DOL Overtime Rules Encourage Surveillance Monitoring

Surveillance Monitoring

If you still have business clients insisting on in-house staff to monitor security after hours, The Department of Labor may have providing the tipping point for encouraging them to switch to a monitored and recorded CCTV system.

Changes to the FLSA You Should Know About

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) used to require that anyone smaking less than $455.00 per week be compensated for overtime. This didn’t affect the security industry because someone working over 40 hours a week should be bringing home more than that. However, earlier this year that figure was more than doubled to $913.00 per week. That means some businesses may be paying out lots of overtime to security staff.

Monitored Surveillance as a Money Saving Option

Switching to an externally monitored surveillance system is a money saving option over using an in-house staff to watch security cameras around the clock. Obviously, some clients may require that kind of in-house staff regardless. But for those who can do without, this mandatory overtime pay may be what finally causes a company to consider the switch.

Now is the time to inquire since businesses only have until the end of the year to start complying with the updates to the FLSA. These Department of Labor regulations could make overtime pay alone a bigger expense than monitoring services.

NMC is proud to provide top of the line commercial security monitoring. We customize our services to meet your client’s needs, so they reap the full benefits of our highly trained CSRs. From security monitoring to environmental monitoring, we can provide full support for any type of commercial organization.

These Are the Parts of a Home That Should Be Secured

Home Security Monitoring

We’re going to debunk a few security myths by addressing some statistics involving home break-ins and theft. You may be able to use some of these points to help residential clients develop a home security system that does an even better job of protecting their personal belongings and valuables.

Where Do Burglars Search First?

Most thieves (about 75%) go straight to the bedroom. This makes sense because the most frequently stolen valuables are usually in this room. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, video surveillance is usually left out of rooms such as the master bedroom. One potential solution is to keep valuables in a safe and just have a camera point toward the safe.

What Items Are Targeted Most Often?

Cash and jewelry are one and two with more than 80% of residential thefts targeting either of these two easy to grab-and-go items. That makes it important to store any significant amount of cash or expensive jewelry either in a safe or at least in another room besides the bedroom where criminals are less likely to look.

Burglars Hate Alarm Systems

You can’t spend stolen cash or sell jewelry in jail, so most thieves who are looking for a big score will go after homes without a security system. A visible camera may be enough to send an invader packing empty handed. However, since visible cameras may be spotted and disabled, a sensor to detect if a safe has been opened is a good backup. This will allow a monitoring service to contact the owner if the safe is opened when no one is supposed to be home.

Benefits of Using Security Cameras Instead of a Peephole

video intercom benenfits

In times past, a peephole was the perfect form of security. If someone rang the bell or knocked on the door, a peephole allowed the person inside the home to see who was there before answering. In fact, this method is still in place in most hotels around the world. However, security cameras now give residential clients superior security. What are the advantages?

Why Video Intercom Systems Are Becoming Popular

First of all, a highly visible camera sends a clear message to would-be robbers—“This home is secure!” No one wants to be caught committing a crime on video. However, having a security camera at the front door does more than just allow the police to track down the bad guys if a package gets stolen off the porch. The homeowner can use the video feed to get a clear image of who is at the door. Often, this can be done from a mobile device so that the homeowner doesn’t even have to approach the door and can immediate signal for help in case of danger.

This feature works in tandem with a monitoring service that can handle the SOS should the homeowner be concerned about the person at the door (whether a shady-looking stranger or an ex with a history of violence). The video feed can provide peace of mind for someone alone in the house and reduce the number of false alarms that could be triggered.

This is also something that homeowners are looking for. Therefore, if a person wants to sell a home, a video intercom system for seeing the doorstep can be just one more selling point that works to enhance the home’s value.

NMC is proud to provide the monitoring services your clients can rely on for security and peace of mind. With NMC, an experienced and highly-trained customer service representative is always just a couple of rings away.

Ordinance Update!


In the event you did not know, there is a new alarm ordinance in place for dealers in Colorado Springs, CO. We want to make sure you are fully knowledgeable and in compliance with the new regulations that are in place.

Per the Colorado Springs Municipal Code, alarm companies must obtain an alarm company license with Colorado Springs, renewable annually. Additionally, alarm companies are required to register their subscribers, pay a registration fee and obtain an alarm user permit, renewable annually.

At the time of an alarm dispatch request, the alarm company license and subscribers’ alarm permit number must be provided. The Police Department shall have (at their discretion) the ability to deny response to an alarm condition unless there is actual evidence that a crime is being or has been committed, for failure to provide the license and/or alarm permit number.

Please be sure to provide NMC with your company license number as well as the alarm permit number for each of your subscribers.

To read all about the new ordinance, please visit the website:

Properly Securing Doors and Windows for a Business

company door security monitoring

When it comes to residences, one of the primary issues with break-ins is the fact that people leave doors and windows unlocked. The same holds true for businesses. Here are a few tips to help your business clients keep their doors and windows secure.

Securing a Company’s Doors

The first thing here goes without saying—keep the door locked when the business is closed. An office building may keep the doors locked at all times to only allow access to employees and approved visitors. Keycards or other forms of smart locking systems are perfect for restricting access.

Motion sensors and video surveillance on doorways are a must. Visible video cameras discourage intruders. Hidden cameras allow for remote monitoring of who is entering or exiting the building. If someone comes through the doors during off hours, the alarm should alert a monitoring company immediately. Plus, the camera allows the monitoring service to see what the issue is in real-time if a crisis occurs during normal business hours.

Window Security Is a Must

For store fronts and office buildings alike, companies should use glass that is harder to break than traditional glass. Using one-way glass is a great way to protect valuables that may be sitting in offices on the perimeter of the building since thieves can’t see in. In a retail business, however, the storefront is an important part of bringing in customers, so while valuable goods will be visible, cameras and lighting can be used to create a deterrent to criminals.

Any windows that open should be locked from the inside when the building closes for the evening, weekends, or holidays. Especially on the ground floor, windows should be outfitted with break detection. This will alert the monitoring service to look at the video cameras, determine the cause of the break, and call the appropriate emergency services immediately.

Regardless of the type of business, NMC is happy to serve as the first line of defense against break-ins, theft, loss, and crisis situations. Call 877.353.3031 to find out how to put our monitoring services to work for your business and residential clients.

NMC Education Series – OCTOBER 13, 2016 – with Pete Pakbaz


Pete Pakbaz of presented at NMC for the October Education Series.

Pete discussed the value of connect home services using the services. Some of these services included Identify Theft, Video Solutions, Intelligent Automation, and even Wellness (PERS).

If you missed this presentation it is on our website under NMC’s Education Series.  Please go to View Past Webinars and create a login to access all past Education Series that NMC has hosted. 

Previous 2016 Education Series:

NMC Company BBQ

On Friday, September 9th, NMC hosted a company BBQ for all employees and their families. With games like Ping Pong, Bocce Ball and a putting green for practice, everyone had a great time! NMC is extremely thankful and appreciative of our team.

Thank you all for your hard work!

Securing Your Community


Our team of dedicated customer service representatives works diligently to represent your brand. On many occasions we have actual events that are resulting in captures. Kudos to our dealers who chose us as their partners in securing their communities!  We are grateful for your business!

JMG Security Systems, Inc.
Ken Jacobs – President

Video Captures

Who cares if it’s day time?

A Fountain Valley based business is closed for the weekend.  Shortly after 9:00am a suspect enters the outdoor area of the business heading directly toward the outdoor camera.  He tries repeatedly to remove the camera without success.  Our prompt intervention with the video enhancement resulted in the apprehension of this burglar.

Night crawlers

Seconds before 10:00pm, two suspects are caught on video creeping around a business that had closed for the evening.  While one suspect uses a flashlight to try and pry the door open, the other suspect is pacing around and seems as if he is keeping a look-out. Due to immediate action by the alarm agents and Fountain Valley PD, the two suspects were caught in action and arrested on scene.

Great job team JMG! 

The Video Vault


NMC continues to evolve and expand our video programs.

Both of our key integrators of video solutions offer branded portals as well as an app that enhance the custom video experience.

The video world now consists of Active Video vs. Video Clips.

Call me to talk about how our video solutions can increase your RMR!

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