NMC Mobile Apps ~ The Ultimate Pocket Protector

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 30, 2014

Free. Fast.  Easy-to-use.  NMC Mobile apps are time saving tools that quickly allow you to perform a wide variety of system functions directly from your mobile phone or tablet devices:





  • Place systems on test, review test results, review account history and clear system tests all from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Works with Android and Apple devices.
  • Saves time and money.  With the use of NMC Mobile apps, reduce time on the phone and increase time with your customers.


Contact NMC today to get setup right over the telephone!
Call 877-353-3031 or send an email to sales@NMCcentral.com


Discontinuance of AlarmNet-A Networks

IN THE NEWS ~ JUNE 30, 2014

AlarmNet has been providing products and services through its own AlarmNet-A networks for over 25 years. As new technologies have advanced, the demand for the older AlarmNet-A technology has declined. Therefore, AlarmNet will be initiating the shutdown of its AlarmNet-A networks beginning August 1, 2015. This shutdown will occur one network at a time in an orderly fashion to allow for adequate planning of user installation resources.  It is anticipated that the entire AlarmNet-A network will be shut down by the end of 2016.


There are many new products available that are faster, more reliable, and easier to install and maintain. These products are superior replacements to your AlarmNet-A radios, and offer additional features and benefits to you and your customers, such as remote programming of the communicator and the alarm control, and remote control of your customer’s security system.


Please note that the AlarmNet GSM, iGSM, and AlarmNet-I products will NOT be impacted by this shutdown. This notice is strictly limited to the original “AlarmNet-A” network and associated products.


By December 1, 2014, AlarmNet will send another communication to all affected companies that will describe the specific termination dates for each AlarmNet-A network.For specific regions, please refer to the “AlarmNet-A Network” listing at: http://services.alarmnet.com/coverage/CoverageMain.aspx


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AlarmNet customer support staff at 800-222-6525 option 1, then 8, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Have You Noticed NMC’s New Caller ID?


Recently, NMC changed its caller ID display from 800-000-0000 to 800-662-1711 because some telephone companies were blocking our calls due to what they view as FCC’s regulation of “spoofing”. In the past, NMC was not able to complete some calls when we displayed the number 800-000-0000. By now moving our number to 800-662-1711, we are not impeded in any way by local telephone companies from completing our telephone call to our end users.


Additionally, this addresses a growing request from alarm dealers for an easy way for end users to press “redial” on their telephones to quickly call back the central station. By displaying 800-662-1711, we are now able to provide this level of service.

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Introducing the NMC Education Series


NMC has created a monthly seminar series to help provide our dealers with in-depth information about different products and services. Seminars are held at NMC’s new Education Center in Lake Forest, California.  Coming soon, NMC will also introduce webinars which will stream “live” during the seminar event and will also be archived and made available for later viewing.


Click Here to see a list of upcoming seminars.


Seating is limited, so please RSVP early for the seminars.

For question or further information please call 877-353-3031 or send an email to sales@NMCcentral.com.

How Do You Transition Into Connected Space?


Sharon Elder

Vice President of Sales


Technology is changing at a rapid pace!  POTS lines as a primary path of communication is not the future! The future is now!  We need to explore choices in cellular transmission, radio transmission and/or IP Data transmission.


How does a dealer transition from the old traditional path into the “Connected Space” arena?


First, decide on a path of transmission.


Consult with your supplier and NMC about the different solutions offered.  Honeywell TotalConnect, Connect 24, Telguard HomeControl, and Uplink to name a few. Bosch and DMP solutions also offer their dealers solutions.


Second, decide on a “portal” for your clients.


This can be “website based” and/or “Application based”. Ensure an “App” is both IPhone and Droid functional.


Third, commit time to get trained on the various features.


This enables you to develop a sales strategy for your Company, and with larger dealers, a training forum for their sales team.  Utilize technology when testing a system on site!  The clients see you are utilizing technology, they will be inspired to as well!


Once the client relies on your portal for information, they are more engaged with the value your security brings to their environment.  I call it the “Online Banking Mentality”.  Once I started using the “portal”, I was hooked.  Even my CPA does everything in the “portal”.


Understanding and embracing this new suite of services will reinvigorate your desire to implement sound solutions for your clients!


NMC has multiple portal solutions.  We now offer the value added feature of private “Branding your portal”.






NMC can apply your logo to the MasWeb portal.  We offer both Alarmaccount.com and MasWeb custom logo for a one time setup charge of $95.00!  You must be signed up for the service to enroll on the private branding program.


The MasMobile application involves creating your own “Application”. This just became available in both the IPhone and Droid versions.


One application is a one-time charge of $2,000.00, or both IPhone and Droid for $3,000.00.  This is the new way to stay connected with your clients!


NMC is committed to leading the evolution in the “Connected Space” arena.  Our sales professionals are very familiar with these solutions.  Watch for our education days each month!


Get Connected!

NMC Debuts New Leading Age Facility During Open House Event


NMC officially welcomed invited guests and dignitaries to its Open House event on June 6, 2014 at their new 25,000 square foot Lake Forest, California headquarters. The cocktail and appetizer event also featured guided tours where guests had the opportunity to meet the NMC staff. The tour allowed visitors to get a glimpse into the future in central monitoring center leading-edge hardware, infrastructure, telecommunications and redundancies. A key focal point was the introduction of the new NMC Education Center which provides meeting spaces and training facilities for dealers and their clients.


The large turnout included a large number of NMC’s long-time time loyal customers in addition to several new members of the NMC family. The Mayor of Lake Forest, California and other City Council dignitaries were there to welcome NMC to their city.


Interested in a Private Tour for Clients and Prospects?

For those unable to make this event, NMC invites you to schedule your own private facility tour. To do so, call 877-353-3031 or send an email to sales@NMCcentral.com.