3 Security Measures that Hospitals Need

hospital security monitoring

Hospitals have more to think about than many other facilities when it comes to security. Patients and employees need to be kept safe. Medications and equipment need to be protected from theft. Even personal information needs to be safeguarded in order to meet governmental regulations. Here are 3 security measures every hospital needs.

Properly Placed Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance can go a long way toward protecting people and preventing theft. Here are a few places cameras should be focused:

  • Building entrances and exits
  • Elevators and stairwells
  • Hallways
  • Storage closets/rooms, especially those that house medical equipment or medications
  • Doorways to restricted areas

Authorized Access Control

Hospitals definitely have areas that need to be off-limits to everyone except those who are working there. There are a number of ways to restrict access to certain parts of the building or access to the entrance of the hospital itself.

  • Entryway turnstiles or metal detectors
  • Access cards
  • Biologic identification (fingerprint ID, for example)
  • Facial recognition

These measures can keep out those who are in the system as pill addicts as well as blocking access to storage rooms.

Environmental Monitoring Services

Hospitals often have a large amount of medications on hand that need to be kept under very specific conditions. An environmental sensor can alert the right people to a problem before an expensive batch of medication is lost due to a thermostat issue.

Providing Your Hospital Clients with Much Needed Monitoring

NMC can provide your medical facility clients with the necessary video surveillance monitoring and environmental monitoring that they want in order to protect against loss and provide safety for those in the facility. Call 877-353-3031 to partner up with NMC today.

Providing Proper Security Measures for Public Parks

public park security monitoring

Small towns and cities with public park areas are a great place to go to find clients who may not have any security measures in place yet. The fact is that safety in public parks is a big topic in small towns, especially the first time an incident occurs. Here are a few offerings parks should be happy to have.

Smart Lighting Options

Lights are an important part of park safety, especially if the park is not gated and closed after dark. Even if it is, lights can discourage perpetrators from entering the property illegally at night to conduct shady business dealings. Lights should focus on parking areas, walkways, and areas near pedestrian traffic where someone could lie in wait, such as large shrubs or any buildings on the property. Smart lighting allows lights to turn on at night and off in the morning without the need for a staff member on hand.

Restricted Access

Certain parts of any park are going to be off-limits at times, even if the park itself is open 24 hours. Using keycards to access storage areas, pools, bathroom, or gated areas that are closed to the public at certain times can help to limit unauthorized access.

Monitored Surveillance Cameras

This is the most needed park security measure that most public parks are lacking. Video surveillance can provide additional safety in parking lots, on walking trails, and during the evening hours. Having the footage monitored allows for a faster response in case an emergency arises.

The National Monitoring Service Your Clients Need

NMC is happy to provide all of the monitoring services your residential and business clients need. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to get started.

Providing Security Services for Religious Buildings

religious facilities need security monitoring

Religious buildings are under continued attack and have been the target of shootings, theft, break-ins, and threats in recent years. Whether it is a church, a mosque, a temple, or another facility used for religious worship, leaders need to think about protecting parishioners as well as the house of worship itself. Here is a list of ways monitored security services can help.

How Monitored Security Provides Religious Buildings with Needed Assistance

Surveillance cameras that are monitored can be of assistance with everything from theft to vandalism. Consider the following applications:

  • Theft – Surveillance not only acts as a deterrent, but it can also allow a monitoring company to get in touch with local authorities should a sensor be tripped while no one is present. Having eyes inside the facility reduces the likelihood of a false alarm and speeds up response time.
  • Vandalism – One thing that religious facilities are subject to is vandalism from persecutors. While the facility may have insurance, that means deductibles and increased premiums. Catching the vandal in the act is an important part of the facility seeking an alternate means of compensation.
  • Fire – Should a fire occur, especially while no one is present, complete loss could result. Fire sensors with monitored video surveillance can eliminate the risk of false alarms while creating rapid response from the local fire department should a fire occur.
  • Safety – Should a violent person threaten the safety of those in a religious facility, a monitored surveillance system could result in authorities arriving in time to prevent anyone from experiencing harm.

Customer Service Reps Trained to Meet Client Needs

NMC is proud to have highly trained customer service representatives who can help you clients should any of the circumstances noted above arise. Contact us today at 877-353-3031 to team up with NMC, the security monitoring service your clients can rely on when they need it the most.

Why Remotely Monitored Security Systems Are Optimal for Businesses

remote security monitoring features nmc monitoring

Businesses need to be concerned about security on a number of different fronts. For example, theft, corporate espionage, and sabotage need to be considered. Also, employee safety becomes a larger concern as the number of mass shootings in the US continue to rise. Plus, environmental hazards seem to pose more of a threat than ever before. Here are some ways that remote monitoring defends a business against every type of loss.

Burglars and Other Unwanted Visitors

Whether it is the parking lot, the building, or both, access needs to be restricted when it comes to modern businesses. However, surveillance adds an additional element to mix by allowing a remote monitoring service to immediately view the cause of an alarm set off by something like a damaged parking gate or a security badge swipe with improper clearance. This can result in a faster response by emergency services to help stop a break-in while the crime is still in progress.

Protecting Employees

Whether it is in the parking lot or the building, employees need to feel safe in the workplace. Restricting access and proper lighting are important steps. Video surveillance that is monitored and silent alarms that can alert a customer service representative to assess a situation go a long way to ensuring police arrive on the scene quickly if someone intends to do harm.

Environmental Monitoring

Whether products that need to be maintained at a specific temperature are in danger due to an HVAC problem or an office building is flooding due to a burst pipe, fast response is important to protect assets. A fire sensor can also be quickly evaluated to send responders fast or avoid a false alarm.

NMC is proud to offer businesses the remote monitoring services they need most. Give your commercial clients greater peace of mind by teaming up with NMC today. Call 877-353-3031 to get started.

Protecting a Retail Store Against Theft During the Holidays

retail store shoplifter security monitoring

Retail stores are never busier than between Thanksgiving and Christmas. How are you helping your retail clients protect themselves from theft during the holidays? Here are a few tips to help retail clients implement the best security features.

Protecting Retailers from Shoplifters

  • Surveillance Cameras – Cameras should not only watch entryways and registers. Directing cameras toward high-value items that are common targets for theft can be both a deterrent and a way to catch shoplifters in the act.
  • Video Monitoring –  A monitoring service doesn’t need to pay attention to actual customers and so won’t be distracted by someone asking a question while another person in the store is slipping merchandise into his or her pocket.
  • Restrict Product Access – Expensive items that can be easily stolen should be locked up or protected with a tamperproof security tag.

Eliminating Shrinkage

  • Background Checks – Stores often hire on a number of extra workers during the holidays. These employees should be properly vetted.
  • Security Monitoring – While employees may be reluctant to rat one another out, a monitoring service’s only job is to protect the client. As a result, employee theft doesn’t go unnoticed or unreported.

NMC Security Monitoring Protects Your Clients

If you have retail clients but do not yet offer monitoring services, NMC will be happy to help you enter a new and vital part of the security market. Cal our sales department at 877-353-3031 to learn more about how teaming up with our security monitoring services can help to grow your business.

4 Things Consumers Want in Home Security

nmc monitoring residential security features

It is becoming a must for homes to have some form of security system. For reluctant residential clients, the following 4 selling points are among the most important.

  • Cheaper Homeowners Insurance – Most insurance companies will provide a discount to homeowners with security measures in place. When a homeowner realizes some of the monthly security costs will come back in insurance savings, a new client becomes more likely.
  • Protection Against Break-Ins – One of the primary reasons a homeowner wants a security system is for protection from burglars. A monitored system can improve response times and helps to ensure that the bad guys don’t get away with any valuables.
  • Fire Monitoring – When fire/smoke detectors include video monitoring, the difference between an alarm that goes off while dinner is being prepared versus there being an actual fire becomes clear. This cuts down on false alarms and improves emergency response.
  • Remote Video Surveillance – Homeowners don’t just want to get a text saying the alarm has gone off while no one is home. They also want to be able to check security cameras from a mobile device to see what is going on.

NMC Helps Keep Your Security Company Ahead of the Curve

Outsourcing security monitoring to NMC provides greater peace of mind for your residential clients as you can offer additional monitoring services that were not part of your previous security packages. If you want to know more about how NMC can help build your security brand, contact our sales department at .

Daytime Break-Ins More Common and More Costly

daytime break-in home security monitoring

According to recent reports by the FBI, during 2015 the great majority of home break-ins took place during the day. These were also the most costly robberies for homeowners with bad guys getting away with an average of $400 more when striking during daylight. In fact, residential robberies result in higher losses than any other robbery category outside of banks with the average value of stolen items totaling over $1,500. Here are a few ways for residential customers to protect themselves.

Know What Robbers Want to Steal

If you know what will be the target of a daytime home invasion, these items can be better protected. What are the top items stolen?

  • Electronic devices – These are usually high-value items that are easy to grab (tablets, smartphones, etc.).
  • Cash – Often left in dresser or nightstand drawers, this is an easy to find and grab item.
  • Firearms – Weapons have high resale value and are easy to take if not properly stored in a locked gun safe
  • Jewelry – Easy to find in the bedroom and easy to take.

When a homeowner knows what items need to be protected, these items can be made inaccessible during the daytime hours when no one is home by use of a safe or even simply keeping the items in an unexpected location in the house. Surveillance can provide additional protection.

The Importance of Monitored Surveillance

Another shocking figure from the FBI study is that more than 40% of home invaders bring a gun. This makes response time by the authorities vital, especially if someone is home during the robbery attempt. NMC is proud to provide surveillance monitoring. Our customer service representatives are always kept up to date with the latest emergency response training to ensure that consumers have a calm and rapid response during such times of emergency.

3 Ways Outdated Security Puts a Business at Risk

outdated business security system

When it comes to selling security services in the commercial sector, you may find that many businesses claim to be “happy with the system we already have.” There’s just one problem. If that system is more than a few years old, it is probably sorely in need of updating and putting the business at risk. Here are 3 issues with outdated business security systems.

1. The Security System Is Not Supported

Manufacturers will only provide support for security systems they still produce or at least recently produced. As a result, the business will not be able to get replacement parts as easily and will have no technical support available if an issue arises.

2. Outdated Security Doesn’t Meet Present Needs

The needs of the business may have advanced beyond what the security system can offer. For example, some older surveillance systems may not allow for security monitoring. Instead, tapes need to reviewed after the fact. Also, a system may be equipped with surveillance but not offer any kind of limited building access that is now a necessary safety feature for many businesses that want to restrict who can enter the building or even certain rooms therein.

3. Older Systems Don’t Perform as Well

The longer a security system has been in place, the more likely it is not to perform when it is needed the most. For example, while modern digitally backed up footage has a high success rate, there’s no way to know if magnetic tape is even still good until someone sticks the tape in a player to watch back a surveillance video.

Keeping Commercial Clients Ahead of Criminals

NMC’s security monitoring services can help your business clients to stay ahead of criminals. Encourage commercial customers to upgrade to modern systems that provide rapid response to emergency situations during both business hours and off hours.

Security Selling Points for Customers Who Love to Travel

home security for travelers

Today’s world is filled with people who work online and love to use the freedom to travel as much as possible. This has created a new type of client for the security industry. There are a growing number of residential clients who only use a home, condo, or apartment as a base of operations for global travel. So how do you keep a home secure when it is empty half the time? Here are a few selling points for consumers who are away more than they are home.

How Security Monitoring Protects a Home During Travel

The advantage of a monitored security system is the peace of mind of being contacted immediately should an emergency occur back home. This can allow a homeowner to start on any necessary paperwork or calls before even returning from a trip.

Sensors paired with video surveillance allow a monitoring service to see the nature of an emergency before emergency response teams arrive at the scene. This prevents false alarms and ensures a quick response to everything from a fire to a break-in.

Additional Security Suggestions

Don’t forget to encourage clients to reduce the likelihood of a break-in by taking the following precautions:

  • Avoid Social Media Posting – Don’t share vacation pics until back at home so there is no evidence that the home is empty.
  • Have Mail Held – Piling up mail and newspapers send a clear message to would-be burglars that the house is empty.
  • Lock Everything – An alarm system is great for emergency response, but locking all doors and windows constitutes the first line of defense.

How NMC Can Help Protect Your Clients

By providing security monitoring for break-ins and environmental monitoring for floods, fire, and more, NMC helps to maintain your client’s peace of mind while on the road. Call our sales department at 877.353.3031 to learn more about the services we offer.