Ordinance Update!


    In the event you did not know, there is a new alarm ordinance in place for dealers in Colorado Springs, CO. We want to make sure you are fully knowledgeable and in compliance with the new regulations that are in place.

    Per the Colorado Springs Municipal Code, alarm companies must obtain an alarm company license with Colorado Springs, renewable annually. Additionally, alarm companies are required to register their subscribers, pay a registration fee and obtain an alarm user permit, renewable annually.

    At the time of an alarm dispatch request, the alarm company license and subscribers’ alarm permit number must be provided. The Police Department shall have (at their discretion) the ability to deny response to an alarm condition unless there is actual evidence that a crime is being or has been committed, for failure to provide the license and/or alarm permit number.

    Please be sure to provide NMC with your company license number as well as the alarm permit number for each of your subscribers.

    To read all about the new ordinance, please visit the website: