Accepting the DIY Trend

    DIY Security Systems

    As with most technology trends, you have to embrace the DIY consumer trend or you could be swept into obscurity. Security dealers that accept and embrace the increase of do-it-yourself security systems will succeed because of their ever-evolving knowledge about what the end consumers want.


    DIY security systems are not a true competitor. However, they offer an affordable entry point for the consumers that might have otherwise delayed any home security purchases. For some consumers, one more looming monthly bill (for an unseen service) feels like a waste of money. However, once the consumer has a taste of a security system, they might be more willing to upgrade to a paid service.


    By understanding the increasing list of security features offered through the DIY systems, you can learn about emerging consumer needs. Technology is perpetually changing the security industry, and you need to be more knowledgeable about the capabilities and limitations in those DIY systems than the end users.


    Technology requires time and technical know-how. In fact, you might encourage some low entry-point customers to buy and install a do-it-yourself system. And encourage them to keep the receipt. After three or four wasted weekends and a minimally acceptable level of security, they might happily open their home to a security professional and a simple monthly bill.


    You already know most customers don’t buy the most expensive options immediately. Young couples, single parents, and new business owners want security and they often think they can do it themselves. Many can’t. And those that do successfully install a DIY system will soon see the benefits of security, and they will see the expanded services that come with a paid provider like you.