Addressing Liability with Your Clients

    liability security monitoring

    In our litigious culture, businesses are constantly under the threat of lawsuits from individuals who encounter problems on the business’s premises. National Monitoring Center (NMC) offers the up-to-date security measures that can help your commercial clients prove they took great care to deter security problems such as robbery and assault.


    When an individual is inadvertently part of a crime such as a robbery, he or she can immediately seek a lawyer to sue the business that was robbed. Not only can those customers seek compensation for any medical losses, they can seek damages for the long-lasting psychological effect that comes with being traumatized. That customer’s lawyer will immediately want to review the security measures that were in place during the robbery.


    A business leaves itself exposed for litigation when it lacks basic security measures such as cameras and safe cash handling procedures. However, a good lawyer can prove negligence even when there are basic security measures in place. By reviewing industry trends, a lawyer can easily highlight when a business has fallen behind in updating its security measures; a good security system from 2005 would now be seen as a liability.


    Of course, crime prevention is NMC’s primary objective. But crime is difficult to avoid 100% of the time. With our advanced security measures, you can help your clients prevent additional losses after the initial criminal incident.