NMC Launches New Corporate Showcase Video

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

051515-1-showcasePremiering at this year’s ISC West Show in Las Vegas, NMC launched its new Corporate Showcase Video which invites viewers to look inside the nation’s leading edge monitoring center and meet NMC’s executive staff.  So far, the reviews have been fantastic with one satisfied dealer commenting,


“…Received the link to your new corporate overview video this morning.  The video is very well done.  Thank you.  I think it will certainly give our staff- and maybe our customers- a greater appreciation of the organization we have supporting us every day.”


To view the video, go to www.NMCcentral.com/Video




NMC Once Again Takes Vegas with Another Winning Event

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

051515-2-eventFor those of you attending this year’s ISC West Show in Las Vegas, you might have heard the buzz surrounding NMC’s annual cocktail reception.  Held at the Hyde Lounge in the Bellagio Hotel on April 15th, over 500 guests enjoyed great food, refreshing cocktails and lively conversation in an elegant setting overlooking the world famous Fountains of Bellagio Show.  Guests also had a chance to preview NMC’s new corporate showcase video.  Keep your eyes open next year for this “must see” dealer event!




Technology is Rapidly Evolving

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

051515-4-technologyBy: Sharon Elder, VP Sales


NMC is committed to evolving with RMR enhancing solutions to help our dealers take advantage of the emerging opportunities.


SecureNet and Resolution Products have introduced their “portal” for panel control. The partnership enables backwards compatible panels to add a simple module that enables a portal to allow subscriber code changes and many other features.


Dealers use this module to take over existing systems (check compatibility) and provide portal features. Commercial dealers use this tool to enable the subscriber to do their own code changes. How convenient is that?


The Helix panel is a cost effective wireless solution for security and home automation.





Join our Education Series on June 18th to explore this opportunity. RSVP at our website or call 877‐353‐



Personal Emergency Response is revenue growth opportunity. PERS has traditionally been a home based solution. Now with GPS technology evolving mobile PERS has arrived.


The two‐way voice capabilities are the backbone of this solution. GPS enhancements are enabling mobile response. As GPS becomes mainstream we will see expansion in the services offered. Lone workers and children will benefit from this solution as well.


LogicMark’s SentryPal with SecuraTrac provide two‐way communication over a cellular network enhanced with GPS.


To view this webinar go to www.NMCcentral.com and select “Education Series”. From there, please select “View Past Webinars” and login.





We invite you to take a look at these new opportunities and give us your feedback.


Have a great day!


Sharon Elder

VP Sales






What’s Your Plan?

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

051515-5-planBy: Sharon Elder, VP Sales


We have been privileged to work with many successful dealers. Along the way we have been exposed to some of the “best practices” followed by these companies. We would like to share a few with you.


Value Your Business to Get a Baseline

Do you have signed contracts on all of your clients? Are any contracts “blemished” with missing initials on each page or missing signatures?


Track new and cancelled accounts each month.


Knowing the true baseline value of your company enables you to be sure you have a solid plan.


Do You Have Enough Insurance?

If you are a partnership do you have a buy‐sell agreement?

Is your buy‐sell agreement secured with life insurance on each other including each other as the beneficiary?


Knowledge is Power!

Reviewing your baseline annually gives you motivation to keep growing! It’s also key to your succession. There could be a ridiculous offer you choose to accept even though you weren’t for sale. The ability to enact a solid exit strategy should unexpected health issues arise, or maybe a need for cash to grow the business!


We are here to help you create options. Call us and we can discuss your strategy. We have relationships with lenders and buyers to help you achieve your goals. Your call is strictly confidential!


Buying accounts? Let us know! Send us an email so if an opportunity comes along we know you have an interest.


We are all in the relationships business!


Have a great day!


Sharon Elder

VP Sales




Our Free MASMobile™ is Massively Handy

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

051515-6-mas-mobileFree. Fast. Easy-to-use. That’s what dealers are saying about our new app. MASmobile is a time-saving tool that quickly allows you to put systems on and off test right from your mobile device.

This free application:

  • Is downloadable to your iPhone, iPad, or Android
  • Lets you remotely view system status summaries, event and test history, zones, and contacts
  • Allows you to put systems on and off test 24/7


Just search for MASmobile in the iTunes app store


Contact NMC today to get setup right over the phone! Call 1-877-353-3031 or send an email to sales@NMCcentral.com

“Brand” New NMC Products Help Customize Your Dealership

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015

051515-7-new-productsNMC has rolled out a variety of products under the NMC Suite of Services that help you solidify your brand in the minds of your customers to increase customer loyalty, generate more income and create efficiencies by streamlining tasks.


AlarmAccount Mobile App

Branded with your logo and company color scheme, your subscribers easily view the status of their account. This includes history and responsible party contact information. It is easy to navigate and, when used in conjunction with email notification, enables the subscriber to get connected to their security/fire system.  This is also a great feature to use when checking on children, parents, or family living alone. Security is a universal need. The ability to receive an email and look up the history gives you peace of mind.


Web Portal Branded with Your logo

Promote the ease of connection to your subscribers and utilize branding to create a custom experience. Smart phones, tablets, and iPads make the use of web portals easy and convenient. Creating a portal for your subscribers with your brand demonstrates your capabilities as an integrator while enhancing the experience of your subscribers. We encourage you to utilize this valuable tool.


 Signature Email Services

When a subscriber has an activation (think low battery, AC fail, troubles), instead of calling, a “branded” email goes to the client from our server from your company email address. Your subscriber simply hits reply and can communicate with you or request service directly.


Back in the day, the office person had to call on every one of these signals to follow up. The use of technology encourages the subscriber to notify you via email when their system has a condition that requires service. Consistent use of this will generate service revenue and is an effective tool in maintaining good portfolio management, while effectively communicating with your subscribers.


This is a service that can revolutionize how you “connect” efficiently on the diagnostic signals coming from the panel without disturbing the client via phone call in the middle of the night, or some other inconvenient time.  This is an effective 24/7 service, and provides the ability for your subscriber to communicate their need anytime, day or night.


Branded IVR

Integrated Voice Response is a technology that has developed into a meaningful solution for those dealers that need phone calls on all diagnostic alarms. A professional voice records this message. Upon receipt of a low battery, AC Fail, or trouble, the automation calls the subscriber and their responsible parties. During the message, your subscriber can always connect to a live customer service representative.



We live in a world of “Apps”. Like most of you, I do most things through apps on my smart phone. Utilization of the MASmobile application is an efficient tool for you, your technicians and is a delightful feature for your consumers!


Differentiate yourself from your competition utilizing the NMC Suite of Services. “Sticky Services” is a clear element in low attrition. Utilization of the NMC Suite of Services will create efficiencies for your Company while inspiring loyalty in your subscribers!


Get connected today!

False or Fact, Always Rely on NMC’s Professional Team

IN THE NEWS ~ MAY 15, 2015


False alarms are inherent to our industry at a very high rate, but every so often an alarm is an actual situation, from a burglary in progress or a medical situation relying on us to organize medical help. NMC is always protecting subscribers by responding to actual situations on a regular basis.  We take our role in securing homes, businesses and life seriously, and respond with the same level of professionalism whether the alarm turns out to be false or actual.


2015 continues to be an active year.  Through April, NMC has documented 1,383 “actual” events.  See below for a breakdown of monthly actuals by month and state for 2015 year to date.

National Monitoring Launches New Corporate Showcase Video

IN THE NEWS ~ APRIL 14, 2015

National Monitoring Launches New Corporate Showcase Video
Take a Look Inside the Nation’s Leading Edge Monitoring Center


Lake Forest, CA – (April 14, 2015) – National Monitoring Center, Inc. (NMC) announced the release of its new corporate showcase video that provides an inside view to its new monitoring center in Lake Forest, CA as well as interviews with executive staff.


Designed and built from the ground up to meet the future central station monitoring needs of alarm companies nationwide, the facility features leading-edge monitoring center technologies including hardware, infrastructure, telecommunications and redundancies.  It also features the NMC Education Center which provides meeting spaces and training facilities for dealers and their clients.


To view the showcase video, go to www.NMCcentral.com/Video.  To schedule your own private tour of the NMC facilities, please call 800-353-3031 or send an email to sales@NMCcentral.com.