The Voice From Above

Security Monitoring Process

Hopefully, none of your clients will ever hear the voice of a security representative coming out of a commercial system’s built-in loudspeaker. However, if and when that voice starts asking questions about the state of affairs inside the business, the voice needs to be both calm and authoritarian. National Monitoring Center (NMC) hires and trains its staff to be that voice in times of crisis for your clients.


The effect can be quite startling — especially for an hourly staff member who accidentally triggers a live response from the security system. The staff member may not even know that a security monitoring service is able to use the system to discuss any sudden security problems. Like a voice out of thin air, the staff at the monitoring center need to quickly access and assist the situation at hand to reduce asset loss and ensure personal safety.


Of course, occasionally the situation is critical and the security system has been activated because of a crime occurring in real time. In times like this, the staff training and procedural protocols at the monitoring center must be of the highest caliber to ensure no loss of life. Unfortunately, crime isn’t completely avoidable and so when a critical situation arises, your clients need to have the best monitoring system available.


NMC doesn’t just allow anyone to sit in our monitoring center. The staff go through extensive crisis training to ensure that anyone who uses a security loudspeaker program is able to do so with confidence. In addition, critical situations activate a series of internal protocols to engage both senior staff and local police. Quick and decisive action is key in preventing an unfortunate crime from becoming a fatal one.


Your clients — everyone from the business owner to the hourly staff — have to feel protected with your security system. If and when the alarm sounds, the clients will turn to that voice from the loudspeaker for help, guidance, and support. Let that voice of reason be NMC.


Buying Into the Cloud

cloud security systems

For years, several sectors within the security industry avoided cloud technology. Giving up control over the selection of software and hardware systems is a difficult transition for some professionals in the industry. However, cloud technology continues to evolve and soon the majority of services will only be available through off-site technological services.


For some security professionals, they experienced a disappointing introduction to cloud-based services several years ago. The complications of VPN servers along with the clunky ways in which the systems connected often gave a poor first impression of the potential of using off-site, cloud services. Today, however, the speed of technology and the utility of the software that runs on it have evolved to a point at which the value of cloud services can’t be denied.


End users continue to demand more of security services, and this in turn, is pushing security providers (direct and indirect) to maintain up-to-date servers and software. The cost of buying new, faster machines is generally not the greatest cost barrier. However, using in-house software allowing end users, dealers, and third-party services to remain seamlessly connected is expensive. Moreover, the greatest expense in trying to manage all pieces of the security supply chain is the cost of personnel. Technology professionals demand high salaries and shared cloud-services allow those professional to be more affordable for everyone in the service chain.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) can help you integrate the affordable and secure cloud-based services that give you an edge over your local competitors. We can help you constantly bring the most up-to-date security benefits to your commercial and personal end users.


Improve Your Test Scores with MASmobile!


051515-6-mas-mobile.jpgStudies show that MASmobile improves testing efficiency by up 50% when compared with calling in over the telephone. Start saving time and money today! Contact NMC Dealer Support for additional information on our MASmobile app.
Free. Fast. Easy-to-use. That’s what dealers are saying about our new app. MASmobile is a time-saving tool that quickly allows you to put systems on and off test right from your mobile device.

This free application:

  • Is downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, or Android
  • Lets you remotely view system status summaries, event and test history, zones, and contacts
  • Allows you to put systems on and off test 24/7


Just search for MASmobile in the iTunes app store


Contact NMC today to get setup right over the phone! Call 1-877-353-3031 or send an email to



NMC Gets Social! Follow Us Today!


nmc-social.jpgHave you noticed anything different about NMC lately? Perhaps a little more helpful and in the news? That’s because NMC has been very active in the world of social media to provide our customers and prospects with more information on industry trends, emerging technologies, and helpful tips to ensure residential and commercial assets are more protected and safe. And that means more potential revenue for you, our dealers, as we spread our reach to an even wider audience!

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Get Instant Trouble Alerts with IVR


ivr.jpgAs of 09/01/2015 NMC began utilizing our interactive voice response system (IVR) for trouble notification. This adjustment will help improve the efficiencies of all signal processing and will ensure that customers get a prompt and professional telephone call to notify on items such as troubles, supervisory, power loss and low battery signals.   Interactive Voice Response. This NMC exclusive feature is fully interactive, fast and complimentary. It is another way that NMC brings to your subscribers the latest technology to create efficiencies which will directly enhance their experience with the monitoring center. When a non-violation occurs, i.e. the alarm panel sends a low battery signal, the IVR will instantaneously call the end use user. The voice system will interact with them giving details of the signal and prompting them on steps that might be taken. IVR provides dealers with:


  • Unlimited amount of calls that can be placed
  • A fully customizable scripted message recorded by NMC with a voice actor at no cost
  • Professionally recorded marketing message also at no cost


Contact NMC today and we will send you a sample of this innovative, new product. For inquiries please contact Bob Dialto:

Build Your Brand with NMC’s Signature Email Service


signature-service.jpgStreamline communication with National Monitoring Center’s signature email service. Both email and text messages can be sent to customers on alarm events and allow them to respond directly to your business office. Improve customer communication, resolve customer issues and establish service dialogue with subscribers using NMC signature email. Contact NMC’s Dealer Support Services team for more information.


Instant Notification. If the panel will send it, we can relay it via text or email instantaneously. This is what end-users have been asking for and what gives you a step-up from the competition. With Instant Notification (IN), your customer will be instantly texted or e-mailed when any event signal occurs whether it’s:

  • Break-in
  • Fire
  • Open door
  • Closed by-pass
  • Friend or relative incapacitated
  • Low battery
  • Any trouble or non-violation event

Our IN features communications for any alarm. Your clients will love the security in immediately knowing when anything irregular is happening. IN also frees up urgent operative time to deal with more serious threats.


Ask us for our new Monitoring Service Form to fill out for your clients, to get them onboard with the newest/safest technology



Dealing with Dealer Discrepancies


discrepancy-form.jpgHave an issue that you need NMC to research but don’t have time to call in? Email our Discrepancy Team at A member of our Discrepancy management team will respond to you and help solve your problem.


The online discrepancy form is designed to improve communication with our dealers and provide an additional source for soliciting performance feedback. This form allows NMC to provide our dealers another convenient means to communicate service requests or concerns. When an online discrepancy form is submitted, dealers automatically receive a confirmation message from NMC for their records. View Form



NMC’s AutoPay – The New Way to Pay!


auto-pay.jpgNMC makes it super easy to never miss a payment. Just set up AutoPay and we will automatically charge your bank account or credit/debit card for your monthly invoice amount. Call our Dealer Support Services (DSS) at 800.662.1711 for more information on how to set up AutoPay.




New Network Management Software for AES Customers – Coming Soon!


051515-2-eventAES Corporation now has a new Network Management Software (NMS) that enables customers to drive down overall network management costs while providing a real-time network view through a self-learning, easy to use, intuitive user interface. NMS monitors all network subsystems which includes AES-MultiNet receivers, IP Links, Burglary and Fire Subscribers and delivers real-time notifications of system events. Learn more




Addressing Liability with Your Clients

liability security monitoring

In our litigious culture, businesses are constantly under the threat of lawsuits from individuals who encounter problems on the business’s premises. National Monitoring Center (NMC) offers the up-to-date security measures that can help your commercial clients prove they took great care to deter security problems such as robbery and assault.


When an individual is inadvertently part of a crime such as a robbery, he or she can immediately seek a lawyer to sue the business that was robbed. Not only can those customers seek compensation for any medical losses, they can seek damages for the long-lasting psychological effect that comes with being traumatized. That customer’s lawyer will immediately want to review the security measures that were in place during the robbery.


A business leaves itself exposed for litigation when it lacks basic security measures such as cameras and safe cash handling procedures. However, a good lawyer can prove negligence even when there are basic security measures in place. By reviewing industry trends, a lawyer can easily highlight when a business has fallen behind in updating its security measures; a good security system from 2005 would now be seen as a liability.


Of course, crime prevention is NMC’s primary objective. But crime is difficult to avoid 100% of the time. With our advanced security measures, you can help your clients prevent additional losses after the initial criminal incident.