provide immediate remote assistance at the push of an emergency button to a person in distress.

For more information contact your NMC representative today!

Contact your NMC representative Here

Engineering FAQ section

Engineering FAQ section: 

1. How do I register my Telguard radio?

a. Log into the Telguard website and follow the registration process from there.


2. I want to send my Telguard radios to you over IP. Do you support this?

a. Yes, however Telguard is only able to send Contact ID and 4-digit DMP.  You will need to speak to Engineering in order to set up the DNIS and get the IP information.


3. I am setting up a Telguard radio and Telguard is asking for a Central Station ID.  What is this?        

a. This is the last 4 digits of the account number.


4.  I want to set up an AlarmNet360 Dealer log in. Where do I find the city and CS/ID?

a. The city and CS/ID are related to what line prefix and account number you are using.  First step is to set up a test account with the NMC Dealer Support Services department.  Once you have the test account in place, Engineering can give you the city and CS/ID associated with that account.  Remember, you will need a device in order to sign up. (Sign up requires a Mac and CRC from a radio).


5. I wish to set up a Connect24 radio for the first time.  My technician is on site, can you set it up in 5 minutes?

a. No, it can take several hours to complete the set up for Connect24.   Engineering has to set up the log-ins, DNIS settings, and profiles which can take several hours to complete.  However, once you are set up with this, then you are able to log into the connect24 website and register any radios in minutes.  You can do so from a PC or from your smartphone.  If you are planning on setting up a DSC radio through Connect24 be, sure to contact Engineering before your technician gets to the site.


6. Do you have a toll free we can use for the Emergency Phone line EPH?

a. No, the EPH or emergency phone line just has a local 949 number.  If you wish to set up a toll-free number you can speak with the Sales department and they will discuss rates and details with you.


7. My alarm panel suddenly stopped communicating on my customers cable internet phone service.

a. Cable phone service is digital VOIP phone service and as network usage goes up compression goes up thus causing random communication issues.  If the line is not analog then it is best to use an IP or cell communicator.


8. Why did my phone bill suddenly go up? I don’t show any runaways.

a. Panels sending signals over a VOIP line can cause a call to complete to the receiver but not allow a signal to get through.  This will cause the panel to retry multiple times until it gives up.  If it is set to a daily timer test or to send Open/Close signals, this could cause a noticeable increase in calls on the bill.  The only resolution to this is to move the customer onto a radio or IP communicator or have the customer switch back to an analog line.


9. Can I restrict my MasWeb users to only be able to access MasWeb from my office? Or restrict them to certain times of the day?

a. Yes, we can add restrictions based on your office public IP address and/or certain times of day. You will need to speak to Engineering in order to implement this.


Video Vault Focus Group Needed

Video Vault Focus Group Needed

Looking for dealers who participate in outdoor unsecured video analytic-based solutions who want to participate in a focus group to help further develop this area. If you are interested, contact Sharon Elder directly at