“Brand” New NMC Products to Help Customize Your Brand

    IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 29, 2013

    Currently in Beta testing, in the 3rd quarter NMC will be rolling out a few exciting products that will help dealers solidify its brand in the minds of its customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and continued profits. With these products, dealers will be able to customize the look and feel of customer software interface with the dealer’s logo and matching color scheme. When customers see and use these products, they will be seeing your brand which is another powerful marketing tool – courtesy of NMC.


    The most exciting new product offering is NMC’s AlarmAccount Mobile App! Don’t be fooled by other products you may have read about. This mobile app is a true Apple-registered application that can only be downloaded in the Apple iTunes store!


    Similarly, customization of the AlarmAccount “desktop” application will also be offered by NMC, offering further dealer branding opportunities. Whether your customers access their vital data on their Smartphone, iPad or laptop, they will enjoy the same dealer experience, all supported by the experts at NMC.