Get Into The Zone with NMC’s New Service Offering

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

NMC provides a service called Zone Restoral Tracking which can be used to track whether or not a zone has been restored.  With this service, if a zone fails to restore, NMC will notify the subscriber so that immediate action can be taken, and is especially powerful for use on fire systems, hold-up buttons and environmental/temperature sensor systems.

This add-on service can be a good revenue source for dealers.  Please contact Dealer Support Services for further questions or information.

Work Flows Made eASY with eFORMS

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

We’ve heard you loud and clear about how oftentimes manual forms filled out in the field must then be sent back to the home office for data entry and submission.  This duplication in effort not only wastes valuable dealer resources, but can also be the source for unnecessary time delays or other avoidable errors.


That’s why we’re excited to announce our new eForm program – bringing you a series of electronic templates for the forms you need the most.  Our first electronic templates will offer the Monitoring Service Form and the Site Data Change Form.  Other widely used manual forms will then be converted to electronic templates over the next quarter so that information can be entered directly into MASweb with no further delay.


To start using these forms today, go to

Paying it Forward ~ Sharon Elder Wins the 2013 William N. Moody Award

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

On June 18th at the Electronic Security EXPO (ESX) Icebreaker Luncheon in Nashville, NMC’s very own Sharon Elder, Vice President of Sales, was honored by The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) with the 2013 William N. Moody Award.   Established in 2004, this prestigious award recognizes alarm industry leaders who take the lead to implement ordinances that incorporate the “best practices” of alarm management which allows law enforcement more efficient use of their resources to improve public safety.


Elder is known by law enforcement agencies in Southern California as the “go to” person to address alarm issues, and  has successfully worked with officials in many southern California communities.  In 2011, she proactively sought out and met with police executives and elected officials in Anaheim, Calif., in response to their decision to stop responding to alarms.  Meeting with the leaders and using SIAC guidelines, Elder provided them with a better solution for the community by helping them fine tune and work their ordinance through the legislative process.   Recently, she worked with two other California communities – Signal Hill and Whittier – to pass and implement similar ordinances.


“Having Sharon in Southern California is like having a SIAC employee or ambassador on the ground,” said Stan Martin, executive director of SIAC. “She does a terrific job for us and the industry.”

What is Enhanced Call Verification?

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

Upon receipt of a burglary signal, two (2) calls will be made prior to dispatching the police department – the first call to the tenant, and the second call to the responsible party.


Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) is a proven way for alarm companies to not only reduce false alarm fines, but can also help curb the resulting customer attrition as a result of these fines.  Agencies across the U.S. are adopting these SIAC-model ordinances as a standard in their communities via local ordinance.  In fact, legislation is now being approved at the state level as evidenced by the state of Georgia recently adopting this model ordinance.


As a result of ECV, agencies are reporting between a 60-70% decrease in false alarm responses.  For more information on how to reap the benefits of ECV, dealers should contact Dealer Support Services.

Create a New Revenue Stream

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

Many large cities now require that buildings with two or more stories provide an area of refuge – along with an area of refuge communications device – for escape and assistance during a fire or emergency situation. This device needs to be connected with a communication station point.


Did you know that NMC offers area of refuge telephone monitoring services? Dealers can now tap into this additional source of monitoring revenue by offering this service to your customers through NMC. Contact Dealer Support Services to get started today.

David Brandt Transitions into New Role

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013

NMC’s former Corporate Training Manager has now transitioned into the newly created role that will provide NMC’s Alarm Dealers with support for licensing and recurring alarm activity. David, an industry veteran with over 25 years of customer service experience in the Alarm Call Center industry, has been with NMC since 2005. In his previous role as NMC’s Corporate Training Manager, David was responsible for training all Customer Service agents at both our California and Texas monitoring centers. He was responsible for ensuring that all agents were proficient in their knowledge and skills to perform their duties at the highest level of customer service.


In his new role, David will assist dealers in the areas of licensing, ordinances and excessive activity. Using his industry experience and expertise in data analysis to identify potential issues and consult with NMC’s Alarm dealers to solve problems quickly and effectively.


In the area of Licensing and Ordinance Compliancy, David will work to ensure that all licenses are maintained and up to date in all of the geographical areas that NMC conducts business. He will also ensure compliance in state and local ordinances such as ECV, and assist in dealer awareness efforts. This will greatly benefit our dealers by preventing compliance and licensing bottlenecks as dealers expand into new markets.


In the area of Recurring Alarm Activity, David will be analyzing alarm history, both current and historical, to identify problem accounts and work with dealers proactively to address these issues. Oftentimes accounts will send excessive signals due to a problem so David will help dealers identify potential problems at an early stage in an effort to reduce or eliminate increased costs associated with an alarm system that is sending an increased number of signals.


Dealers will see immediate benefits –an increase in operational efficiencies through early detection and correction of potential problems, a decrease in wasted resources due to a problem account, and a reduction in customer attrition and lost revenue due to these avoidable occurrences.


David Brandt can be reached at 800.662.1711 extension 3735 or

NMC Welcomes Angela Hackett

IN THE NEWS ~ September 30th, 2013


NMC recently announced the hiring of 10-year industry veteran Angela Hackett as Regional Sales Manager. This tenacious and highly effective communicator will represent the voice of the dealers in the Texas market. Hackett’s proven industry experience and enthusiasm will enable her to assist dealers in their portfolio management and asset growth. Please join us in welcoming Angela to the NMC team.


NMC is committed to the success of the Texas market. We invite you to contact Angela to arrange a tour of our state-of-the-art fully redundant facility. Angela can be reached at or 972.629.2219.