“Brand” New NMC Products Help Customize Your Dealership

    IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

    051515-7-new-productsNMC has rolled out a variety of products under the NMC Suite of Services that help you solidify your brand in the minds of your customers to increase customer loyalty, generate more income and create efficiencies by streamlining tasks.


    AlarmAccount Mobile App

    Branded with your logo and company color scheme, your subscribers easily view the status of their account. This includes history and responsible party contact information. It is easy to navigate and, when used in conjunction with email notification, enables the subscriber to get connected to their security/fire system.  This is also a great feature to use when checking on children, parents, or family living alone. Security is a universal need. The ability to receive an email and look up the history gives you peace of mind.


    Web Portal Branded with Your logo

    Promote the ease of connection to your subscribers and utilize branding to create a custom experience. Smart phones, tablets, and iPads make the use of web portals easy and convenient. Creating a portal for your subscribers with your brand demonstrates your capabilities as an integrator while enhancing the experience of your subscribers. We encourage you to utilize this valuable tool.


     Signature Email Services

    When a subscriber has an activation (think low battery, AC fail, troubles), instead of calling, a “branded” email goes to the client from our server from your company email address. Your subscriber simply hits reply and can communicate with you or request service directly.


    Back in the day, the office person had to call on every one of these signals to follow up. The use of technology encourages the subscriber to notify you via email when their system has a condition that requires service. Consistent use of this will generate service revenue and is an effective tool in maintaining good portfolio management, while effectively communicating with your subscribers.


    This is a service that can revolutionize how you “connect” efficiently on the diagnostic signals coming from the panel without disturbing the client via phone call in the middle of the night, or some other inconvenient time.  This is an effective 24/7 service, and provides the ability for your subscriber to communicate their need anytime, day or night.


    Branded IVR

    Integrated Voice Response is a technology that has developed into a meaningful solution for those dealers that need phone calls on all diagnostic alarms. A professional voice records this message. Upon receipt of a low battery, AC Fail, or trouble, the automation calls the subscriber and their responsible parties. During the message, your subscriber can always connect to a live customer service representative.



    We live in a world of “Apps”. Like most of you, I do most things through apps on my smart phone. Utilization of the MASmobile application is an efficient tool for you, your technicians and is a delightful feature for your consumers!


    Differentiate yourself from your competition utilizing the NMC Suite of Services. “Sticky Services” is a clear element in low attrition. Utilization of the NMC Suite of Services will create efficiencies for your Company while inspiring loyalty in your subscribers!


    Get connected today!