Trends in the PERS Market

Personal Emergency Response System

The global market for Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) is expected to reach $1.85 billion by 20171 and $4.4 billion by 20202, driven by the expanding base of the aging population and an increased preference for independent living. Surging alongside this trend is the increasing proliferation of Information Technology infrastructure to support the demands of this population. Included in this movement is the uptrend in monitoring service needs, best fulfilled by National Monitoring Center (NMC).


Technological advances have led to the development of novel portable PERS devices that promote functionality as well as mobility. This is a major selling point as technology is ever changing and your clients’ needs are changing along with it. Always offer your clients the most innovative devices and know that NMC has you covered with the most up-to-date monitoring techniques.


Monitoring in the PERS sector requires special care and training and associates at NMC are specially educated in handling medical emergencies. Responsiveness to triggered alarms is one thing but the ability to handle the sensitive nature behind a medical emergency call is another factor altogether. NCM representatives are selected for their care, compassion, and professionalism in order to provide the best comforting guidance to your clients during their emergency.


Integration of PERS in senior healthcare offers numerous benefits to family members and care providers, and enables the aging population to lead independent and healthier lives. Through our clients, NMC is proud to be a contributor to the security and well-being of this population.


Creating a secure environment for hotel guests

CCTV Camera Operating inside dormitory or apartment

Video monitoring has become a prominent component of running a business and the hospitality world is no exception. No hotel can operate without a security system. However, the effectiveness of any security systems is limited by its responsiveness. At National Monitoring Center (NMC), we provide your hotel clients with speedy, reliable, and professional monitoring services. This is crucial for the safety of their guests and employees and for the operation of their hotel business.


Hotel security should be two-fold, especially if it is a large business in a busy area. It consists of having a physical team of trained personnel present on campus and watching at all hours. Hospitality monitoring should also include 24/7 video surveillance with multi-day storage capabilities. In a hotel, digital storage of surveillance footage should be for at least seven days. Storage can be variable and is based on the type of activity and frequency of activity at each business. Having a team of live security guards and cameras in strategically-placed locations will provide hotel guests with peace of mind and deter others from any thoughts of criminal or obstructive behavior.


Monitoring is a tool used to protect hotel guests as well as the hotels themselves. Oftentimes crime is facilitated by someone with inside knowledge of the business. Internal fraud and theft can occur at the front desk by those trained to run reception. Reviewing activity in common areas (lobby, parking, pools, and recreation rooms) can improve security and operational efficiency if used properly.


With NMC, your hospitality clients benefit with the assurance of consistent monitoring and prompt response times. On top of this, clients can cut down on operation costs by eliminating staff hired to monitor video onsite. Guests will confidently return to hotels where they feel safe and provided for, resulting in a successful business for your hospitality clients.


Capturing the Small Business Audience

Small Business Security Monitoring System

With all the day-to-day tasks managed by a small-business owner, it’s no wonder the last thing he thinks about is enrolling in a monitoring system as a double shield on top of keeping doors locked during non-business hours. Often times, small business owners do not even realize they are at risk until a break-in or theft does occur. In order to prevent such events from happening, small business owners need to be convinced of the importance of preventive security measures that will not only provide peace of mind but also deter any potential threats to their business.


Considering the already extensive responsibilities on his plate, a business owner will not find the often convoluted and tricky task of installing and maintaining a security system appealing. Small business owners will find value in knowing how a preventative security monitoring system can help them save money in the long run. Their aim is to keep their business afloat while at the same time bringing in profits at the end of the month. In a perfect world, small business owners should be able to achieve just that and not worry about unpredictable adverse events. Unfortunately, the need for security is propelled by the increasing incidences of break-ins, thefts, and fraud across all spectrum of life. No small business owner is safe from this without a proper security and monitoring system. A small investment with preventative monitoring can mean a tremendous savings of potential loss or damage resulting from a break-in or security breach over the long run.


Emphasize to your small business audience the importance of running a profitable business with little to no security stress or interruptions. With a proper security system, your liability goes down and your insurance effectiveness goes up. Small business owners are not only liable for themselves, they may be liable for the building they occupy, the products they have in their store, and any employees they may have on site. Having a monitoring system will reduce the worries they may have with each of their liabilities.


Successfully providing security for your local small business owner will help build their trust in your services and garner referrals in their small business circle. Simplifying installation and monitoring for your small business owner will allow him to confidently go about his daily work knowing he is protected and in good hands.


Securing Your Community

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016

parkIn a world of false alarms, you can be sure that NMC is there when real crime is happening.  Here’s a look at recent incidents where NMC’s virtual presence was on the scene to assist with a capture and helped protect the assets of the customer.

Our team of dedicated security professionals works diligently to represent your brand. On many occasions we have actual events that are resulting in captures. Kudos to our dealers who chose us as their partners in securing their communities! We are grateful for your business!

Alliance Protection Daphne Ray – President

La Quinta is a known as a charming golf resort community, a short drive south of Palm Springs.

Shortly after 2:30 am on February 10th, a business had an unwanted visitor. Motion sensors detected the intruder and the alarm sent a signal to the NMC alarm room floor.

Our alarm agent, Mattie Smith received the signal and within seconds began making calls to report the alarm. As she is handling the alarm, the intruder continued to move around the facility, triggering additional alarms. One of the contacts called by NMC contacted us to inquire about the alarm activations.

The responsible party requested that the police be sent to check the location. The police were dispatched on multiple alarm activations.

With a prompt response time by the Indio Police department the cruiser arrived on scene. During the interior sweep, the intruder was spotted and quickly apprehended.

Sierra Group

Carl Frommer ‐ President

It was right before noon at a local bank in Garden Grove when a woman entered the bank. The woman walked up to the tellers and proceeded to hold up the bank with a rifle. Silence envelopes the business and a teller discretely activates her hold up alarm.

The signal was transmitted to an NMC alarm agent. Police were dispatched in under 5 seconds!

Several squad cars arrived on scene. The bank robber got away before the police arrived. But she didn’t get very far! Tellers were able to snap pictures of the get‐away car! She was apprehended within the hour with both the cash and a “replica” rifle in her possession.

The NMC team is proud of our service. Working for our dealers securing the community!

Key NMC Executive Moves

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016

michael-woodieNational Monitoring Center (NMC) Announces Key Executive Moves

As part of its continuous growth in the alarm monitoring industry, National Monitoring Center (NMC) announced two key executive moves intended to secure its future as the premier 3rd party monitoring provider for many years to come.

Michael Schubert, currently President, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer and will take on a greater visionary role to guide the strategic direction of the company as it seeks new markets and new opportunities for growth.  He will continue to participate in key decisions for the company.

Woodie Andrawos, Executive Vice President, will assume the role of President and will take over the day-to-day operations of the Company.  As President, Mr. Andrawos will ensure that the Company fulfills its obligations under “The NMC Promise” to strengthen the customer relationships of its dealers and help grow their business through superior customer service and professional representation of the dealer’s brand.

NMC’s Annual Las Vegas Event!

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016

nmc-las-vegasJoin us! Register now for NMC’s Annual Las Vegas Event at the Bellagio’s Hyde Lounge. You don’t want to be left out of this must-see event. Click here to register.
Remember this is a Dealer only event. Must be 21 and over to enter.

The Video Vault

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016


Check out our New Video Program!

Video is evolving and NMC has expanded our video monitoring services.

I‐View Now and SureView are key integrators of video solutions. Each offers a custom experience for the dealer such as branded portals and much more. These portals enhance the video experience.

There are two models you should consider when developing a video verification program. Video verification is defined as a video embellishment of a digital signal.

Video Clips

2500 Square feet or less for a residential video application. Small commercial sites as well. These solutions trend toward Total Connect Video and Videofied to name a few. These solutions are based on video clips.

Active Video

DVR and NVR based solutions for both indoor and outdoor. These systems are typically for commercial applications.  Some residential properties fit in this category as well.

Guard Tours

Establishing a series of timed intervals where and “expected event” occurs in our CS and our Alarm Agent views the cameras on sight.

Video Escorts

This is a subscriber driven event where we escort the subscriber to their vehicle while watching them on the video.

Call the sales team today 877‐353‐3031 or email and work with us to develop a video program that’s right for you!

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The Social Business

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016


Social Media
By Sharon Elder, VP Sales

Sales is my passion!

Lead generation is evolving and it’s my goal to help you progress into Social Media.

This year the NMC sales team kicked off a LinkedIn program. Get connected and join us on this new networking journey!

How to create a LinkedIn account.

Go to, enter your information, establish a secure passcode and Join!

LinkedIn will guide you through the steps. You can choose to sync your contacts to help you find people more easily.

Then simply verify your email address and your account is ready. There are two types of LinkedIn accounts: Basic Account and Premium Account. The basic account is free and the premium account has a monthly subscription cost.

You can get quite a lot out of LinkedIn with a basic account. We encourage you to start there. Spend some time filling out your profile. LinkedIn is a B2B channel so be sure to focus on Business content. Share your culture!

Let’s discuss content.

There are two types of basic content.

Evergreen and Trending. It is the combination of both that keeps you visible.

Managing Content

We have found it helpful to establish a schedule in an excel spreadsheet that projects 90 days of content. This enables us to post consistently and maintain continuity with our sales message. Building a strategy and getting buy‐in from your team is an important element for a successful campaign.    Content can give clear insight to your culture and the core of your Company’s competencies.

Engage with Industry influencers on social media

  • Lifeline Fire and Security, Inc.
  • Ener‐Tel Services, Inc.
  • Loud Security Systems
  • National Monitoring Center

Engaging in Social Media opens a virtual networking door that has limitless possibilities. Be a person of value! Bring good old fashioned service values to your B2B connections.

Follow NMC today! Connect with us!

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Sharon Elder VP Sales


NMC Education Series

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016

sd-marketingDon’t forget to register for our upcoming March series on social media: “Social Selling with LinkedIn – A force multiplier for your security sales”

Can’t make it in person? Then join our webinar session and view streaming video at your convenience.

Click here for more information.

NMC has Strategic Financial Relationships that Benefit Dealer Companies

IN THE NEWS ~ MARCH 17, 2016

benefitAre you in a dealer program and want to build your own wealth? Our financial partners have loan programs to fund you upfront. When the loan has been re‐paid then the contract is returned to you.

These financial partners also have lines of credit opportunities for Companies who need to fund growth and expansion.  Thinking about selling…Need succession?

We have resources within our network to facilitate those goals

Call me! Let me help you connect with the resources you need to achieve your goals.

Sharon Elder
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