Addressing False Alarms

    False Alarm Security Systems

    Regardless of the source, a series of false alarms can undermine your reputation as a security firm. Both the clients and the municipal service professional dispatched to resolve the problem will grow tired of the problem, and you may have to solve the problem even if your system isn’t the cause. Because of our extensive experience with thousands of municipalities, along with our technological understanding of the interfaces, National Monitoring Center (NMC) can help you find the source of the issue for a final resolution.


    False alarms generally fall into one of two categories: human error and technological problems. The human errors are the easiest to fix. By asking a few people the right questions, NMC can help you identify how the clients are misusing the system and causing an error. Technological problems, unfortunately, can be much more complicated.


    Software diagnostic programs will almost always rule out a problem with the computer programs that can accidentally trigger an alarm. In addition, if a software program is released with a programming error, several clients will report the same issue simultaneously. When several clients start reporting the same issue, the original programming team will find a patch to fix the problem quickly.


    The most difficult problems arise when the wiring or the cables inside the client’s building cause the system to trigger a false alarm. Of course, this kind of problem will be expensive to solve and may require significant proof that the physical wiring is the most likely cause. Full diagnostic analysis of the hardware and software systems will have to come first. Then, a technician will have to visit the site for confirmation. Ultimately, the client will have to pay for the repair, so minimizing lead time costs is critical in keeping the total cost low. With NMC’s vast experience in address false alarm problems, we have an effective protocol that will help to quickly narrow down the likely causes.


    Don’t allow your client’s suffer additional costs that come from the fines incurred by false alarms. NMC can help you and your clients quickly and efficiently solve these unnecessary incidents.