Building Capabilities with the AFAA

    Security Fire Alarm Monitoring

    National Monitoring Center (NMC) works closely with the Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA) to ensure our staff members are well-informed about fire safety advancements. In addition, we provide critical information about real-life circumstances that help the AFAA improve and enhance its programs and initiatives.


    Just like other security sub-categories, fire safety precautions are improved through the widespread use of technology. As a monitoring service, NMC is at the forefront of fire detection thanks to our on-going relationship with the AFAA. AFAA training and support means that our staff members are able to understand how to interpret and respond to the various signals that fire detection systems emit.


    The AFAA also has a key role in fire detection and prevention ordinance development. As a local security provider, you know how challenging it can be when different communities have different laws that govern fire detection. In addition, you know how dangerous it is when local ordinances don’t do enough to protect citizens from fire.


    The AFAA and NMC work together to ensure that your fire prevention installations exceed current and near-future ordinances. No client wants to spend thousands of dollars to protect major assets only to find that the installation is out-of-date within the year. NMC works with the AFAA to remain well-aware of the local and state laws that are changing so that your installations exceed your client’s expectations.