Certifications and Licenses

UL Certificate Security Monitoring

As a leader in the security industry, National Monitoring Center (NMC) maintains several certifications and licenses verifying our commitment to excellence. As a monitoring center, NMC must remain in good stead with several agencies in our efforts to provide you and your customers with the most comprehensive security systems possible.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) inspects and certifies our systems on an annual basis. Because UL is such a large, multi-faceted organization with thousands of inspections points, NMC works with them to maintain on-going compliance. With UL inspections affecting everything from fire safety to power continuity, NMC and UL have unparalleled symmetry that ensures safe and effective services from the instant you sign a new client.


FM Global

FM approved monitoring means expert underwriting for assessing risk. With this expertise founded on research and experience, FM approved monitoring means your clients have minimized any possible risks by relying on your security services. And, as with UL, FM Global is a multi-functional organization ensuring that all of our monitoring programs work collectively resulting in a system that is greater than the sum of its parts.



The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the expert on fire, electrical, and building safety, setting forth rigorous standards to reduce fire risk to a minimum. For your clients, nothing is as damaging as fire. Simply put, fire destroys. And while buildings can be rebuilt and property can be replaced, data storage, business intelligence, and paper files often can’t be reproduced.


National Monitoring Center not only meets, but exceeds the standards set forth by these safety organizations. When you rely on NMC, your clients can feel secure knowing they have the most reliable systems in place.

Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response Monitoring Service

National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides its customer service representatives with unparalleled training to ensure they can effectively handle the most serious of emergency calls. Your customers can rely on NMC’s call center representatives to act as a trusting, authoritative voice in times of crisis.


Just one emergency call can determine whether your clients become raving fans or critical voices. With hundreds of reasons why customers contact our security center, NMC’s call center representatives are ready for any circumstance — from a broken sensor to an active burglary.


Experience is the best training for any call center representative. Everyone at NMC starts out with a comprehensive training program, but only the most experienced agents take the calls that come in as critical.


National Monitoring Center makes every effort to hire, train, and retain the best employees, we ensure that our team can remain composed under the most strenuous situations. Because we treat our employees with the utmost respect, we know our call center employees will pass that respect onto your customers.


Everyday, technology creates new and innovative solutions for home and business security. However, there is no technology that can duplicate the human factor. With critical listening skills and rapid, level-headed responses, National Monitoring Center representatives are the most experienced and well-trained employees in the security sector.

Commercial Security After Hours

Afterhours Security

Crime doesn’t operate on a 9 to 5 schedule. Crime happens during early morning hours, late at night, and over the weekend. During those critical hours, customers need to know if something unusual is happening at their businesses. National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides several options so your customers are aware of any unusual activity during off hours.


Logged opening and closing services provides customers a detailed list of any non-critical activities documented by the security system. Customers can review alarm system use on a daily report, but they won’t receive live notifications (live calls) for those authorized uses. This kind of logged service is a lighter form of security that won’t immediately notify our call center. Logged service systems still provide emergency alerts.


Supervised opening and closing services provides customers with a live call when the security system is accessed outside of pre-established times. If a customer wants to know when someone enters a closed office on the weekend, the supervised service can initiate a discreet call once the security system panel has been deactivated.


For a higher levels of security, NMC can provide elevator use logs and streaming video directly to the business owner. NMC can also work seamlessly with on-site security officers and local police to ensure any business is monitored exactly as the customer sees fit.


Of course, customers have evolving needs. Those end users might need to upgrade security on a moment’s notice if they detect an internal problem. And once the problem is resolved, the customer many want to reduce security back to a lighter mode. NMC can help you adapt your services to those end-user needs, ultimately creating better symmetry between you and your clients.

Why Redundancy Matters

Redundancy in security company

The power goes out. The internet grinds to a hault. The phone lines go dead. As a security firm you know there are a thousand things that can go wrong when it comes to monitoring your customers’ families, homes, and businesses. But for the customers that rely on you as a security service firm, there are no acceptable reasons or excuses for failure. All calls must be answered. Any alarm must be addressed. And every intruder must be stopped.


National Monitoring Center (NMC) provides the necessary redundancy to ensure you never have to face a disappointed customer. Thanks to our dual monitoring system, we guarantee that no act of nature or malicious cyber attack will interrupt the service we provide on your behalf. We maintain two, fully-staffed call centers at all times — each able to handle 100% of all on-going client activity.


In addition to the human redundancy, we have an extensive system of technological contingency plans. US internet, phone, and electrical grids are external systems vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, and ice. Our monitoring offices are geographically separate and each can seamlessly take on full responsibility for system-wide monitoring.


In fact, when massive storms affect thousands of square miles, customers will turn to their security firms for extra support. Burglary rises, fires start, and water lines break. When those customers are at their most vulnerable, your firm must be at its best. We can help you do that.


National Monitoring Center has an unparalleled matrix of human power and technological innovation. Your customers should never be left alone. With NMC, neither you nor your customers will ever be left in the dark.