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new-education-centerWe have created a monthly seminar and webinar series to help provide our dealers with in-depth information about different products and services. Seminars are held at NMC’s new Education Center in Lake Forest, CA, while webinars are streamed “live” during the seminar event or available online for future viewing.


Seminar seating is limited, so please RSVP early. Click the RSVP button below to register.  For questions or further information, please contact 877-353-3031 or send an email to


Did you miss any of our onsite seminars or live webinars? We now have our webinars available to stream live or viewed later for our dealers and registered guests.  Click below for more details.


Get Connected with NMC Suite of Services


by Sharon Elder
Vice President of Sales

suite-serviceThis is an exciting time in our industry! NMC continues to evolve in the connected services arena. The bridge from the traditional lines of communication to the world of smart phones is a dynamic transformation for an alarm company. Our goal is to continue to guide you in a profitable way. Two basic ways to earn a profit are to generate more income or create efficiencies by streamlining tasks. In a perfect world, it would be a combination of both!  With this in mind we have created the NMC Suite of Services.


Promote Your Brand

Brand awareness is a very powerful tool. In many cases the creation of your brand has been focused on yard signs and/or stickers. Creating a portal for your subscribers with your brand demonstrates your capabilities as an integrator while enhancing the experience of your subscribers. We encourage you to utilize this valuable tool.


Web Portal Branded with Your logo

Promote the ease of connection to your subscribers and utilize branding to create a custom experience. Smart phones, tablets, and iPads make the use of web portals easy and convenient.

Branded with your logo, your subscribers easily view the status of their account. This includes history and responsible party contact information. It is easy to navigate and, when used in conjunction with email notification, enables the subscriber to get connected to their security/fire system.  This is also a great feature to use when checking on children, parents, or family living alone. Security is a universal need. The ability to receive an email and look up the history gives you peace of mind.


Signature Email Services

When a subscriber has an activation (think low battery, AC fail, troubles), instead of calling, a “branded” email goes to the client from our server from your company email address. Your subscriber simply hits reply and can communicate with you or request service directly.


Back in the day, the office person had to call on every one of these signals to follow up. The use of technology encourages the subscriber to notify you via email when their system has a condition that requires service. Consistent use of this will generate service revenue and is an effective tool in maintaining good portfolio management, while effectively communicating with your subscribers.

This is a service that can revolutionize how you “connect” efficiently on the diagnostic signals coming from the panel without disturbing the client via phone call in the middle of the night, or some other inconvenient time.  This is an effective 24/7 service, and provides the ability for your subscriber to communicate their need anytime, day or night.


Branded IVR

Integrated Voice Response is a technology that has developed into a meaningful solution for those dealers that need phone calls on all diagnostic alarms. A professional voice records this message. Upon receipt of a low battery, AC Fail, or trouble, the automation calls the subscriber and their responsible parties. During the message, your subscriber can always connect to a live customer service representative.



We live in a world of “Apps”. Like most of you, I do most things through apps on my smart phone. Utilization of the MASmobile application is an efficient tool for you, your technicians and is a delightful feature for your consumers!


Differentiate yourself from your competition utilizing the NMC Suite of Services. “Sticky Services” is a clear element in low attrition. Utilization of the NMC Suite of Services will create efficiencies for your Company while inspiring loyalty in your subscribers!


Get connected today!


Sharon Elder
VP Sales

I-View Now


i-view-nowIntroducing I-View Now – Cloud Base, No Software or Hardware Required!


I-View Now, a central station video interface, was invented to video verify alarms during the dispatch process, reduce false alarms, and to increase apprehensions while using off the shelf security and video products. Just as traditional burglar alarms are a deterrent to crime, video verification is also a significant enhancement to traditional security solutions.


I-View Now helps dealers go to market and compete in a quickly changing market.  It integrates seamlessly with NMC’s central station monitoring portal and MAS central station software, and is also compatible with most leading video device manufacturer products such as Honeywell and Videofied to name a few.  Contact NMC today to see how you can offer this revenue-generating product to your customers.

Call 877-353-3031 or send an email to

NMC Education Series Recap – Ease of Access Services


education-thumbsIn September, NMC hosted another module of its Education Series that focused on Ease of Access Services.  The seminar and “live” streaming webinar include topics such as email/text message notification,, IVR, MASmobile & MASweb for end users.  Additionally, NMC presented ways to brand these services to allow alarm dealers to market their brand through each of these services.  To conclude the seminar, NMC presented an overview of its relatively new video products including RSI Videofied and, most importantly, I-View Now.


By attending the NMC seminars and webinars, you can Increase your efficiencies and maintain your competitiveness by learning about cutting edge service offerings for your customers.  On-site seminar seating is limited, so please RSVP early. Click the RSVP button below to register.  For questions or further information, please contact 877-353-3031 or send an email to


Did you miss any of our onsite seminars or live webinars? Dealers and registered guests are now able to attend our “live” webinars or browse our webinar archives at their convenience.  Click below for more details.


NMC Participates in Annual Texas State Convention


texas-participatesNMC supports the 2014 Annual Texas Burglar and Fire Alarm Association held in Galveston, TX.


Tatiana Abramek (Left), Naomi Rhyne (Center), and Angela Hackett (Right)


NMC has a fully redundant monitoring facility in Irving, Texas.  For a tour of either location please contact the sales team at 877-353-3031.

NMC Customer Success Stories


alarmnetAround the clock, our alarm agents work diligently to monitor and protect the valuable lives and assets of our residential and commercial customers.  Routinely we experience what we call “success stories” that we like to share with our readers.  As they say, customer testimonials are the best form of advertising!


Using RSI’s Videofied product, NMC was able to verify an actual burglary in progress on two separate occasions during the month of October.   Using this video product, NMC alarm agents communicated the visual activity of suspects on scene and the appropriate agencies were quickly dispatched and arrived on scene to apprehend the criminals.


NMC proudly serves a large sector of PERS subscribers and our alarm agents assist with actual medical situations on a daily basis.  One medical PERS customer was so pleased with the prompt service of our alarm agent staff when dealing with her medical situation that she called in to personally thank the agents telling them that they, “saved my life!”


NMC processed almost 400 ACTUAL* events relating to PERS medical, burglary, hold-up/panic and fire alarms in the month of October.


Have your own success story to tell?  Send us an email to and let others know how we’re doing!


*ACTUAL is a verified event where help of some kind was needed.