Plan The Future with NMC’s Advanced MASweb Test Feature


NMC has designed an exciting feature that allows dealers to place accounts on test in advance for any future date and time.  This efficient tool will help dealers plan their technician’s workload by setting up these tests days, weeks or even months in advance directly from MASweb.  The feature is currently in development so stay tuned for more details.

10 Ways To Protect Your Home Security System Against Hacking

Home Security System

Homeowners are often unaware that their home security system can be hacked. Unfortunately even the most complex security locks can be overridden by smart intruders.

Promote home security system with your clients by making them aware of the vulnerabilities that can make their home security system prone to hackers. There are ways to get ahead of hackers.

Here’s a list of things a homeowner can do to protect their homes better against intruders.

1. Change passwords frequently.

Using default passwords makes a security system an easy prey for hackers. This is like leaving your door already half open for hackers. Avoid using personal details such as birthdays on your passwords. Instead, try a 12 digit password that can be easily recollected (the longer your password, the more secure it is.) Incorporate numbers, capital letters, and punctuation marks in those 12 digits.

2. Protect your router.

Protect your router with a secure password. However, ensure you do not use the same access codes for your security system and router.

3. Hide your network

Hackers can’t break into what they cannot find. Use your wireless router’s settings to make your home automation network invisible from automatic searching.

4. Avoid using public Wi-Fi.

Try as much as possible not to access your automation devices at home using public wi-fi connections. This makes you more vulnerable to hackers. You can use your mobile data service or a more secure connection instead before you click connect.

5. Regularly upgrade your firmwares and apps

The reason why companies continually update their firmwares is to fix bugs and also to add more security. By complying with these updates, you’re arming yourself with greater protection against hackers.

6. Double check your camera logs.

Usually, checking your camera logs is an easy way to know if someone has been messing around with your security system. Several security cameras can show the IP addresses that accessed your cameras. If you find any suspicious one, change your access codes immediately and notify the right authorities.

7. Use encrypted signals.

Ensure the signals sent for videos and controls are encrypted. Our systems at the National Monitoring Center (NMC) are capable of using high-level encryptions to ensure that no one else can view your videos and pictures.

8. Put up a firewall.

To prevent unauthorized access to your devices, ensure you have a firewall in your network.

9. Secure your mobile phone

Most of the home security systems today are controlled through mobile apps making your smartphone crucial to your home’s security and the need to have it password protected always. You can also install a tracking app in case you misplace or lose your phone.

If such happens, remember to remove your mobile phone’s access from your system and report immediately to the authorities.

10. Build a separate network

One disadvantage of having a connected home is that it is connected. Once a hacker is able to access one of your devices, he can gain access to all. To prevent this, build a separate network exclusively intended for your home security and automation.

Wireless Security Transforming the Real Estate Industry

wireless home security

For several years, the real estate industry has been faced with an issue: “You can not be everywhere simultaneously.” Monitoring your staff and property seems impossible considering the fact that you have to perform other tasks. However, with new wireless technology, you can think otherwise. Increasingly, real estate professionals are utilizing wireless alarm systems to monitor their staff, avoid water damage, protect vacant homes and offer extra value to their tenants.


With an alarm system, you can create custom PINs that will notify you when contractors come in and go out. Several property managers we spoke with told us they use this feature to easily monitor the whereabouts of their tenants. You can ensure that your maintenance requirements are addressed, that your staff is doing what needs to be done and you will have a record of it all!


This simple and yet effective practice can also be utilized with your tenants. Arrange an agreement with your tenants to create a “specific maintenance PIN”. The PIN can also be utilized for all units and cannot seen by the tenants. Therefore, by adding a specific maintenance pin, you can utilize the same PIN for each property without security risk.


Real estate practitioners who relinquish the protection of security monitoring for their homes are taking a great deal of a risk. National Monitoring Center (NMC) monitoring can curb risks related to home invasions. Provide your customers with reliable monitoring that NMC guarantees you and reward them with the protection of their identity and assets.


NMC Night at Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Throughout each major league baseball season, NMC provides networking and entertainment opportunities to its valued customers by hosting a suite at select Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim home games.  This is a great way to meet the NMC staff and talk to fellow dealers while enjoying great food and drinks.  If you’re interested in attending one of these games, be sure to contact NMC Dealer Relations or NMC Sales.

Here are some recent photos of games this season.

game1NMC hosting Action Alarm Company


NMC hosting AJ Alarm Systems


NMC hosting Valley Alarm for a recent game



NMC hosting VFS Fire & Security Services



Sureview Cloud Mobile Access Now Available from NMC


NMC has successfully deployed Sureview Cloud mobile access at both of its central monitoring stations.  Using the Immix® Mobile app, dealers are able to connect to the NMC Sureview Cloud using their mobile devices to view event video, record audit trails, see live camera feeds, and access event reports.  The app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. To see if your mobile devices are compatible, contact NMC Engineering.

Look for the Immix Mobile app in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Now Online: AES Mapping Software

AES Corporation’s new Network Management System is a powerful monitoring and management platform that enables AES-IntelliNet owners and operators to efficiently and profitably expand their wireless networks. The Network Management System web application provides a real-time visual presentation of the operation and function of an AES-IntelliNet network to assure that critical alarm communication signals are transmitted quickly with high reliability.

Network Management System offers many features and benefits including Intelligent Dashboards for monitoring functionality, Visualization to track performance and plan network expansion, and Notification alerts to key personnel of network events. Network Management System monitors all network subsystems which includes AES-MultiNet receivers, IP Links, Burglary and Fire Subscribers.

To learn more about AES Corporation’s Network Management System, visit

California Headquarters Complex Improvements Boost Employee Retention


Just as NMC has made major investments in purchasing its building, acquiring its technology, and hiring and training its people, the owners’ association of the building complex surrounding NMC’s California headquarters is also making major investments in the grounds and facilities.  Over the next few months, NMC’s California employees will now be able to enjoy such amenities as:

  • Multiple covered sitting and eating areas with solar panels
  • Barbecues and fire pits
  • Buildings repainted with a specific new modern design to make them more colorful and inviting
  • Ping pong tables, Bocce ball and Putting greens

We invite you to schedule a tour of our California facilities and see why NMC has one of the best employee retention rates in the industry!

Sur-gard`s New System 5 Receivers Coming Soon!

surgard 5

NMC is excited to announce that its new Sur-gard System 5 Receivers will be coming online soon, bringing additional advancements and efficiencies to NMC’s leading edge central station receivers.

The new Sur-gard receivers will allow NMC to review and monitor the latest DSC video products.  Stay tuned for the official launch of this exciting new product.

Custom Caller ID Now Available at No Additional Charge


National Monitoring Center now utilizes custom caller ID branding for all outbound calls.  Dealers may now choose what they would like their outbound caller ID to display for no additional charge. This provides many advantages for the dealer.  For example, the caller ID can be switched to the custom voice/abort line number of the dealer.  This means that if a subscriber misses a call from the central station and then calls back the missed phone number, the operator at National Monitoring Center will answer the call with the dealer’s name as part of the greeting.  Contact NMC Sales to learn more about this feature.

NMC`s New Trade Show Booth

If you attended the ESX show in Fort Worth you most likely noticed a familiar logo towering above the rest – the new NMC tradeshow booth! It’s fitting that the nation’s premier central station would have a premier booth and hospitality to match!

Plan to visit us at ESX June 13-16 2017 in Nashville, TN
Call Sales 877-353-3031

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the show, or would like a closer look at the booth, see these pictures above.