Rescuing DIY Clients

DIY Home Security Monitoring

Consumers, who at one point were enthused about setting up their own security cameras to save some money, are finding out there is so much more to gain with a professionally installed and monitored system. As a distributor, this kind of consumer frustration creates a perfect opportunity for acquiring new clients and upgrading existing ones.


One disadvantage these DIY consumers face is the lack of an installation warranty that comes with a professional job. Your sales force can reassure your clients that they will receive a guaranteed proper installation and the necessary support thereafter should equipment fail. Clients benefit by saving countless hours of frustration and struggle when they opt for a professional install.


For DIY consumers, once they have the cameras installed, it is up to them to monitor their home at their own time and expense. This might pose a hindrance for some consumers who do not realize the level of attention required to sufficiently monitor their premises. As a trusted security company, you bring to them the promise of an efficient and successful monitoring system. For our clients, National Monitoring System (NMC) guarantees this promise will be honored with our two fully-redundant central monitoring stations and our highly-trained professional customer service representatives.


You can tap into the DIY customer base by training your sales team to address the shortcomings of a DIY system. Emphasize the end savings and peace of mind your clients will experience when they choose to hire professional security monitoring for their home. NMC is here to back you up on that guarantee as your reliable security monitoring provider.


ESX 2016

the 2016 Electronic Security Expo (ESX)

the 2016 Electronic Security Expo (ESX)

National Monitoring Center (NMC) is pleased to be participating in at the Fort Worth Convention Center from June 6-8. ESX is a trade show event for electronic security and life safety dealers, integrators, and monitoring companies. At this expo, NMC will be showcasing our products and services, learning from business leaders, discovering emerging trends and technologies, as well as networking with other industry professionals.


We will be engaging in relevant peer-to-peer education in which ideas and strategies will be delivered for implementation. NMC’s standard of practice will be further enhanced by new practical solutions and concepts sure to be presented at ESX. In today’s competitive landscape, it is critical for security professionals to enhance our industry knowledge and hone our business skills. The educational sessions provide insights and inspiration to help us achieve operational and financial excellence, and gain valuable business intelligence on trends, technology, threats and opportunities. This information is passed on to you as our clients so you can achieve the success you are entitled to have in this industry and with our services.


On top of discussing the relevant security updates and business strategies, we will have a chance to discover next-generation monitoring technologies as well as services and management techniques that deliver meaningful services and expectations for ourselves and our clients, and for their end-users.
ESX reinforces our broad perspective of the challenges that lie ahead and how to remain nimble to take advantage of fast-paced business changing opportunities.


NMC understands the importance of remaining relevant and successful for the benefit of our valued clients. As we invest our time in events such as ESX, we continue to be the leader with the newest industry developments. Together we will continue to go forward and embrace the ever changing landscape of our business.