Buying Into the Cloud

    cloud security systems

    For years, several sectors within the security industry avoided cloud technology. Giving up control over the selection of software and hardware systems is a difficult transition for some professionals in the industry. However, cloud technology continues to evolve and soon the majority of services will only be available through off-site technological services.


    For some security professionals, they experienced a disappointing introduction to cloud-based services several years ago. The complications of VPN servers along with the clunky ways in which the systems connected often gave a poor first impression of the potential of using off-site, cloud services. Today, however, the speed of technology and the utility of the software that runs on it have evolved to a point at which the value of cloud services can’t be denied.


    End users continue to demand more of security services, and this in turn, is pushing security providers (direct and indirect) to maintain up-to-date servers and software. The cost of buying new, faster machines is generally not the greatest cost barrier. However, using in-house software allowing end users, dealers, and third-party services to remain seamlessly connected is expensive. Moreover, the greatest expense in trying to manage all pieces of the security supply chain is the cost of personnel. Technology professionals demand high salaries and shared cloud-services allow those professional to be more affordable for everyone in the service chain.


    National Monitoring Center (NMC) can help you integrate the affordable and secure cloud-based services that give you an edge over your local competitors. We can help you constantly bring the most up-to-date security benefits to your commercial and personal end users.