Defining Cybersecurity for Clients

Cyber security

For existing clients, you are frequently their primary source of information regarding anything related to security — including in-house data and cloud based information. If you need assistance in creating a cybersecurity solution within your business, contact National Monitoring Center (NMC). We can give you the guidance and resources necessary to create a plan to meet your clients’ needs.


Cyber threats are frequently more frightening than a physical breach. For companies that store vast amounts of proprietary information or financial data at an off-site location, a physical breach may be of nearly no concern. When they turn to you for help, giving them no answer can often lead to the end of your professional relationship with the client.


Some companies may have no idea that cybersecurity is a potential problem. Small businesses that have operated for decades have done so without much concern of a data breach. Go through your client files and generate a call list. Offering a cybersecurity assessment is a great way to revisit your clients and build a trusted relationship. Plus, by visiting the client you have the chance to cross-sell additional security services for their home and office.


You don’t have to have an in-house team to provide a cybersecurity solution. From national brands to small, one-man companies, you can integrate cybersecurity into your suite of services. As a small business, you are likely to work better with other small businesses. Look for a local company providing data security and create a partnership. Frequently, small businesses that are looking for professional help with cybersecurity may also need a physical security system to complement the data security plan.


For small security firms, cybersecurity might appear to be an overwhelming obstacle. However, by leveraging the expertise of NMC along with your own local contacts, you can create tremendous business opportunities thanks to the progression of technology.


Upselling the Front Door

Front Door Home Security

As the primary point of entry to many homes, the front door is a great way for you to connect with new and existing clients to find the kinds of services that create long lasting relationships. From the convenience of an automated door to the safety of keyless entry, you will be able to provide both enticing features and real solutions to your clients.


For most people, juggling to get a house key while carrying groceries is an inconvenient nuisance. The most advanced door locks can now automatically unlock while the key holder approaches the door. This is the same kind of technology used in cars that allow for seamless entry and push button ignition.


Remote access is another great feature — especially for families with teens. With remote access, your client can use a smartphone to unlock the front door when one of the kids loses a key. With a few taps on a cell phone app, your clients can unlock the front door.


Programmable locks are another great feature for anyone juggling contractors or cleaning people. Your clients can offer them a unique code to unlock the door during specific hours. If you know that your clients are using their home or rental property for short term rentals (like on AirBnB), then providing them with a programmable lock solves the tremendous difficulty that comes with servicing travelers. Each new visitor gets a unique code that expires at the end of the stay.


Video feed and interactive com systems have been around for decades, but thanks to modern technology, your clients can have access to those tools from anywhere in the world.


Contact National Monitoring Center (NMC) to discuss the kinds of services that know will bring in new clients and provide value-added upsells to existing ones. Capitalize on the cache that comes with a well-connected front door, and create the long lasting relationships you will need to remain a relevant security service.


Competing with the National Brands

competitive advantage

Most clients don’t understand the security industry. They don’t understand how national brands, local companies, and third-party monitoring systems compete or compliment each other. When you add in digital security, most clients simply don’t want to know. They want to secure their homes and/or businesses without trying to understand the ins-and-outs of our business.


However, you know that as a smaller security firm, you can provide a higher quality of personalized service as compared to the large corporations made up of faceless, back-end personnel. National Monitoring Service (NMC) can provide you and your sales team with a list of proven talking points to help convince your clients that a local company is just as effective as the national brands.


NMC has all the power and experience as any nationally-known security firm. We invest in our staff with the kind of cross-training to ensure that any and all security threats are thwarted at the earliest possible moment. We have an open, multi-functional workplace that cultivates the most experienced professionals in the security field. Comparatively, many of the national brands function on minimally-trained staff who work with a limited scope of understanding for the entirety of a client’s security needs.


In fact, NMC operates on a national level, allowing you to sell both the local and the national advantages. While you provide the friendly face of a representative familiar with each client, NMC provides the clout that comes with a large, corporate security service.


Take advantage of the work they do to promote a national monitoring service by comparing it to the quality of service that comes with using NMC. Then use your own local focus to close the sale.


Appealing Perimeter Defences

Perimeter Security Defences

A physical barricade is always a great perimeter defense. Thorny bushes and high metal fences will help reduce the number of people who will try to breach a perimeter. However, not all homeowners and business owners are willing to sacrifice visibility for the sake of security. In fact, some homes and businesses gain significant value because of unobstructed views. National Monitoring Center can help you create a slate of options for anyone who wants a secure perimeter without the interference that comes with high walls and tall trees.


Seaside and lakeside buildings have always struggled with In some states, all beaches are public land and no one can block or restrict access to the waterfront face of the building. Of course, this kind of perimeter issue means that the home is exposed to anyone approaching the home from the waterfront.


For many businesses, visibility is key in successfully attracting customers. Without an open view, the business might suffer from low foot traffic or difficult navigation. Having a large, visible location is often the draw for some specific businesses and blocking that view for the sake of security means a reduction in revenue.


While you and your sales team might be very comfortable with the features that come with invisible security options, many potential clients might not understand how advanced these systems are today. NMC can offer you the talking points you need to address invisible perimeter concerns such as reliability, cost, and false alarms.


For businesses that display expensive items such as electronics, there is nearly no time to prevent theft once the physical location has been breached. So perimeter breach detection is the key to a successful security system.


Criminals today aren’t deterred by motion sensor lights and alarms — too often those features aren’t connected to any comprehensive system. Only an extensive, invisible perimeter fence is sufficient to have an impact on the likelihood of a breach while preserving the open space feel desired by the client.


Selling the Smarthome

Smarthome Secutity

The line between a home security feature and a smarthome feature has become barely distinguishable. The wifi thermostat, for example, offers benefits both as a home security monitor (rapid increase in temperature) and as a smarthome feature (turning on the heater while driving home from work).


For some clients, your sales team should focus on the exciting bells and whistles that come with owning a smarthome system. For those clients, home security is not as important as the cache of having lights they can turn on and off with their cell phone. Convenience takes presidence over security.


Other clients will want to understand how these features will make them more secure. These clients may not immediately understand that turning on lights at random times will reduce the likelihood of burglary. Clients that are focused on the logical reasons behind a security system might not be able to see inside the criminal mind without the help of your sales team.


So how do you tell these two kinds of clients apart? Good, consultative sales.


Your sales team needs to be ready and willing to make a change in their sales approach based on the answers that the clients give. With open-ended questions and a willingness to listen, your sales team will be able to deliver an effective, customized presentation to every potential client.


Incident Management

Security Incident Management

Frequently, in the days following a problem, clients let their guard down, assuming a second incident would be impossible. Unfortunately, that’s not true. At NMC, we doubledown on our efforts to ensure your clients are not victimized twice.


With criminal acts, a small incident can be a part of a larger plan. For example, a simple act of breaking a window disrupts the daily routines and patterns for your client. Insurance claim adjusters, contractors, and regional management professionals show up on the scene to inspect the damage and assess the problem. With so many strangers coming and going, the staff on site quickly become accustomed to unusual circumstances — therefore leaving a window of opportunity for an even greater security breach.


Some criminals are quick to respond during natural disasters or other random events. Businesses that have broken windows due to hail, wind, or an out-of-control vehicle are susceptible to looting by a observant criminal. Once the status-quo is broken and repairs are incomplete, response times are often slower because everyone assumes the problem is a false alarm. With an effective monitoring company like NMC, unfortunate problems don’t lead to criminal acts.


Your clients deserve a monitoring company that will remain vigilant during the uncertain aftermath of a security breach. Plus, they need a monitoring service that can work seamlessly with your staff, local authorities, and the business professionals to make your services seem all the more valuable and relevant.

Vacant and Vacation Home Security

Vacation Home Security

If your clients have more than one home, they are likely facing the uncertainty that comes with having a vacant home or a vacation home. National Monitoring Center (NMC) can provide your sales team with some effective selling tools that will allow you to penetrate this lucrative add-on for new and existing customers.


Vacant and vacation homes are susceptible to vandals and squatters. And homes that sat quietly in a wooded area a decade ago are now sitting on land that is being encroached upon by a growing population. Keeping these homes secure has historically been difficult. However, thanks to ever-advancing technology, security firms can add security features that will greatly diminish the chances of a break in.


While many summer homes don’t maintain running water in the winter, many are able to keep the electricity and phone lines active. So for the minimal cost of an active plug and an active phone line, these homes can maintain many of the same features that a city home enjoys. The major drawback, of course, is the lack of available personnel to make a visit in the far reaches of the woods in the case of a security breach.


Luckily, many basic security features don’t require your clients to have anything more than power. Of course motion detection can initiate several lights on the outside of the home. But those same motion detectors can also turn on video surveillance that streams live to a TV facing outward. Therefore, anyone who approaches the house knows that their actions are being recorded. With a phone line, the system can automatically send photos or short video clips. And when NMC works in conjunction with the local police, the summer-home owners become significantly less likely to become victims.


One important note – if the owners frequently rent out the summer home, they need to let anyone renting the home know about any video feeds for activities inside the house. Violating privacy is a serious offense that can come about through simple negligence.


The best part about securing a second home is the natural referral business that arises. Most people who own a second home will know others who also own second homes. In addition, if the summer home is within your territory, then you can leverage one homeowner to find summer home neighbors with the same security concerns.