Marketing Security Monitoring Services to Your Client

Marketing Security Monitoring Services

Marketing Security Monitoring Services

One question that our clients often ask at the beginning is the best way to market the service that we provide, and that makes sense. After all, no one knows our product as well as we do. For this very reason, NMC is happy to support our clients as you strive to explain the benefits of our vital services to your customers.

Marketing Materials Available to You

NMC can provide you with flyers and brochures to distribute to your clients. These marketing materials are customizable to ensure that your end user receives the exact information they need to make the right choice and go with your services.

Also, because we know our services the best, we also know how to sell them to your clients. To that end, we offer onsite support and training so that your team knows our product well enough to explain it as a part of your home or commercial security offerings.

Seeing Is Believing

Of course, it is one thing to tell your clients that your company uses the most state-of-the-art monitoring centers. It’s is another thing for your client to see that monitoring center in person. For that reason, we are happy to set up a tour of one of our centers in California or Texas for your client. It is our pleasure to help you close the deal in any way we can.

Two State-of-the-Art Command Centers Provide Reliability You Can Count On

Security Command Centers

When it comes to security monitoring services, your clients expect to be protected at all times, and you expect that from the monitoring service you work with. Why is NMC the right choice for security companies that want to offer the most reliable services? Here are some of the features that make our command centers the top of the line in reliability.

Redundancy, Redundancy, and Even More Redundancy

Redundancy is the key to ensuring that our monitoring services are available at all times. Our efforts begin by providing two state-of-the-art command centers. Both buildings are filled with well-trained custom service representatives and are able to handle any level of emergency. We are also outfitted to be UL 2050 compliant at both facilities. Generators are in place to ensure that neither facility fails to provide service even during a power outage.

It is also important to note that our facilities are located in California and Texas. The distance between these facilities helps to ensure that even if something occurs at one facility that interrupts service, the other is still online. Both facilities are equipped to become the sole headquarters in case of an emergency when one facility needs to be shut down. Cutting edge technology and a professionally trained workforce that is constantly educated on the latest protocols ensures your clients receive the best service every second of every day.

Prepared for Any Occasion

Whether one facility meets up with extreme levels of alarm activity or there is an emergency situation at the facility itself, NMC is always here when you need us. That’s what makes us one of the fastest growing security monitoring services in the country.

Tips to Help Residential Clients Avoid Burglary

Tips to Avoid Burglary

You want your clients to feel safe. They want to feel safe too. That’s why they use a security service. Providing safety tips is another great way to make your clients feel safer. After all, homeowners would rather pay for an alarm system that has never gone off and hopefully never will. .

Most Burglars Are Someone the Homeowner Has Met

The fact is that most home invaders case a residence in advance. Whether they got a view through the windows while walking down the street, or they recently came into your home to make repairs or spray for pests, a person who robs a private residence is rarely a complete stranger. That means one of the best ways to protect a home is to watch for questionable activity. For example, walk a cable repairman to the location of the problem. If he needs the bathroom, don’t let him wander the house alone.

A “Safe Neighborhood” Is No Excuse for Unlocked Windows

A window may have a sensor attached to alert to it being opened or broken, but that doesn’t mean the homeowner should leave windows unlocked. Burglars love safe neighborhoods since people are more likely to leave doors and windows unlocked during the day. Again, while a monitoring service will respond quickly to such an alert, it’s just better to have the lock secured as an extra safety measure.

Never Let the Home Look Empty

Homeowners need to know that burglars look for signs like a pile of newspapers in the driveway, an overflowing mailbox, a yard that is overgrown, or an unshoveled driveway in winter to see if someone has been out of town for a while. Better to have a trusted friend or neighbor to take care of matters.

Make It Known the Home Is Secure

Burglars don’t want to get caught. If a home is well marked as having a monitored security system and at least one surveillance camera is easily visible, a crime is far less likely to take place. Even if the person knows there are valuables in the house, it’s not worth the risk to race against the fast response of a monitoring service. NMC is happy to help protect residences and commercial properties alike by providing these monitoring services.

The Importance of Customer Service Representatives in the Security Sector

Professional CSRs

During an emergency situation, a calm and collected customer service representative (CSR) can save lives. During a false alarm or when a client has a question (perhaps a silly one), a friendly customer service representative can set a customer’s mind at ease without making anyone feel bad.

Training and Ongoing Education Are Musts

One of the reasons that NMC has such a high rate of satisfied clients is the professional training that we put all of our customer service reps through. Two training managers have a hand in preparing each and every rep to do the job right. Ongoing education programs ensure that reps stay up to date with the latest industry standards.

Some of the reps working at NMC today have been with us from the very beginning. That means they have benefited from training, ongoing education, and experience at helping keep clients secure. This experience also helps to ensure that our CSRs will keep a level head in an emergency situation.

Quality Control Ensures High Standards Are Met

We also monitor calls to our CSRs to ensure that our high standards of client care are being met at all times. This allows us to be consistent with all of our clients and yours. Even if a call is challenging or sensitive in nature, you can rest assured that our team can handle it. Our CSRs make NMC what it is—a leader in the monitoring and security industry.

Getting Involved in Higher Security

Monitoring for High Security Client

You also need to pair with NMC because we are one of only a handful of monitoring services in the country that are UL 2050 listed. That means we’re the perfect monitoring service to team up with if you want to get into the government sector.

What Is UL 2050?

Stripping the term down to the basics, it means that a company is trained to follow a specific set of protocols as far as providing security services is concerned. While government agencies may not be the only ones that require a security service to be up to date on UL 2050, this is certainly the primary example of the type of security market that is looking for this form of training in a security company.

Take Security to the Next Level

Some organizations won’t even consider a security company unless they are listed in the online certification directory. At NMC, we make sure that our customer service representatives (CSRs) are always being trained and mentored to respond to sensitive situations that may occur when a higher security client is involved.

With headquarters in both California and Texas, we are uniquely equipped to handle high-security needs over a wide area. Generators provide backup redundancy to ensure that monitoring services are always up and running. Zero downtime means 100% availability if an emergency arises, and that’s a must in the high-security market.

Environmental Monitoring Is What Your Commercial Clients Need


When it comes to selling security and automation to commercial clients, one of the factors that needs to be considered is environmental monitoring. This is a pretty hot topic right now in the business world, and for good reason. When it comes to research and development, pharmaceuticals, food processing companies, and many other industries, environmental monitoring can save a company millions of dollars by preventing loss of product or the production of a product that causes illness.

Why Environmental Monitoring Is Vital to Agriculture

When it comes to food, the temperature at which foods are stored or processed can be the difference between a successful product and a scandal involving sickness. The problem is that a company may not be able to have someone watching the temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rather than going through the humiliation of recalls, environmental monitoring is a way for a company to ensure that the proper conditions are being met at all times.

NMC Environmental Monitoring Services

At NMC, we specialize in monitoring environments such as cooling freezers and other vital environmental settings. When it comes to matters that affect an entire organization’s ability to stay in business, you want to be partnered with a company you can trust to respond quickly to dangerous environmental changes that a business needs to be alerted to right away.

Whether you need temperature monitoring or other commercial environmental factors, NMC is happy to offer our detailed knowledge, reliable services, and live operators who excel at providing the best customer support.

The Stages of Home Window Security

Window Security Monitoring

Window security is one of the most important factors in a home security system. In fact, the DoJ reports that 2 in 5 home break-ins don’t really require breaking in—just a quick lift of an unlocked window. Even more disturbing is that nearly a third of criminals enter homes through an open window with someone inside the home. The worst time of year for these occurrences? Summer. After all, who thinks about locking and unlocking windows when you are opening them frequently for a breeze?

Your clients need secure windows. Here are the stages of getting a residence’s windows as secure as possible.

Stage 1—Using the Locks

Just about every modern window comes with a lock on it. The figures listed above may be enough to convince most clients to start using them.

Stage 2—Lighting and Accessibility

A criminal is going to go for a poorly lit window to avoid detection. Using floodlights, especially on windows that have easy access such as ground floor windows, is a good way to deter burglars. Motion sensor lights ensure that light isn’t constantly pouring in through home windows at night.

Stage 3—Window Treatments

Letting criminals see into the house increases the likelihood that someone will see something worth breaking in for. Encourage clients to avoid sheer curtains, especially on windows that give a view of valuables.

Stage 4— Sensors and Monitoring

At this point, the security system takes over where the householder has done all they can do to protect the home. Sensors should be placed on all windows but especially on ground floor windows and ones that face away from the road. Lower windows should also have detectors for glass breaking, so there is no way for the burglar to get around a sensor that just detects the opening of the window.

These sensors then need to call out for help if windows are opened or broken. NMC is proud to provide the monitoring service that backs this final line of defense against window break-ins.

Peace of Mind—What a Security Company Is Really Selling

security business

Let’s face it, everyone in the security business is really trying to sell clients the same thing—peace of mind. Sadly, we need that now more than ever before. Violent crime is up in US cities for 2016. A recent report noted that crimes such as homicide, rape, robbery, assault, and shootings are all ahead of pace to pass last year’s statistics. Major US cities have seen more than 1,000 robberies at the midway point of 2015 as they did at the midway point of 2016. People truly need peace of mind.

How Home Security Provides What People Need

Security is a two-way street for families, especially if both parents work and kids get off the bus by themselves. Kids need to feel the sense of security that comes from the automated system letting them know that the alarm is armed. Parents need the security that comes from getting a text message that says the alarm system was briefly turned off and back on right at about the time the kids should be getting off the bus.

Video Surveillance Improves Peace of Mind

For some, that may not be enough. Mom may want to access the home’s security cameras from a smartphone and make sure it was the children who entered the home and only the children. The family may enjoy vacation more if regular checks can be made to ensure the home is okay and the alarm system being deactivated and reactivated is just a family friend feeding the pets.

Comprehensive Security and Monitoring Is Growing Necessary

Whether we want to admit it or not, no one’s home is safe from invasion. The best thing we can do is be prepared and to make it as uninviting as possible for burglars and other criminals to choose our homes. Surveillance and monitoring systems tell criminals to try the next house down and make sure they pay the price if they choose a secure home anyway.