The Gold Standard

UL 2050 Security Monitoring Service

National Monitoring Center (NMC) is one of the few nationally-acclaimed, third-party monitoring services in the United States to be UL 2050 listed. This means that the services provided by NMC are in compliance with the industry standard, making NMC the perfect choice for dealers of the higher security market.


Certification of alarm services is important because it provides a connection of confidence between owners and service providers in addition to other stake holders such as authorities holding jurisdiction (AHJs), insurance companies, and government agencies. UL 2050 is the standard for safety of national industrial security systems. Being listed indicates that the security provider is compliant in their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, monitor, and operate the alarm systems they provide.


By choosing NMC, know that you are delivering the highest level of confidence to your clients in today’s market. Our UL 2050 certification is a guarantee that your systems are tested and monitored according to the latest applicable codes and standards.




Vulnerabilities of an Unprotected Home

Home Security Monitoring

Homeowners are often reluctant to get security monitoring for their home because they feel their front door lock is sufficient to keep intruders out. Unfortunately even the most complex locks can be picked and overrode by clever intruders. Promote home security with your clients by making them aware of the vulnerabilities of an unprotected home.


Criminals with intent will find a way to breach any home they recognize as being unsecured. Nothing will stop them from breaking a window to create a point of entry. Once in, the entire contents of the home will be at the disposal of the intruder. Anything they can carry out and use or sell for money will be at risk but this risk is not limited to just personal possessions. Bills and legal documents containing personal information are often found around the home. Identifying documents such as passports and memberships can be used as an identity theft tool and these documents are often kept in locations that facilitate ease of access for your client. Unfortunately, this means ease of access for the intruder as well. The compromise of this information leaves your client very vulnerable and creates a web of hassle they need to deal with immediately in order to mitigate marring of their credit and identity.


Homeowners who forego the protection of security monitoring for their home put themselves at risk for great losses, monetarily and emotionally. National Monitoring Center (NMC) monitoring can curtail all risks associated with home invasions. Sell to your clients the reliable monitoring that NMC ensures for you and reward them with the protection of their assets and identity.


Sell Savings with the Smart Home

smart home security

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. On top of that, homes without a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized than homes with a security system. With these stats in mind, your home security clients should be made aware of all the possible savings they can cash in on by having a home security monitoring system.


The National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides ways for your homeowner clients to save money while benefiting from peace of mind. Installing monitored safety and security devices in a home can save, on average, 20% of homeowner’s insurance cost for the consumer. Insurance companies understand that a professionally monitored security system provides an extra layer of protection to a home, reducing the number of potential claims of burglary, fire, or water damage. Insurance companies are able to pass these savings on to your clients with homes, further incentivizing them to protect themselves and their home.


Another selling point for homeowners who may be considering a home security system is having the peace of mind they deserve. The stress of experiencing catastrophic events such as home invasions, burglaries, or fires can be emotionally damaging, especially for young children. The outcome of such events can have long-term effects that may require medical or therapeutic attention, costing your clients more money. Encourage your clients to protect themselves, their families, and their property with a professionally monitored security system.


A reduced insurance premium and possible cost savings down the line will be incentive enough for your clients to install a home security monitoring system. Bundle that with the priceless value of having peace of mind that their home and loved ones are being looked after is the cherry on top of their security pie.


The Smartphone: A Security Tool at Your Fingertips

security smartphone

These days smart phones are no longer marketed as a luxury, they are sold as a necessity. Millions of Americans engage in the fervor that is the release of the latest smart phone from the top competing companies, some even lining up for hours just to drop hundreds of dollars on the newest piece of technology. This means one thing for your potential security clients: they are already holding a powerful tool for their most basic security and monitoring needs.


Clients who already have home security or who are considering a system can further benefit with the added ease of monitoring their home with their smartphone. Aside from the standard notification to their smartphone of any alarm triggers, your clients can also monitor and remotely control appliances in their home with a smart home system.


Just as consumers who consistently update their smartphone for the latest features, your security clients will want to know what benefits they reap when they buy into your monitoring product. Your sales force should focus on selling the convenience of using a tool your clients are already toting around with them. They can actively engage in the security and monitoring of their home with their smartphone wherever they may be.


The beauty of having a mobile phone with Wi-Fi capabilities is the ability to send commands at any distance. Your clients will find excitement in being able to turn their thermostat on so their home is sufficiently at a comfortable temperature for their arrival. They can continue their day with peace of mind by being able to confirm they have closed their garage door and securely locked their doors.



National Monitoring Center (NMC) Announces Key Executive Hire


Lake Forest, CA – April 4, 2016

In another key move to solidify its position as industry leader in the alarm monitoring industry, National Monitoring Center (NMC) announced the hiring of Kathleen Schraufnagel to join its executive team as Central Station Manager for NMC’s Texas facility.

Schraufnagel brings an impressive resume to the NMC Team.  She began her career in the security industry with Brink’s Home Security in 1991.  During her 20 years with Brink’s, she held a number of positions and eventually became their Industry Relations Liaison.  She then joined Monitronics in 2011 where a great deal of her time was spent educating her Dealers on IQ and working on the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) ASAP to PSAP program. She is co-chair of the ASAP to PSAP Outreach Committee as well.

For over 20 years, Schraufnagel has been active in many local, state and national security industry associations and has held numerous committee and board positions in each.  She is currently the Vice President of the North Texas Alarm Association (NTAA) and Secretary for the National Electronic Security Alliance (NESA) as well as a member of the IQ Board of Directors.  Additionally, she sits on the Government Relations, Legislative Coalition, and National Companies Committees for the Electronic Security Association (ESA), and is a member of the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC). She has been a member of the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) since 1998 and has served the organization in a variety of positions and committees, including the Board of Directors as the Electronic Security Associate Director. She is also an Essentials of False Alarm Reduction Certified Instructor.

Her proudest achievement was her appointment to a multi-association “Think Tank” formed in the late 1990’s that spent four years researching and implementing new false alarm reduction measures nationwide, including what is now known as Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) along with many elements included in the ANSI SIA CP-01 control panel standard and the CSAA CS-V-01 central station standard. The “Think Tank” eventually evolved into the present-day Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC).

Kathleen has a long history of working closely with law enforcement and other government agencies in regard to creating and revising ordinances and helping to craft security industry licensing and alarm management legislation. She has taught Understanding Alarms classes for police academies and training centers, as well as helping to conduct alarm user schools in conjunction with different law enforcement agencies and the Texas Crime Prevention Association.

About NMC

Founded by Michael Schubert and Woodie Andrawos in 2001, NMC has risen to become the premier 3rd party monitoring company in the nation.  The company operates two redundant monitoring centers in Lake Forest, California and Irving, Texas.  For further information, please call 800.353.3031 or email at

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